BREAKING NEWS: Angie Strickland Removed as Leon High School Volleyball Coach

BREAKING NEWS: Angie Strickland Removed as Leon High School Volleyball Coach

According to various sources, after a formal complaint by a parent and a brief investigation by Leon County Schools (LCS), Angie Strickland has been removed as the head coach of the Leon High School volleyball team.

Per LCS policy, the details related to the complaint will not be released for 10 days.

However, TR has been able to confirm that the complaint was related to Strickland using the death of a parent on two separate occasions to motivate the deceased parent’s daughter during practice.

The LCS investigation comes after TR reported in May that the Florida Region of USA Volleyball had an open investigation into the actions of Strickland related to her coaching activities while employed by the Red Hills Volleyball Club.

That investigation came after the Florida Region levied sanctions against Strickland in 2021 related to her coaching activities while employed by the Tallahassee Juniors Volleyball Club (TJVC). The investigation found Strickland had committed a “flagrant offense.”

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

15 Responses to "BREAKING NEWS: Angie Strickland Removed as Leon High School Volleyball Coach"

  1. To those parents and coaches out there teaching your children and players about equity, inclusion, “safe spaces”, and all of the other snowflake concepts – you are doing your children, players and society a disservice.

  2. Angie got what she deserved. She is a horrible coach. She verbally abused girls in private and public. It is not ok. She is lucky they let her keep teaching because the abuse is not isolated to the volleyball team. She is sick.

  3. This is the most misogynistic city as the reporting for the male coach who is a pervert and protected by the state attorney was non-existent. That’s okay go ahead and delete the comment it doesn’t change anything. And the comment that was deleted yesterday was 100% true. It’s sad when advertising dollars trump the truth.

  4. Really! And what year did this happen?? 4 plus years ago?? Coach Strickland was the perfect coach with such family as long as their daughters were receiving all the accolades , 4X POY over other girls that deserved it. I guess politics and entitlement play an important role here! Let’s not mention all the years Coach Strickland coached club and helped more girls get scholarships than any other local coach. Several players had to deal with the death of their parent during that time. I’m sure many statements were made but not in a malicious way only to motivate them not to intentionally hurt them. Coach Strickland showed support and grieved with all players dealing with the death of their parents and made sure the team was supported in every way. Coach Strickland even traveled over 7 hours to support a player playing in a non school volleyball tournament during the illness and death of their father. Is this not the same coach? It’s a shame what one will do to destroy the livelihood of others. But remember Karma will come back at you. Yes! Coach Strickland is a different style coach. It’s by choice for families to be part of this programs. Most girls that have complained don’t even live in Leon district but you chose to send your daughters there. Coach Strickland is the same coach she’s always been so why send your kids there and then complain? Don’t destroy and hurt the girls that have choose to play for this program. Some of these families paved the way for these complaining and entitled people to come up through club and high school volleyball, 4 years later. Coach Strickland helped many girls to play and be successful in college. This decision opens the door for all unhappy parents to complain and get coaches fired. Good luck getting good coaches in Leon county after this!

  5. Tallahasse volleyball has allowed a toxic culture to flourish for years. It’s crazy that behaviour that would get any of us fired in our jobs is tolerated in this sport. High school administrators need to set the tone and monitor their programs. They have been fully aware of the issues regarding this coach & deliberately turned a blind eye. Thank you to the parent who filed the complaint to the state organization and forced LCS to take action.

  6. Wonder if the kids/parents that complained were starters? Or from an opposing team parent that was jealous of winners.

  7. Undeniably a horrible thing to use death of a parent to motivate a player, so is the player continuing to play under the coach for years and mother employing Angie for years to be a coach at her volleyball club. If these remarks didn’t bother then, why now? Use and throw? Not all is what it seems! This is agenda driven using the dead.

  8. If there was a “Me Too” movement for the Victims of Angie Strickland there would be an extremely long line covering a span of close to 20 years. Last night I can promise there were celebrations to the caliber of “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” from “The Wizard of Oz”. These girls that did try to speak up were shunned, made to be liars by the very people they trusted. Their principals, their teachers and sadly their friends. Many had to transfer high schools because still nobody believed them. Mental abuse isn’t something you can see or touch so yes it is hard to prove but these women that did stand up and at least tried are now victorious in celebration. To the parents that say these girls are soft, shame on you. You literally have no idea what that woman did to her players. The only regret I have is they didn’t take Joy Becker down while she was at Leon. She was no better.

  9. What a terrible thing to say!! Very disrespectful. Did the daughter of the deceased quit the VB after such a mean comment by the coach? or did she continued for rest of the high school playing under Angie and moved onto play college VB? Hard to say who is being more disrespectful to the deceased – Coach or the daughter?

  10. I was there the year she started. My daughter told of her rudeness, and how she likes to knock people down verbally. Insult them into playing better. We complained then , school didn’t care. I feel bad for the girls, Having to endure such cruellness from someone that you look up to and have coaching you. Remember. You can do it WITHOUT her. Get Becker back.

  11. Well in 2006 she said “good thing your father is dead and can’t see this. He’d be so disappointed in you” so, I’m guessing it’s along those lines

  12. As a current Leon parent, I can only hope that now that a decision has been made, the adults behind this will realize that there is a whole group of innocent teenage girls who have been impacted greatly by the timing and nature of this decision. No matter what side of the argument you are on, please remember that there are group of hardworking, real human being kids who are just trying to play high school ball that just lost a great deal and are truly devastated by this news. If you see them around, tell them they’re doing great. Treat them with the dignity and respect they’ve earned by keeping their heads high through all of this, and please remind your students, players, and fans not to use this against them at games. They don’t deserve to suffer for anything that has happened here. We’re all trying to do the best we can by our girls. It’s all about them now.

  13. How many sports movies true stories have coaches and teammates used a tragedy to motivate “win this fir your… heaven”…if urz something like that this is way overboard.

  14. Trust me, it was not in a sympathetic nature. It was cruel and unforgiving. She should never be around children…ever!

  15. “the complaint was related to Strickland using the death of a parent on two separate occasions to motivate the deceased parent’s daughter during practice.”

    Without knowing exactly what was said it’s impossible to know if Strickland was being cruel, sympathetic, motivational, or something else. “Your mom would be proud of you.” “Do you think your mom would want you to keep moping around like this?” “I’m sure your mom is watching over you and thinks you can do better.” etc…

    It still seems to be as much a political reaction as much as a justified one.

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