Leon County Commissioner Rick Minor Addresses Four Issues

Leon County Commissioner Rick Minor Addresses Four Issues

On July 27th, Leon County Commissioner Rick Minor did an interview on The Steve Stewart Show on Real Talk 93.3. Minor was asked to address a number of current issues facing Leon County, provided below are his responses.

Homelessness: When asked if there has been progress made with homelessness, Minor explained that while the number of homeless people has continued to rise, Leon County has gotten better at dealing with the issue by investing in the Big Bend Continuum Care and creating the Street Outreach Team. When asked about the pushback toward the signs prohibiting solicitation in road median from the more progressive members of the community, Minor stated, “I think they misconstrue the purpose of the signs.” He explained that the purpose of the signs is for people to understand if they really want to help, they should donate to Big Bend.

Crime: When asked of his opinion on the approach to add more police officers to stop crime, Minor stated, “I wholeheartedly believe we need more police officers on the team, both for TPD and for the Leon County Sheriffs Office.” He continued, “The whole, defund the police argument is the most ridiculous I’ve ever heard. Anyone who says defund the police or reduce police budget reveals to me that they don’t know about the real world.” Additionally, he noted the more people we have out there on the street wearing badges increasing public safety, the better off we are.

Northeast Park: When asked about his opinion on the Northeast Park, Minor noted that he supports the Northeast Park and acknowledges the need for ball parks in the Northeast community, especially in comparison to other districts. However, he stated, “There are a lot of parts of town that have inequity in many other ways.” He went on to explain that Blueprint’s upcoming budget year has $125 million in new budget dollars added to projects, and that almost all of the budget dollars are going towards the Northeast and South communities. He stated, “Blueprint is actually taking dollars away from projects in the west of Tallahassee and on the east of Tallahassee, so I have a problem with that.”

Citizen Concern: When asked what major concerns voters have, Minor said that homelessness has remained the number one issue. He explained that the two main issues are helping homeless people find safe stable housing, and figuring out how to make citizens feel safe in their community.

8 Responses to "Leon County Commissioner Rick Minor Addresses Four Issues"

  1. I was shocked to learn the salary being paid to Vincent Long. According to Govsalaries.com he is the 5th highest paid in the USA. His salary before benefits is $351,000.

    We do not live in Beverly Hills or Boca Raton. This is Leon County, Not a county swimming in money. Our poverty rate is over 19% and per capita income under $34K. To be paying our County Administrator over $350K annually cannot be justified.

    I’d wager not one in five hundred citizens know of that exorbitant salary. Were I to rent a billboard and publish that salary, what do you think voters would think? Would they be shocked, upset, angry? Who would they blame?

    I hope our County Commissioners think about this as the next budget vote rolls around.

  2. “When asked if there has been progress made with homelessness, Minor explained that while the number of homeless people has continued to rise, Leon County has gotten better at dealing with the issue”

    yadda yadda yadda…vote for me you low information voter.

  3. David – The homeless dont need or want help getting back to what we consider normal life. They’re content with that lifestyle and will stay in a place that is most accommodating to that. The only way to solve that problem unfortunately is to be more abrasive and make it more appealing to go somewhere else.

  4. The same County staff member who terribly manages the Waste Pro contract is the same one who has overseen the PACE financing bankrupt program known to target the elderly and low income families. Stop the insanity!

  5. The North Monroe Corridor is an embarrassment and this commissioner has done nothing to improve it he is all talk no action. He is a sycophant to the Scott Maddox corruption. He did come out against this stadium seat giveaway.

    Rick needs to address:

    – the inflated salary of the Leon County Administrator

    – the corruption of Waste Pro and their horrendous service and how they are allowed to get away with it. Why has he allowed it go on and why he voted for it to continue? Citizens have a problem with the management at Waste Pro not the rank and file to be clear.

    Will Rick be attending the Tallahassee Greater Chamber of Commerce junket on the taxpayers dime? Maybe while he’s spending taxpayers money to attend the Buffalo Pool Party he will come up with a solution for the homelessness (cough, cough).

  6. Squishy Rick! North Monroe has deteriorated under his watch, while he votes for NE Gateway, Welaunee Blvd that are poison for Northeasterners (the projects taking the $ away), flip-flipping on Doak

    Ran for Maddox’ city commission seat and then let him have it back when Scott decided he didn’t want to be Superintendent. Profile in courage

  7. As long as people hand out cash to the homeless at every intersection the homeless won’t have enough motivation to be a functioning part of society. Quit enabling these people and everybody wins!

  8. Homelessness: MORE should be done to help them get back to basics.

    Crime: We need a tougher D.A. and to get tougher on the Criminals.

    Northeast Park: NO, it is too expensive and in the WRONG Location. Get it off the Canopy Roads and put it on Thomasville Rd and find a bigger plot of Land OR change the Rules on Widening one of those two Canopy Roads.

    Citizens have a RIGHT to be concerned. They should be able to take a walk in their own Community or run up to the Store for a gallon of Milk without worrying about being SHOT.


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