Tallahassee Weekly Crime Incident Report: July 30

Tallahassee Weekly Crime Incident Report: July 30

For the July 24-30 week, TPD reported 88 crime incidents. This included 26 violent crime incidents which is 22.1% more than the average number of violent crime incidents reported on a weekly basis in 2022, which was 21.3.

The violent crime incidents included 17 assaults & batteries, 6 robberies and two homicides.

TPD reported 62 property crime incidents. This is 32.8% more than the average number of property crime incidents reported on a weekly basis in 2022.

The property crime incidents included 24 auto thefts & 14 residential burglaries.

The table below details the comparison of current week (July 24-30) incidents to 2022 statistics and the YTD numbers for 2023.

7 Responses to "Tallahassee Weekly Crime Incident Report: July 30"

  1. Instead of teaching Kids how to be Gay or Trans in School, you need to be teaching “Crime and Consequences”. They can learn about being Gay or Trans on their own time, what we need to do is teach the Kids what their life will be like if they commit Crimes, how it is up to them to decide their Future, they need to know what it is really like in Prison and what life is going to be like once you leave Prison. If they teach this in the Schools, they can end all the Programs they have that are to deter Crime and use that money to build a bigger Jail.

  2. THREE homicides in 24 hours? Sad. Move over East St. Louis, Gary and Detroit.
    I remember when there was outrage over 7 homicides in a YEAR.
    And things will only get worse as long as our libtards keep electing the same do-nothings.

    Only way that will ever change is if one of their close family members becomes a “vic.”

  3. Another, broad day light shooting yesterday. All the normal suspects showed up for the press coverage. They said, what they always say.

  4. Chief Revell and State Attorney Jack Campbell please don’t waste taxpayers money on attending the Tallahassee Greater Chamber of Commerce Junket where your appearance there was embarrassing. Also, the two major hospitals who waste their money on this junket should reconsider as they have had some hiccups, also.

    Citizens should sue any non-profit and elected official who uses taxpayer funds to attend the chamber junket. I’ve been asking for 30 years what benefit is this to taxpayers and so far no one has been able to answer this question — because there is no benefit — other than the elected officials who use taxpayer dollars to turn this into their campaign reelection PR event.

  5. Revell said in the newspaper there’s nothing anyone can do about crime levels. More cops and/or higher taxes least of all

  6. Here’s an idea, why don’t we stop funding the programs that led us to 30% increases in crime year over year and use that money to fund more cops and give the ones we still have extra pay for every criminal they remove from our fair city. Because you can’t raise our property taxes with 32% increases in property crime!

    At least not without losing your jobs in the process…

    I think the city commission has lost what is left of its collective mind.

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