Tallahassee Weekly Crime Incident Report: August 6

Tallahassee Weekly Crime Incident Report: August 6

For the July 31-August 6, TPD reported 75 crime incidents. This included 29 violent crime incidents which is 36.2 % more than the average number of violent crime incidents reported on a weekly basis in 2022, which was 21.3.

The violent crime incidents included 18 assaults & batteries, 9 robberies and two homicides.

TPD reported 46 property crime incidents. This is 1.5% less than the average number of property crime incidents reported on a weekly basis in 2022.

The property crime incidents included 17 auto burglaries & 17 residential burglaries.

The table below details the comparison of current week (July 31-August 6) incidents to 2022 statistics and the YTD numbers for 2023.

7 Responses to "Tallahassee Weekly Crime Incident Report: August 6"

  1. So-called crime does not only include the usual police or sheriff reported type of crime. Local government corruption is also a crime on the community. So is homelessness, blighted areas, abandon construction projects, lack of proper planning and zoning, and various concerns like that. Anything that negatively impacts an area and the quality of life for residents and businesses is a crime on that community.

    Leon County is loaded with a disproportionate amount of every variety of crime. Too bad our government and law enforcement leaders just don’t seem to get it.

  2. I told you folks it would happen exactly like this… first, defund and defame the police, then reallocate LEO funds to feckless virtue signaling programs, then sit back and watch as crime spirals upward, then demand that we must “raise taxes” to fund Law Enforcement in an effort to stop crime… and around the mountain we go. Remember the progressively-Marxist Democrat motto, “Always more; Never enough”.

    “When a government fails at its duty to protect its citizens… eventually, its citizens will not fail at their RIGHT to protect themselves.” ~ Edward Lyle 2023

    It’s coming like a freight train folks… be aware of your surroundings at all times, watch your six, and train and equip yourselves to protect your person, your family, and your property. In Biden’s America, we’re on our own.

    God bless and be safe

  3. When you don’t punish criminals, you get more crime. Everyone on the city commission knows that, they also know when crime goes up they can shake us down for more taxes. It’s the oldest civic graft in the book.
    Tired of all the nonsense, I’m prollay gonna move to the country, dig a moat and fill it with concertina. Good luck to the rest of y’all, Tallahassee is going to the dogs.

  4. We know crime is getting worse. We know which areas most of the crime occurs. We know that no positive steps will be taken to reduce crime.

  5. Our liberal, excuse me, “progressive” leaders always follow the same handbook talking points.
    Make no mistake, that narrative never, ever changes.
    Lie. When caught in a lie, lie again.
    Be alert. Don’t fall asleep. Be aware of what is being said.
    Vote for candidates who do Not follow the script.

  6. The further insult to taxpayers is when our elected officials and nonprofits spend our taxpayer dollars on the Chamber Junket drinking themselves silly and our state attorney makes a fool of himself misusing his office as an opportunity to disparage a legitimate business owner. The inmates continue to run the asylum…. crime rate increases… sewage spills… environmental and aesthetic projects are subpar and on and on it goes where it stops who knows?

  7. Ah yes, decades of democrats reign in this city, such great policy results. Mini-Chicago folks! be careful when you go to Publix for milk. Yall remember Tallahassee in the 90s?

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