City Commission to Consider Agreement to Co-Locate Greyhound Transit Services

City Commission to Consider Agreement to Co-Locate Greyhound Transit Services

AT the September 13th meeting, the Tallahassee City Commission will consider authorizing the City Manager to negotiate and execute a License Agreement between StarMetro and Greyhound Lines, Inc. (GLI) for co-location and use of public amenities at C.K. Steele Plaza.

Previously, GLI approached the City of Tallahassee with a proposal to co-locate at C.K. Steele Bus Plaza. Staff worked with GLI to determine a safe, accessible and equitable way to accommodate GLI’s transportation needs without interfering with StarMetro’s existing daily public transit operations. Additionally, GLI’s use of Gates 3 & 4 and the Plaza’s public facilities will move the City closer to achieving an objective of their Strategic Plan in creating a multi-modal transportation hub at the C.K. Steele Plaza.

Historically, Greyhound has provided travel to and through Tallahassee since 1946, and it’s operation center has served as a landmark on Tennessee Street since 1968. The City of Tallahassee built the C.K. Steele Plaza 1986 for the community’s public mass transit system StarMetro, which created a transportation corridor in downtown Tallahassee. Recently, after selling their Tennessee Street property GLI reached out to the City to co-locate their bus drop-off, pick-up, sales and operations. The fiscal impact of the item is a monthly rate of $4,925 for up to sixty months with two additional terms of five years each.

Negotiations would include GLI being responsible for all cost and permits associated with pre-approved physical alterations to accommodate their vehicles and operations. GLI’s use of the property would not include vehicle maintenance, overnight parking or fueling. GLI’s monthly cost would include cost for security, utilities, facility maintenance and the use of space.

If the item should be approved, GLI projects should start at the C.K. Steele Plaza in the first quarter of 2024.

4 Responses to "City Commission to Consider Agreement to Co-Locate Greyhound Transit Services"

  1. I don’t have a problem with this. The taxpayers have already built the facility, and now GLI wants to pay the city about $60,000/year to use a corner of it. It seems like a good idea.

    When Trailways merged into Greyhound some years ago, it left forever unanswered the question, “how much does your trailways?”

  2. Why are taxpayers expected to provide a private entity accommodations to run their business? Another step backwards in the world of the inmates running the asylum.

    Only one vote away from a nationwide search for a qualified city manager. Vote Curtis out!

  3. In 1977, the Marine Corps bought me a ticket on Greyhound for travel from Tallahassee to Parris Island. It was kinda low-class travel back then.

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