LCS Places Angie Strickland on Administrative Leave Amid Investigation

LCS Places Angie Strickland on Administrative Leave Amid Investigation

According to Chris Petley, the Communications Coordinator for Leon County Schools, the Leon County school district has placed Angie Strickland – the veteran Leon High School volleyball coach – on administrative leave during an investigation into a parent complaint.

In a letter to volleyball players, dated July 27th, Leon principal Michael Bryan, wrote that, “we were informed by the district that a formal complaint had been filed against coach Angie Strickland.”

Details of the complaint were not revealed. However, TR has learned that the complainant bypassed Leon school officials and discussed the issue with district level administrators. In addition, TR has learned that the complaint is – in part – related to Strickland’s treatment of players.

TR recently reported that the Florida Region of the USA Volleyball had an open investigation into the actions of current Leon High School volleyball coach Angie Strickland related to her coaching activities while employed by the Red Hills Volleyball Club (Red Hills).

That current investigation came after the Florida Region levied sanctions against Strickland in 2021 related to her coaching activities while employed by the Tallahassee Juniors Volleyball Club (TJVC). The investigation found Strickland had committed a “flagrant offense.”

Check back for updates, this is a developing story.

The text of the letter sent from Leon principal Vryan to volleyball players:

“Yesterday, we were informed by the district that a formal complaint had been filed against Coach Angie Strickland. As a result of this complaint and in line with district policy, she has been placed on administrative leave while a routine investigation is conducted. The purpose of this letter is to let you all know this information first and correctly before the general public hears.”

“Please know that every step is being taken to ensure that the players can try out and practice beginning Monday, July 31st. However, both Junior Varsity and Varsity tryouts will occur at 5:00 p.m. in our gym. Additionally, we will meet with everyone at the beginning of tryouts on Monday for further clarification. Finally, Coach Etter has agreed to facilitate the tryouts and practices until this situation is resolved.”


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  1. If I still had kids in the local system my focus would be on what snydlly said. If its anything else well its really just pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of life. So what if some kids got yelled at and feelings got hurt. That is kind of how life works and its better ti learn it early on than as an adult who mentally snaps and does something crazy.

  2. I played football at Valdosta High Scruel, my head coach was a legendary figure named Nick Hyder. I’m sure he’s in some kind of coaching hall of fame somewhere, but I can assure you if he was coaching today, he would probably be in jail. We loved him because he made us winners. And therein lies the rub…

  3. Frank, you are probably correct but this is Rocky and Ricky Bell’s alma mater and Ricky’s son is the AD so I am sure the outcome and consequences will be very different since it is Leon. It will be interesting to see.

  4. OK, This is the same thing. She was placed on administrative leave back in MAY. What kind of treatment were the players subject too?

    Steve, can you contact the Coach directly and see if she would open up on what happened?

  5. Part of coaching is toughening up your players. I’m sure that a coach can take things too far, but you have to prep the players so that they don’t lose their head(s) when an opposing player calls them names, talks about their mamma, sister, sexuality, looks, intelligence, or anything else.

    Players need to understand, and be prepared for, comments from the other team that start with “I went out with your sister last night”.

    Without knowing all of the details, I’m inclined to be on Strickland’s side on this.

  6. I think her methods of coaching just do not mesh well with Gen z. They are pretty soft and do not react well with her hard driving methods. So they will complain and the parents will say my poor baby… Maybe having coaches doing club and high school is a conflict of interest. If they like their club stuff so much, skip playing for the school and give others a chance to have that spot.

  7. Lets all just hope its not related to some disgusting perverse, and illegal, sexual thing with a student or students and adult(s).
    Honestly folks, when Rocky And The Groomers are even remotly involved (in this case, as the Coach’s ultimate group of boss’s) what is everyone’s first thoughts in Leon/Tallahassee?
    You can lie but hey admit it the disgusting thought was right there on top of your mind.
    Leon/Tallahassee voters it should not be this way. But it is.
    Think about it Leon/Tallahassee is there anything we can do about Rocky And The Groomers or should we just throw our hands up, send our kids into their public dens of preditors, and just hope and pray your kid gets passed over?
    Yeah if you got a little money, good for you, send your kids to private schools. But you and your kids still have to live here in Leon/Tallahassee with the product of The Rocky And The Groomers school system.

  8. This is related to Strickland’s treatment of players……….. the Florida Region of the USA Volleyball had an open investigation related to her coaching activities while employed by the Red Hills Volleyball Club …………. She was employed by the Tallahassee Juniors Volleyball Club………………………

    Is this a different Coach at a different School or is it the same Coach that was moved to a different School because I would almost swear that I read this same article a couple Months ago? If it is a different Coach, maybe someone should look into how these people are being trained at Red Hills and Tallahassee Juniors Volleyball Club.

  9. Mr. Bell is correct in stating that club or travel sports are ruining high school athletics. Parents bring the poison from club and travel sports to the school teams because their little darlings dont get their way! What a shame and sham it is for this coach to be in trouble over the way she managed a club team full of entitled prima donnas. Shame on the LCS administrator who gave this parent(s) what they wanted. I am a retired coach and athletic administrator with over 35 years experience.

  10. This has been an issue in both high school and club for over 20 years. Ms. Strickland was previously dismissed/ contract non-renewed from Lincoln High School in the 2000’s for unprofessional and demeaning behavior including a DUI on school property. These incidents have been reported over and over for as many years and administrators have disregarded them. Does a child, and yes, they are minors have to harm themselves as the abuse is always dismissed as whiners, wimps and trouble maker parents? I think not .. do the right thing finally and cut ties.Mr. Hanna please put these kids first

  11. Club sports are destroying high school sports, if parents get unhappy with the club team they will bring that baggage to the high school team, and one has nothing to do with the other

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