The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, August 11

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, August 11


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In accordance with recently passed legislation (HB 1069 – 2023), the Leon County School Board has approved a process for those parents that would like to limit their child’s access to media center and classroom libraries.  

Priscilla West, the current Chair of Moms for Liberty Leon County, believes the recently adopted school library checkout procedure will be disastrous.

A man who fled a traffic stop the night of the deadly shootout with law enforcement was recently indicted by a federal grand jury. A three-count indictment filed July 11 accuses Lee of conspiracy and trafficking methamphetamines. The man was arrested moments before the shootout but was not connected to the shootout itself.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis replaced State Attorney Monique Worrell with Judge Andrew Bain. He is a member of The Federalist Society and unveiled his 100-day plan to restore order. “It’s a simple thing,” Bain said. “Simple job. The legislature told us what our job was in Chapter 27 of our statutes. It’s a very simple job. We are here to prosecute crimes and to hold people accountable.”

Monique Worrell, the State Attorney under suspension, claims her suspension is retaliation from DeSantis against counties that voted against him. DeSantis stated that her suspension is due to her work being “clearly and fundamentally derelict so as to constitute both neglect of duty and incompetence.”

Parents in two Florida school districts, Orange and Seminole Counties, will have to sign a consent form before their child can be referred to by any name other than what’s listed on their birth certificate. Every district in the state will be required to create such a form due to the expanded Parental Rights in Education law.


Florida State golf announced their schedule ahead of the 2023-2024 season. The Noles will play in tournaments like the Folds of Honor Collegiate, the Fighting Illini Invitational, the Ben Hogan Collegiate Invitational, among a full slate of tournaments through next May. The Noles will also host the Seminole Intercollegiate tournament next March 11-12.


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  1. Why would the citizens of that circuit be opposed to the Governor removing their State Attorney who refused to prosecute criminals? Why are they opposed to making their lives safer? They would be crying racial discrimination except the newly appointed SA is a black man. So all they got left is politics. A white Governor fired their black State Attorney. Now that’s real discrimination.

  2. I go by several nick names, Hawk, Hawkeye and Shelby Dave. Teachers, Bosses, Co-workers, Friends have all used Hawk and Hawkeye still do. A small group of close Friends in the Car World call me Shelby Dave. Those are all Nick Names. The funny part is, I never asked anyone to use those Nick Names, never. If someone tells me their Name is Mike but they prefer to go by Michelle, then I will do my best to remember that and do so. Just don’t come to me with a list of Demands and telling me that I HAVE TO give you special treatment.

  3. It think it was RedState News or Breitbart spelled out 7 or 8 cases Judge Worrell did not prosecute and the defendant went on to commit another horrible crime. This is how Democrats are…weak on crime in exchange for votes and more tax dollars to spend.

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