Leon County Commission Adopts Resolution Declaring Climate Emergency

Leon County Commission Adopts Resolution Declaring Climate Emergency

On September 12th, the Leon County Commission voted 6-1 to adopt a resolution endorsing the declaration of a climate emergency in Leon County. The issue was presented to the Board by the youth advocacy group GenCLEO.

The resolution cites the Paris Agreement, United Nations studies and states that the U.S. has “disproportionately” contributed to the climate emergency. No other country is mentioned in the resolution.

Leon County Commissioner Brian Welch voted no without making any public comments.

The resolution incorporates all of GenCLEO’s recommendations except for creating a stand-alone Youth Advisory Committee. Staff noted that such a committee would be a duplicate of an existing stakeholder engagement.

The resolution begins with a series of statements outlining national trends of climate change. The statements focus on “vulnerable populations” culminating in a “climate emergency” and calling for mitigating action to occur as quickly as 2030.

The resolution claims that, “Anthropogenic climate change, pollution, environmental destruction, and fossil fuel extraction and use have and will continue to exacerbate systemic racial, regional, social, environmental, and economic crises by disproportionately affecting indigenous, migrant, minority, deindustrialized, and depopulated rural communities, impoverished individuals, low-income workers, women, the elderly, the unhoused, people with disabilities, and the youth.” The resolution refers to these people as the “frontline and vulnerable communities/persons”.

Additionally, the resolution states, “The United States of America has disproportionately contributed to the climate and ecological emergencies and thus bears an extraordinary responsibility to rapidly solve these crises.”

The resolution states Leon County is to direct the County Administrator to work with the existing Sustainability Staff/Department to include greenhouse gas and co-pollutant impact statements, greenhouse gas and co-pollutant reduction, and greenhouse gas drawdown statements, on all relevant agenda items before the County Commission.

Additionally, in order to support the local food justice movement and publicly owned community gardens to mitigate food scarcity, the resolution commits Leon County to acknowledge the role that global warming plays in food access and production. These gardens will be used in defense against food deserts within frontline and vulnerable communities.

The resolution directs Leon County to work with the disabled community and those in need of accommodations to devise equitable and inclusive solutions to address the climate crisis which do not jeopardize these groups of people.

Lastly, the resolution states Leon County will commit to collaborating with community partners to increase climate literacy and education in the community, including K-12 schools.

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  1. The main emergency is Leon County declaring an emergency for a non emergency. It is not far from filling a false emergency report to 911. Emergency relates to an immediately identifiable threat that can be addressed by local authorities. That would be police or fire. Threats should be a time constrained issue such as a tornado, hurricane, fire or human activities such as an automobile accident or threatening human activity or life threatening medical issue. So this Climate Emergency Declaration is total nonsense. The document offers no solutions and does nothing but proffer unsubstantiated complaints about societal ills. Furthermore, assigning g blame to only the U.S. is really specious. Currently, it is China who currently the worst polluter not the U.S. Worse, if we ditch carbon based production, how are we going to feed the third world? This document is a road plan that will lead to mass starvation of the third world poorest across the globe.

  2. The problem is that the power-mad illiberal collectivists do not like liberty… do not like so many “little people” being free to travel as they wish, certainly don’t want little people traveling rapidly, owning single-family homes and farms with a bit of organic cellulose/lignin-based sound, smell, sight barrier between the cag…, er, little people containment structures. I prefer changing weather, being from a long long line of life through snow-ball earth to the carboniferous age to the Medieval Warm to the Little Ice Age and USA founding to the blithering collectivist glaciation age. USA still short about 29M jobs, inflation still roaring.

    Moon suits for the kommissars. Seal them up so they cannot harm themselves nor others by their spewed pollution. Is it really GenCLOE or simply NoClue?

  3. The only crisis that exists is the crisis caused by corrupt, ignorant law makers who swallow the “climate change” lie. The sun is what controls the earth’s climate not cow farts or the deadly CO2 expelled from the lying mouths of politicians when they bloviate. The climate change agenda has only two purposes and they are to transfer wealth from people to corrupt companies and politicians and implement a communist type of control over the nations of the world.

  4. Unless you get places like China on board to stop spewing poo into the clouds with their coal plants, don’t bother. This will not make a dent. If it were a crisis, people would be in a panic…

  5. OMG! ?
    Are you serious? This is a vote for “feel good” from our County Commissioners who did NO research on a matter that will only put needless restrictions on our personal freedoms! How insanely ignorant and arrogant! What groups will you succumb to next!
    I’m done! No need for harassment!

  6. Weather manipulation is real. They manipulate the weather and call it a climate crisis. They create a virus and call it a deadly pandemic. They create a “vaccine” and call it a cure. They create conditions favorable to mass shootings, then want to enact more gun control laws. It’s all designed to take away our individual rights. That’s called communism.

  7. @Resident Since 1990 — “I encourage all the “Skeptics” to continue posting. You just prove that you are terrified of fearless, common-sense people, who know they are right in their beliefs.”

    I thought the common senseless lefties were insistent that we “follow the science”.

    I know that math is hard for many, but it IS the root of science…

  8. OK, a suggestion for those who believe the glaciers and polar ice melt will cause catastrophic sea level rise.

    Fill a glass with as many ice cubes as it will hold. Then fill it to 1/2″ of the brim with water. Mark that level with a felt marker. Set glass in a saucer in a warm room. After all the ice melts measure the level of water and how much water is in the saucer. Please let us “climate change skeptics” know your findings.

