Leon County School Board Meeting Briefs: August 22, 2023

Leon County School Board Meeting Briefs: August 22, 2023

Below are the news briefs for the Leon County School Board meeting that took place August 22, 2023.

Chief of Safety and Security Jimmy Williams, gave a presentation on the updated protocol and security updates that will be implemented at Gene Cox Stadium, as a result of the fight outbreak during a recent football game. Mr. Williams explained that moving forward there will be additional school officers during games. Additionally, Superintendent Rocky Hannah noted that students will no longer be able to congregate at the stadium.

The Board voted to approve a number of items off the consent agenda, including an item that approves the 21st Century Community Learning Program grant to Griffin Middle School in the amount of $26,000.00. Other schools that received grants during the meeting include, Fairview Middle School, Nims Middle School, Godby High School and Rickards High School.

The Board discussed an item that recommends five different history textbook options for adoption. There was no action taken of this item; however, several citizens expressed their opinions on the textbook options. One citizen noted that LCS teacher’s opinion on the matter was important, but ultimately the accuracy of the content is of utmost importance.

The Board unanimously voted to approve the Superintendent’s recommendation to approve out-of-county travel for Board Member Darryl Jones to attend the 2023 Orange Blossom Legislative Issues Conference, as a guest and moderator.

During the Superintendent comments portion of the meeting, Mr. Hanna noted that an additional 28 books have been pulled, which totals 68 books pulled, while being reviewed by the committee, as well as guidance from the general counsel. Additionally, Mr. Hanna said that out of the 68 books, there will be five challenges that will soon be posted to their website.

Mr. Hanna proposed keeping Leon County high school tracks open to the public from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday mornings. He explained that on Saturday and Sunday mornings when students do not attend, the field will be supervised. However, several Board members seemed wary of the proposal. Chair Alva Smith noted the proposal does not address the schools liability of being sued. No action was taken on the issue.

During the Board member discussion portion of the meeting, Board member Darryl Jones made a motion to hire a State and Federal lobbyist. However, after Chair Alva Smith raised concern about the potential cost, Mr. Jones instead asked the Superintendent to bring back information on what might it take to hire a State and Federal lobbyist.

During the persons to be heard portion of the meeting, two citizens came to speak on the issue of the Board restricting public access to LCS track fields. One individual claimed that although allowing access to the track fields during the weekend mornings was a step in the right direction, the proposal still remains too restrictive.

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  1. @ ED Smith ; This is the only thing I could find that I could understand why a School Board Member would want to attend but it took place this past June.

    June 27 – 30, 2023

    Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek (Orange County)

    For more than 90 years, the Florida Association of Counties has held an annual conference. This is the largest FAC event each year and offers an opportunity for hundreds of commissioners and county staff from across the state to come together for continuing education and critical networking. In addition to the educational sessions, this event also includes a 100+ booth educational exhibition – with exhibitors from around the country sharing cost saving tools and products with counties.

    Future Annual Conference Dates

    June 25-28, 2024 (Hilton Bonnet Creek – Orange County)
    June 24-27, 2025 (Hilton Orlando – Orange County)
    June 22-26, 2026 (Hilton Orlando – Orange County)
    June 22-25, 2027 (Hilton Orlando – Orange County)

  2. Has anyone been able to find anything about this Orange Blossom Legislative Issues Conference. A quick google search turned up zero results.

  3. I don’t know why the Leon County Tax payer has to pay Mr. Jones’ way to the Orange Blossom Legislative affairs conference. He’s on the Leon County School Board and a majority of the students in Leon county public schools are functionally illiterate. He needs to stay in Leon County and focus 100% of his efforts towards improving Leon County Schools.

    These people and their shameless sense of entitlement… someone should tail him at that conference, I guarantee you nothing he does there will have anything to do with improving students test scores in Leon County.

  4. Mr. Hawkins, correct the LCSB doesn’t have a Lobbyist. The other Board members requested more information on Jones’s proposal ….. I didn’t sense much enthusiasm. Are we creating a need- where there isn’t any ? Who’s to gain?

  5. If Mr. Jones is going there as a Moderator then, why doesn’t the people putting on the 2023 Orange Blossom Legislative Issues Conference pay his way?

    If the LCSB doesn’t already have a State and Federal Lobbyist, why do they need one now?

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