Leon County Commission to Consider Bid Award for Concord School Building

Leon County Commission to Consider Bid Award for Concord School Building

On September 12th, the Leon County Commission will consider awarding the bid for renovations to the Concord School Building to Arris General Contractors Inc., the lowest responsible and responsive bidder, in the amount of $4,250,000. This project is being supported by the Florida Department of Commerce, a CDBG-CV (Community Development Block Grant CARES Act) program grant in the amount of $3,604,207, a $1,000,000 federal appropriation through HUD, and the County’s $850,000 share of L.I.F.E. funds. These funds will support the building’s renovations as well as furniture and technology needs.

The Concord School Building was constructed in 1940, and served as the only school for the Miccosukee area until 1958 when the property and building were donated to Leon County for public use. Since then, the building has been used as a Community Center maintained by the County for meeting space and daytime programs for the area. The Community Center also provides recreation amenities including, ball fields, basketball court and playgrounds.

In 2020 the building received new roofing, however the County decided to pursue federal grant funding in order to support the needs of the community and replace the existing Community Center.

As part of the Federal Grant requirements, a Cultural Resource Assessment Survey was conducted by a qualified firm and the result indicated that due to the building’s construction and the role it played in the Miccosukee community, the building is eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. This finding triggered requirements to preserve the building to the greatest extent feasible. This has greatly contributed to the design and scope of work.

There will be interior, exterior and site renovations done to the property. The scope of this work includes but is noted limited to, a standby generator, sidewalks for handicapped accessibility, a walking trail, a new wood events deck, handicapped accessible toilet rooms and a warming kitchen.

The construction is expected to commence in November 2023 with an estimated construction time of 11 months.

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  1. You babies wanna cry about wasting tax dollars? How about “FSU Board of Trustees OKs $116 Million for new football operations center”.

    …or did that hit too close to home? The Sacred Cow took first place again.

  2. @skeptic – The nonprofit feeding trough of relations and grifters continues. It is a revolving door. Serve a nonprofit, get elected, feed your nonprofits for votes and fleece the taxpayer. “I am just so proud.”

  3. The building that is to be renovated is already home to the Boys Club, I believe. That strongly suggests that it’s already being used as a community center so the updates should be limited to repairs and/or additional functionality.

  4. WTH……. When you Google Concord School Building, you get a Nice Big Gray House. A Lady Bashes my Research and I am given another Address. THAT Address is for a very Nice Red Brick 7500 SqFt Building and NOW, we are back to THIS small Wooden Building. You want to spend OVER $4,000,000 on THIS? This Building should not have Electricity, Plumbing, Insulation, Sheet Rock and other modern items SO please explain what the $4,000,000 is being spent on. You can build a complete new Joist, Framing and Roof for about $100,000 beside that Building, carefully remove the original Siding and other items from the original Building and reinstall it on the new Building for about $50,000 and once completed, remove what is left of the old and move the New into its place for about $25,000. You could even save a little by having Lively build the Structure and use Community Volunteers for the rest.

  5. This is insane. Government spends your money soooo irresponsibly. Each citizen alive at this moment owes $98,377 in federal debt. From an infant to retirees. $98,377 That number goes up every few minutes. Yet they keep spending. It is as bad locally as federally.

    We are way past covid and they are not recovering unspent money. They are just freaking spending it in things we DON’T need!

    CARES ACT – “The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, also known as the CARES Act, is a $2.2 trillion economic stimulus bill passed by the 116th U.S. Congress and signed into law by President Donald Trump on March 27, 2020, in response to the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States”

  6. The restoration makes a lot of our local bleeding hearts feel all warm and fuzzy that they did something for the poor people of Miccosukee. Ya’ll should know that already…

  7. What a colossal WASTE OF OUR TAX MONEY.

    Wonder how much longer I’ll have to wait before I apply for $4.2 million to “renovate” my old house?

  8. Waste of money, if the residents of Miccosukee need a community center, let them build one.
    Why are my tax dollars going for something I will never use.
    Someone tell me how many people live in Miccosukee proper, not many, less than 500 I am sure.
    They have some churches in the area that can house social events etc.

  9. , This piece is not correct. The building was constructed in 1940, every building in 1940 is not eligible for the National Register and just because a “consultant” says it is eligible for the national register doesn’t mean it is, and it “triggers” nothing in terms of compliance for its preservation.
    A nomination has to be prepared submitted and then accepted. I could hire a consultant that told me that was Uncle Toms Cabin but that don’t make it so…

    Don’t laugh, Montgomery County Maryland paid millions for a log cabin in Potomac because a CRM consultant told them it was Uncle Toms Cabin. It wasn’t until after they bought it that a local reporter pointed out to the commission that Uncle Tom’s Cabin was a work of FICTION. True story.

  10. When the restoration is completed, I’m sure the number of visitors to the school will eclipse the number of visitors to the Decatur County Landfill.

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