LCS Agenda Review Topics: Friday Fight, Reading Levels & Child Abuse Reporting

LCS Agenda Review Topics: Friday Fight, Reading Levels & Child Abuse Reporting

On August 21, the Leon County School Board addressed several issues during their monthly agenda review meeting.

Board Member Marcus Nicolas asked what consequences there might be when a teacher fails to report child abuse. Staff noted that the expectation is for all school personnel to report abuse to DCF, as teachers go through DCF training to better prepare them for such situations. However, in extreme cases when a school personnel fails to report such findings, state laws apply that could result in a felony charge.

Staff noted that since the last meeting, they have come up with an idea to submit to the state legislature for funding. Staff explained that students with disabilities and special needs played a big part in deciding what to put forward. Ultimately, they decided to seek significant upgrades for the play area at Gretchen Everhart’s school (a school that serves children with intellectual disabilities). Board Member Darryl Jones noted that he has collaborated with several principles in his district who have made item recommendations. Mr. Jones informed staff he wants to provide his items for the staff team to consider, along with the original item for consideration.

Superintendent Rocky Hanna spoke on an incident that happened during a football game at Gene Cox Stadium. Mr. Hanna explained that the incident took place at half time under the home bleachers, when two groups of people passed each other and several fights broke out. Mr. Hanna explained that the group made its way toward that concession stand and that he feels confident that someone yelled “gun” by the way the crowd reacted. Lastly, Mr. Hanna stated, “We will learn from this and we will do better, I can assure you of that.”

Board Member Laurie Lawson Cox asked staff why there are still children reading under grade level, and asked staff to explain what was being done to help combat the issue. Staff replied that they have come up with an initiative called UFLI for K/1 students, and all K/1 teachers will be trained on this new way of teaching to help mitigate the problem.

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  1. I guess we don’t have to worry about inappropriate books in the library because they can’t read them anyway.


  2. I like to think Snidely’s whizzed off ranting about shutting all sports, clubs, and all “extra’s” outside Reading, Wrting, and Arithmatic until these core skills come up to a pre-determined minimum set by The FL Dept of Education had a little something to di with Laurie Lawson Cox’ great idea.

    If The State mandated such a shut-down as introduced by Snidely then Moms and Dads would have a net result of better educated offspring which can afford to put their ageing parents in that fancy schmancy old folks home Ana Johnson is the spokslady for.
    Think about it Tally/Leon Parents.
    Think about it FL Dept of Education.

  3. Just a thought, if I may…

    If teachers have to be trained on a “new way” to teach a child how to read, that can only mean one or both of two things:

    1. The “old way” to teach a child to read – you know, the way we and millions upon millions upon millions over generations and generations and generations of people have learn to read – is a failed teaching method, which might help explain the countless number of incompetent government leaders and bureaucrats we have today… or…

    2. We have to dumb down the method(s) in order to excuse the incompetence within our ever-failing Public Indoctrination System and it’s leaders, and at the same time, cater to the lazy illiterate woke Nazis and the 140 character crowd.

    Either way, our ever-failing Public Indoctrination System and it’s leaders continue the downward trajectory of our Republic and Her citizens… by design

  4. I googled it: UFLI is short for the “University of Florida Literacy Institute” (UFLI, pronounced “you fly”). From what I have read about it so far, it looks like it will do better with smaller Classes (K thru 5).

    If you remember way way back, we voted to shrink Elementary Classes for better one on one Learning Time between Teacher-Student. Well, that never happened. I have a plan that, if the Governor likes it, it should raise money for more Class Rooms which would shrink the Class Size.

  5. Never heard of UFLI, I went through Hartsfield, Fairview, Rickards, TCC and FSU without ever hearing about UFLI. I don’t know what it is but if you don’t go back to the way they taught people to read in 1970 you are just blowing smoke up all of our backsides with your stupid acronyms that don’t seem to be worthy of an explanation.

    Fire Rocky Hannah. Every time I see him in the news he is apologizing for something.

  6. You should go to a Jacksonville Jaguar’s Game soon and see how they do it. I was very impressed. Those people should take over the TSA at the Airports.

    What is UFLI and what about the 2nd thru 5th Grade Students who are reading under grade level?

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