Goad, Revell Discuss City Budget, Law Enforcement at NEBA Forum

Goad, Revell Discuss City Budget, Law Enforcement at NEBA Forum

On August 15th, the Network of Entrepreneurs and Business Advocates held their monthly meeting, hosting Tallahassee City Manager Reese Goad along-side Chief of Police Lawrence Revell. Both spoke on the City increasing the TPD’s budget by $9.5 million by increasing property taxes, moving the millage rate from 4.2 to 4.5. The increase will provide wage increases, 20 additional police officers, new equipment and technology in 2024.

During the meeting, Goad explained that the City has completed 89% of the strategic plan targets. However, he emphasized that the City is not on target for meeting the goal of reducing violent crime by 10%.

Goad stated, “We have to drag that out of the list of 130 and say, what do we do different?”

Later in the meeting, Goad explained that reducing violent crime has become a difficult task since there has been an uptick in violent crime since the COVID pandemic. Goad expressed the importance of the budget increase saying that it will make a meaningful difference.

Chief Revell stressed the impact that 20 additional police officers would make on public safety. Revell said, “Despite some of the other rhetoric that you’ve heard, 20 officers will make a difference.” He went on to say that with the right number of staff, programs that have been put on hold for several years, such as specialty squads could be implemented.

Additionally, Chief Revell noted that soon homeowners and businesses will have the option to allow TPD access to their cameras.

During the Q&A portion of the meeting, Mr. Goad was asked if there where parts of the budget that could’ve been sacrificed before justifying raising the millage rate.

Mr. Goad responded stating, “Maybe other things aren’t as important as public safety. I think that makes a lot of sense. But that doesn’t mean other things aren’t important to the quality of life and foundation of our City.”

When asked what number of officers the city should have, Chief Revell responded saying the FBI has a formula based on population to give direction on how many officers are needed. According to Chief Revell, based on the FBI formula, Tallahassee would need 650 officers. Tallahassee currently has approximately 373 officers.

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  1. Tallahassee needs to get it’s act under control. Soon these shootings and violent offenses are going to affect enrollment at FSU. My wife and I are moving north to Tennessee after I retire in 2025. Which is sad considering I was born here, went to public schools here, church here and got married here. But it’s getting pretty bad in this town and we don’t feel comfortable here. The hardest part is convincing our elderly parents to come with us. Too bad common sense conservatives can’t get elected in this town to make the necessary drastic changes.

  2. When was the last time you saw someone pulled over in Tallahassee for expired tags, no tags, speeding or anything else? With 373 cops, TPD can only respond to crimes after they happen. And those 373 are gonna be overworked and have bad attitudes. This is the City Manager and the City commissioners fault. Tallahassee is about as safe as the OK Corral, Goad and the cabal of miscreants that call themselves commissioners have to go.

    They need to find about 30 million in all the money they have wasted on not policing Tallahassee and hire about 300 more cops.

    Like it or not; the fear of retribution is what makes our little planet work.

  3. TR

    There was an earlier comment that has since been removed. I can’t remember who it was by but it was only five words. I believe it said

    “Reese is a corrupt fool”

    Being that Reese is entrenched in years of corruption, is not fiscally responsible, is a schill for the mayor, does not have the proper credentials to be a city manager, and unable to bring the crime rate down I don’t understand why the comment was removed. I believe you should amp up your tolerance for free speech. I see ads paid for by the City of Tallahassee on this forum so is that driving your decision to eliminate free speech from this forum? I hope not.

    I hope you will reconsider restoring that comment as that was a contender for the “quote of the week” .

  4. I have now become so weary of reading the day-to-day political corruption of Tallahassee leaders that I have given up hope that anything will change.
    I know that is the Democratic agenda. Beat people down until they give up.
    I will not give up, but I don’t see the citizenry of Tallahassee willing to change the political landscape.
    Frustrating. I now realize that the citizens of Tallahassee are just no smart enough to realize what is happening to them.
    Our leaders recognized that a long time ago.
    My only remedy now is to move away.

  5. As I understand it, Dailey, Williams-Cox, and Richardson support increased funding of law enforcement and Matlow and Porter don’t support an increase in funding of law enforcement. However, they all support funding the failed, alternative to law enforcement, programs.

    So the first three are put in the position of wanting a tax increase to pay for both law enforcement and the failed alternatives. Whereas, the other two are in the enviable position of being against raising taxes because the failed alternative programs they support have everyone’s funding support.

    The unanimous support of failed alternative programs is the problem. If the first three people had the courage to defund these failed programs, then the issue would be whether to give the money to law enforcement or reduce taxes. (I would be in favor of giving the money to law enforcement and keep the taxes the same.)

  6. So LEO wants access to your PERSONAL in-house cameras? Wow.
    That’s the proverbial Pandora’s Box, if ever there was one.
    What’s next?
    Mandatory access?

  7. “FBI formula, Tallahassee would need 650 officers. Tallahassee currently has approximately 373 officers.” ……………………. Does that 373 include the LSCO Deputies?

    To help reduce Crime, start by Handing down the proper Charges for the Crime. If someone Shoots at someone or into a Crowd, THAT’S Attempted MURDER not Assault. If someone swings a Pipe, Board, Bat, Hammer at someone with intent, THAT’S Attempted MURDER not Assault. Someone walks around and punches an innocent person and knocks them out, THAT’S Attempted MURDER not Assault. We need a D.A. that will do that and also seek longer stays in Prison. The longer they stay in Prison, the fewer Crimes they can commit. Start using the phrase “YOU WILL GET CAUGHT” and use it everywhere.

    You need money for more Officers? Take it from the failed and failing Programs that were meant to deter people from committing Crimes. Also use some of it to buy Homes in High Crime areas to use as Police Sub Stations.

  8. What a passive schill PR nonsense soon to be continued at the Amelia Island junket on the taxpayers dime…

    Tallahassee needs to do a nationwide search for a proper city manager to discontinue the present CEO mentality of managing Kickback Enterprise over at City Hall. Perhaps a nationwide search for a new police chief is in order, also.

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