Leon County Adds Jobs in July, Unemployment Rate Ticks Up

Leon County Adds Jobs in July, Unemployment Rate Ticks Up

The latest reports show that Leon County gained 920 jobs in July. There were 159,793 people working in Leon County in July compared to last month’s revised employment number of 158,873.

The unemployment rate came in at 3.4%, up from the 3.3% reported in June. The unemployment rate was up due to a surge in people looking for work. Approximately 1,100 people joined the workforce in July.

One year ago, the July 2022 unemployment rate was 3.1%.

The Leon County Jobs Report, provided below, shows the number of people working in June 2023 was 5,088 more than in July 2022. The July 2023 labor force – those looking for jobs – came in at 165,338, which was 5,638 more than the number reported in July 2022.

The chart below shows the monthly level of jobs in Leon County over the last 37 months with a 12-month average trend line. The highlighted numbers relate to employment levels for the month of July back to 2020.

2 Responses to "Leon County Adds Jobs in July, Unemployment Rate Ticks Up"

  1. My list:

    The graphic would have a lot more meaning if it went back 4 years not just 3. As is, all it shows is a recovery from the pandemic lows. Add another year of data and the completeness of the recovery is visible at a glance.

    The Labor Participation Rate is still a better metric than the politically manipulated unemployment rate. I’d like to see both in these kinds of articles.

    I don’t have a third thing, but two items don’t make a list…..

  2. If you were to make work a requirement of receiving welfare and food stamps more people would be working. Let’s face it, the government pays too many able body people, who knowingly got themselves in a situation to qualify for welfare and food stamps, more money not to work than to work. Across the nation inner-cities are filled with low/no income families that know how to work the system for government assistance and liberal progressive democrat politicians are very happy to deliver those benefits simply in exchange for their vote. Just look at the trends…welfare has grown to a giant behemoth government give away

    Additionally, criminal charges and judgements are being lessened for inner city minorities. The U.S. DOJ asked a west coast judge for a sentence of 10 years in prison for a black man that starting a building fire that trapped and killed an innocent person while sentencing a (white) Proud Boy to 22 years in prison for his Jan 6 action.

    IMO, poverty and crime is a real money maker for too many people

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