Killearn Country Club Seeks Permit for Clubhouse Valued at $30 Million

Killearn Country Club Seeks Permit for Clubhouse Valued at $30 Million

Records filed with City of Tallahassee Growth Management department indicate the owners of the Killearn Country Club have applied for a construction permit related to a new clubhouse.

The parameters listed in the July 3rd filing notes a valuation of $30 million for a 45,600 square foot structure. For reference, the Leon County Property Appraiser lists the Capital City Country clubhouse at approximately 22,000 square feet, the Golden Eagle clubhouse at 16,000 square feet and the Southwood clubhouse at 8,000 square feet.

The contractor on the permit application is listed as Ajax Building Company, LLC.

Provided below are July 2023 permit applications for notable projects.

The applications include the Killearn Country Club, a project with Danfoss LLC Leon County Research & Development, Connor’s Steakhouse in Market Square, a student housing project, and a midtown residential project.

12 Responses to "Killearn Country Club Seeks Permit for Clubhouse Valued at $30 Million"

  1. You guys can’t run away from your problems, people aren’t just being shot in Frenchtown, they are getting whacked at Circle K’s on Bradfordville rd. and Thomasville rd., in Waverly Hills too. Someone shot up a house off Killearny way just a few months ago. You call for deannexation when the fact of the matter is Killearn voters are as culpable as anyone for the current cabal of commissioners running the city and the county. Heck, Steve Stewart should change the name of his radio show to the Mayor John Dailey apology hour.
    As far as I am concerned, Pat A. can take his safe full of guns and move somewhere he or she doesn’t feel the need to post us it’s daily diatribe on how awful the south side is because of…wait for it, GUNS.

    So, don’t let the doorknob hit ya where the good lord split ya

  2. The decision makers charged with oversight of Killearn should consider the revival of holding annual PGA Event(s). The long ago PGA Tourny at Killearn was good for business.

  3. @ Pat A.:
    Excellent post.
    I have been advocating for de-annexation of the Northeast section of Taxahassee for years.
    Cutting off the money supply is the only thing that will throttle our Commissar overlords.

  4. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this is saving Killearn as my friend Will so excitedly penned, but it is a massive improvement over the decline that former owner Barton Tuck presided over. The changes to the course have made it look 100 times better. I am looking forward to the grand opening celebration. I’ve been a member of a beautiful club in Jacksonville that put KCC to shame. I’ve visited many fine clubs around the country (Prestonwood in Cary, NC is top of the chart), and I am looking forward to KCC eclipsing the beauty of all clubs in the area and maybe coming close to Preston.

  5. Upper-middle residential real estate is selling for around $200/foot.

    What’s in the proposed clubhouse that justifies its construction cost of about $665/foot?

  6. Why the wealthy side of Tallahassee puts up with paying for all the liberal programs is beyond me. Form your own city. That Southside is only going to get worse. The problem is nobody wants to solve the problem. Solving the problem only means our local politicians have to get real jobs because successful people do not vote for lib-tards. And we all know, from our youth, making pizza ain’t no living.

    Hypothetically speaking, the residents on Alabama Street take a free one-hour class then find themselves with a new job making $150,000.00/year. What’s the first thing they do? Move off Alabama Street. Second thing, they stop voting for Liberals. Crime pays in Tallahassee.

    If you want to define two shootings in 24 hours…call it “Community Policing” because that is what it is. Why the Governor doesn’t look into protecting the successful people living in large metropolitan areas against Liberal Rule is beyond me.

    Being poor is proportional to a lack of education. Democrats count on the Black Community to vote for them every time (Souls to the Polls). But how is the life of a poor black family better after decades of voting for a democrat? It isn’t. Sure, they get free housing, free utilities, free health care, free cell phones, free education and a lot more paid for by those that succeeded in life. And look at the businesses that prey on them. Convenience stores sell them products at a premium price, the state gets back a lot of money selling them lottery tickets and the Piece de Resistance is the local car dealers that let them “drive what you want to drive” for a simply 28 percent loan.

    Come back in a million years and life on Alabama Street will only be worse. Nobody with influence wants to solve the crime problem. You are better off accepting the reality of the times we live in, buy some guns, learn to use them, learn the laws governing their use, get some Conceal Carry insurance and attend Church every Sunday.
    Take it to the bank, Democrats will give you just enough not to be able to support yourself without Government dollars. Because. no matter what, Democrat politicians will not do anything that changes their mind to vote Democrat.

  7. This is literally saving Killearn. The club is going to be beautiful. We should all be so thankful for the renovation. I can’t wait to visit the finished product!

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