TPD Releases Details on Two Shooting Incidents

TPD Releases Details on Two Shooting Incidents

Provided below are the details released by TPD related to two separate shooting incidents which happened early Tuesday morning.

2023-00141872 / Shooting Incident / 1922 Lake Bradford Road (Trapican Way) / 1:20 AM

Officers responded to Trapican Way regarding a shooting incident outside of the store. Upon arrival, officers located an adult female victim suffering from gunshot wounds to her arm and torso. She was immediately transported to a local hospital with serious injuries. Responding officers obtained a description of the suspect’s vehicle and conducted a traffic stop after locating the vehicle in a nearby neighborhood. The suspect, Jonathan Vance, was taken into custody without incident. The investigation determined Vance attempted to shoot another man he was arguing with and the woman was struck by gunfire instead. This swift response and subsequent arrest serve as a testament to TPD’s unwavering commitment to bring justice to victims in the community, and apprehend violent offenders.

Arrested: Jonathan Vance, 25, for attempted second degree murder.

2023-00141887 / Shooting Incident / FAMU Way and South Adams Street / 2:43 AM

Officers responded to the intersection regarding reports of shots being fired in the area. Upon arrival, officers located evidence consistent with a shooting incident, but no victims were at the scene. Later, at approximately 4 a.m., officers were advised an adult male victim walked into a local hospital with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to his leg. Preliminary information gathered indicates the shooting resulted from an argument which occurred in a parking lot in the 1300 block of South Adams Street. At this time, no arrests have been made and this investigation remains ongoing.

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  1. Trapican Way, that is a much touted “affordable housing” local government project designed to reduce crime instead of hiring 100 police officers. BTW – The young lady is paralyzed.

  2. And don’t forget the axe murderer still lose somewhere around Old Bainbridge and Fred George road… in a heavily wooded area…

  3. “Vance attempted to shoot another man he was arguing with and the woman was struck by gunfire instead.” ……………… I fear this will happen more often with more People now able to Carry a gun without a Permit and have never fired a Gun before.

  4. While we are changing the names of TCC and everything else, I vote we change the name of FAMU and its surrounding environs to the Ok Corral.

  5. Yawn……yawn……good morning Tallahassee/Leon. Remember when you used to give a ?rap about news like this? Not too far back stuff like this was upsetting to our entire communitty. And people would talk about such shootings at work and other gathering places even if you did not know the victims. Jeeze just how long ago was that?
    And when did we start not careing about stuff like this double shooting incident? Is Tallahassee/Leon better now that we look at this article and “just feel like this”: yawn…..yawn…”?
    Now the only folks in the entire Tallahassee/Leon area who care or are feeling anything at all are the close relatives of the 2 people that got shot and if any of the shooters are or do get caught their close relatives will likely feel some kind of way ya know.
    Are you better off now that you no longer have to care about this stuff any more? Are you a better “you” now that you have the ability to just carry on now as if nothing even happened? Are you happy about how our elected officials made it possable for crime to escalate and now you dont even have to care about it any longer?
    When did we stop careing? Was it about 1/2 way into the Andrew Gillum Mayoral administration or was it later than that?
    I miss the old days when we used to care.

  6. Restorative Justice, Community Policing, Defund the Police just euphemisms for not prosecuting crime esp in the black community.

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