The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Monday, July 31

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Monday, July 31


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TPD reported an armed robbery incident in the vicinity of 600 E. Call Street and Franklin Blvd. on Sunday at 1:00 a.m.

Calling for change after a string of shootings in the capital city, one Tallahassee man shared his story and hoping to teach young people the tough lessons he’s learned as conversations continue about how to address gun violence in the capital city.

A death in Midway occurred around 5:00 p.m. Friday when a man was struck by a train. Midway Police Department said the incident led to the immediate suspension of train services until law enforcement completed its on-scene investigation. The man supposedly was trespassing on the tracks.


South Carolina Republican Sen Tim Scott has come out and criticized Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for supporting Florida’s new social studies standards on the topic of slavery. In the standards, crafted by a team of scholars, said slaves developed skills that “could be applied for their personal benefit.” Scott said that slavery was about “separating families” among other “devastating” incidents.

Florida Sen. Rick Scott maintained that he will not be offering an endorsement in the 2024 GOP presidential primary saying he will focus on his senate race. “I know the people running and there’s a lot of great people running, and I wish them the best of luck,” Scott said.

Later today on the campaign trail in New Hampshire, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will be announcing his “Declaration of Economic Independence” plan. The plan supposedly will be focused on “strategically decoupling the American economy from China and the globalist elites that have been wreaking havoc on the American Dream.”


Rumors are swirling of Florida State leaving the ACC. After the Colorado Buffaloes announced they would be leaving the PAC-12 for the Big 12, the college football landscape continues to shift. This week, the Florida State Board of Trustees will be gathering however no formal agenda for athletics is on the docket. If they decide to leave the ACC, Florida State will have to decide by an Aug. 15 deadline. FSU 247 Sports contributor Chris Need reported FSU is actively looking to leave the ACC.


14 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Monday, July 31"

  1. @TG —
    The man “supposedly” was trespassing on the tracks.

    Isn’t that where most people get hit by trains? Doubt there is anything to suppose here.


    Story lead — A man died about 5:00PM yesterday after apparently being struck by a train. Law enforcement stated that “we’re positive that the man was struck by a train. While collecting evidence, multiple officers reported having seen the train’s tracks!”

  2. The problem with insurance or 50% of the problem with insurance is the lawsuits by the lawyers that actually rip the consumer off in the long run. Most states have two to three lawsuits a day while Florida has approximately 350 lawsuits a day and it’s not about hurricanes.

  3. “Calling for change after a string of shootings”….Never mind that the person who is quoted is a HUGE BLM fan.

    Must be the police of the guns, huh?

  4. And the establishment city commr majority wants to raise taxes even more! We are paying too much already just to live here

  5. IMO, the push to demonize gun ownership is a power grab by certain government officials. With the help of media, these officials highlight “gun violence”, downplay other violent crime and ignore news of lives saved by gun owners. At the same time, these officials are very soft on crime which increases crime including crimes committed with guns. If enough people can be convinced that gun ownership is the cause of all this “gun violence”, perhaps, the population can eventually be disarmed.

    At this point, there is no limit to a government’s power over the population. Think of the images, we’ve all seen, of unarmed people (citizens) being forced onto trains, into concentration camps, etc. by uniformed people (government) holding guns on them.

  6. Why doesn’t Governor DeSantis remove our State Attorney for his display of incompetence at the Amelia Island Chamber junket 2 years ago? I don’t see how he was not disbarred for that one.

    Last time I had jury duty we were still wearing masks and I mistook the prosecution’s table for the defendant’s table. The defendant looked more credible than the prosecutor.

    They were railroading some poor black girl for something Sheriff Campbell and Sheriff Harvey used to get away with on a weekly basis. When called on by the prosecution I gave them a piece of my mind on how unfair this state attorney’s office has always been. Of course that’s one way to get out of jury duty, but I didn’t see the defendant in lock up the next day due to her acquittal.

    This prosecutor has always had a problem discerning as he prosecutes the innocent and doesn’t prosecute the criminals.

  7. The man “supposedly” was trespassing on the tracks.

    Isn’t that where most people get hit by trains? Doubt there is anything to suppose here.

  8. @Deep Throat — The damage from Hurricane Ian is estimated at $113 billion. With a statewide population of slightly more than 22 million the per capita share of that bill is over $5,000. Not all the damage is to residential structures and of course not everyone pays homeowner insurance. But the reality is that a family of 4 has a share value of more than $20,000.

    Hurricane Andrew came across South Florida as a CAT-5 storm and did about $60B in damage in today’s money.

    Hurricane Michael came into the panhandle and did about $30B in damage in today’s money.

    Hurricane Ian cam into Ft Myers and did about $113B in damage.

    Go look at the history of CAT-5 storm strikes in Florida and the U.S. They’re rare and they do an incredible and expensive amount of damage. That far outpaces the ambulance chasers’ share in this state.

  9. @ A-skep, I live on the Cody Escarpment… I don’t have anywhere close to the risk; my insurance premium should reflect that. We can talk about auto insurance too; they have hurricanes in South and North Carolina as often as anyone else.
    We need tort reform in Florida and the Governor knows it because he campaigned on it. Once elected he forgot about our insurance problem and focused on the low hanging, inconsequential, fruit that is the Disney fight.
    We always have Hurricanes in Florida, we didn’t always have out of control insurance costs. Only a fool would blame it on the weather.

  10. @Deep Six — Your homeowners insurance is sky freaking high, like everyone else’s, because Florida has been struck by two CAT-5 hurricanes in the past 6 years. Michael and Ian hit areas that haven’t been hit by a major storm in our lifetimes. Michael tore up most everything between Panama City and Tallahassee. Ian destroyed or damage properties from Ft. Myers to Tampa, and the salt-water storm surge flooded half way across the state.

    Insurance companies are like casinos. The play the odds. When we go years without a major storm the insurance rates reflect that. The companies that survived the billions in claims last year are struggling to be profitable again, and to do that the rates have gone up. We can expect the rates to remain high for a bit, then taper off again unless another major storm hits.

    I think as little of Morgan and Morgan as anyone else. But let’s blame the ambulance chaser(s) for what they’re really responsible for — billions a year in liability premiums to make millionaires of about 1,000 lawyers.

  11. Want to deter Crime? Start with getting tougher on the CRIMINALS and also clean house at the D.A.’s Office starting at the TOP. Tim Scott doesn’t have a Snowballs chance BUT, he should do better than Christie………..

  12. I just paid my homeowners insurance premium for the next six months. While Ron DeSantis was running around tilting at the picayune, my premium went up 110% (with USAA!). My homeowners Insurance isn’t sky freaking high because it’s coupled to China. Its high and getting higher because it’s coupled to Morgan and Morgan… so Ron goes to Iowa and tilts at the Chinese. It will be a cold day in July before I vote for Ron DeSanctimonious.

  13. (P)Rick Scott. SMH. Really? That’s what you’re going with? You’re wishing THEM the best of luck????

  14. “new social studies standards on the topic of slavery.”

    This whole story has to do with 1 footnote. And that is all the “fake news” including local fake WCTV news reported. Limit the scope to make a point.

    Not for nothing, Tim Scott doesn’t stand a chance of being the Republican nominee and he knows it. Running for President is an audition for an appointment in a Trump Admin plus it increases future speaking fees.

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