The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, August 10

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, August 10


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Amid a community debate over the need for more police officers, City Commissioner Jack Porter told a Tallahassee Democrat reporter that Tallahassee Police Chief Lawrence Revell said “law enforcement cannot prevent gun violence.” Revell denies making the statement.

The news briefs for the Leon County School Board meeting that took place August 8, 2023 are now available.

Tallahassee Police announced they arrested a suspect in connection to a stabbing murder at an apartment complex on John Knox Road on August 1. Benjamin Morgan, Jr. was arrested for killing FAMU Director of Student Union Activist & new Student Orientation Andre Green.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration disregarded a letter written by the Environmental Protection Agency instructing states to adopt new rules related to carbon emissions. “The EPA relies on a ‘hydrogen economy’ that does not currently exist to expedite the ‘transition’ of the nation’s power grid through unfounded technologies,” said Florida Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Shawn Hamilton. “By prioritizing the use of unfounded technologies to force a reduction in readily available generation assets, the Agency places the reliability, affordability, and capacity of the nation’s energy supply at risk.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, after naming James Uthmeier presidential campaign manager, has also named Commerce secretary Alex Kelly as Acting Chief of Staff. Kelly just moved to the Commerce Department earlier this year and previously served as Deputy Chief of Staff to the governor since April 2021.

The University of Florida is working with public school officials to develop an AI Foundations program across 12 school districts. The material will introduce students to AI concepts, applications, and building AI systems.


Florida State football running back Trey Benson has been named to the preseason Doak Walker Award Watch List. Benson, who also has been named to the Maxwell Award Watch List and Paul Hornung Award Watch List as well as voted to the Preseason All-ACC Team, rushed for 990 yards and nine touchdowns last year.


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  1. I wonder if weedy or moderate posters in here ever get tired of repeating themselves? we sure are. when do you stop and realize that the majority of regular Tallahassee folks don’t agree or don’t care enough about your view? So simple – Porter at best doesn’t understand. At worst is manipulating. talking about the state attorney. the chamber. political parties. the mayor. rinse. wash. repeat. put some more pads on the walls at Apalachee.

  2. If Chief Revell didn’t say it then I WILL…….“Law Enforcement cannot prevent Gun Violence.” You can’t prevent what you do NOT KNOW is about to happen. A Friend was in a Car Crash yesterday, she was hit from behind in stopped Traffic, could she have prevented it from happening? NO. Can you lower the Numbers on Gun Violence? YES, but to do so, you would be called a Racist. It would involve Stop & Search and Stop & Frisk in the High Crime areas. It would involve Judges handing down longer Sentences to keep them in Jail LONGER. It would involve the Proper Charges being Filed by the D.A.’s Office. It would involve using the 10-20-Life Law again.

  3. Chief Revell should spend his time doing his job as he made a huge mistake at the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce Junket aligning himself with the state attorney Jack Campbell buffoon. As a result they both were sanctioned by their own political party. You don’t use taxpayers funds to attend the junket to publicly disparage a legitimate hardworking business owner. That is misuse of their offices.

    Chief Revell should Step Up and call out the corruption in City Hall which actually puts him in a tough position as they are also his boss. So far he goes along with it and says nothing. And we wonder why the crime rate spirals upward on a DAILEY basis

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