  9. Take a look at photos, go back as far as you can, of the Statue of Liberty showing the waterline and compare to photos from today. Consider that many major hotels and resorts are building brand new facilities in the Maldives, which stands a mere 3.5 ft. above sea level, I guess they’re not too concerned…oh, and then there’s the fact that not one of Al Gore’s movie predictions came true. We have gone from a certain “new Ice Age” prediction in the 70s to this…yet, the proponents keep using petroleum-based products, fly private, and travel in gas-powered caravans of SUVs. Local “officials” supporting this measure do much the same. Do as they say, not as they do. Utterly foolish, but what do you expect from a Democrat run community?

  10. I encourage all the “Skeptics” to continue posting. You just prove that you are terrified of fearless, common-sense people, who know they are right in their beliefs.
    You always want us common sense people to surrender to your deceptions.
    It ain’t happening.

  11. The problem here is they passed it. There was no effort to inform their constituents of this agenda except for Tallahassee Reports who was sounding the alarm last week BEFORE the vote. This kind of progressive propaganda is what is controlling our county presently. I am certainly disappointed but not surprised. We get what we get for who is representing us. Sad state of affairs!

  12. @David — Missing from all of the reporting that claim/show glaciers are shrinking, are the reports of glaciers that are growing. Sure would be nice to see ALL the data, wouldn’t it? And if the glaciers are shrinking, where has the water gone?

    Consumer alert — the following explanation contains math. If that hurts your brain, look away.

    The radius of the Earth (at the Equator) is 3,963 miles.
    Surface area is computed as 4*Pi*(radius squared).
    The math tells us that the total surface area is just under 200,000,000 square miles.

    70% of the earth’s surface is ocean/water (140,000,000 sq/ms), only 30% is land (60,000,000).

    To raise the water level just one foot, and ignoring the additional “spill over” that will be needed to flood to low levels near the sea, will require the melting of 26,500 cubic MILES of ice. Claims that the seas will rise 3 feet will require 80,000 cubic miles of ice. Raising the sea level 10 feet will require more than a quarter of a million cubic miles of ice.

    There’s a reason that I’m “A Skeptic”. I can do math…

  13. The commissioners cannot stop the rise in crime, but they think they can control the weather from Leon County. They cannot manage the budget. They cannot manage the homeless problem. Their attempts to fix the homeless problem has destroyed property values off West Pensacola. Just like with the crime problem, they seem clueless about the root cause like acknowledging that China, India and Russia are the planets biggest polluters and they are not going to change. These guys just want to get rich and rise up in the Democrat Party Hierarchy. Now all we have to do is convince the everyday mask wearer, that do doesn’t even cover his/her nose, who is dependent on Government Support, not to vote for them.

  14. I remember back in the 6th Grade (71/72) we were told that the Rain Forest would be GONE in 10 Years, The Ozone Layer would be GONE in 10 Years, the North Pole would be GONE in 20 Years, Oil would be GONE in 20 Years, South Florida would be under water in 25 Years due to sea level rising, etc, etc, etc,

    The Ozone Layer has repaired itself and none of the other things have happened YET. The US has enough Oil to last us another 200 Years or MORE. Yes, the North Pole Ice is melting BUT only because their has been Volcanoes under Antarctica spewing Lava NOT because of Pollution.

  15. Photo evidence shows that the change is sea level over the last 100 years is imperceptible to the eye, but we’re in danger of the coastlines being flooded due to climate change.

    The climate change scam started more than 100 years ago. With only slight changes in terminology, it continue to shout, “the sky is falling”. Apparently chicken little thinks that the sky has mass and will fill the oceans.

    Since the Civil War, more than 100 hurricanes are known to have hit the U.S. But this last one was due to climate change.

    This current administration has spent many billions of our dollars chasing the climate change lie, but rest easy as Al Gore’s “inconvenient lie” did earn him many millions of dollars by feeding rubbish to followers.

  16. Ah, this takes me back to my teen years in the 1970s, when these same sorts of idiots had me out protesting Global Cooling. My dad laughed when I gave him the Greta grimace and told him we had to shut down our economy or the world would freeze. Freezing or boiling, that’s always the only option offered.

    So, these idiots want to help the “vulnerable populations” by making things like food, gas, and electricity too expensive for them to afford. Well, have mercy, I remember waiting for the bus all day. No thanks! I’ll believe when the County Commissioners ditch their cars and start riding the bus! Cut the AC and heaters off at the Courthouse! Show us how it’s done! It’s an EMERGENCY!!

  17. The climate changes at my house on a nearly constant basis as a result of two scientific realities.

    1. Menopause
    2. Thermostat

    In fact, I can feel my globes warming right now… oh wait, that’s just the heated seats in my F-250… never mind.

  18. Just got finished bouncing on my boys “booster shot” and was able to hop off for a second to levy my support for this incredibly necessary climate resolution. Praise Allah!!
    Drink fluoride!!!!

  19. I wish to thank all the Marxist Climate Cultists who posted here and their fellow cultists on the Leon County Commission and who addressed the county commissioners. I appreciate how open you lot are in preaching and sharing with us your idolatry and religious fervor. It illustrates the chasm in our culture between the sane folks and the insane climate cultists. You cannot share a country with an insane cult like this, which has taken over every institution.

  20. This is the perfect thing for the county commission to vote on – it costs them nothing, means nothing and will do nothing. However, it allows them to show everybody how much they care, thus enabling them to feel good about themselves. And with respect to the climate “non-deniers,” we live in Florida where it always gets hot in the summer and less so in the winter. Some silly resolution isn’t going to change that.

  21. This resolution has been years in the making! As an FSU alum and genCLEO member in Tallahassee, I have witnessed some of the work that has been taking place to ensure that Leon County takes measures to safeguard the futures of many in this new lived reality we are in. This summer alone, we have experiences record breaking temperatures worldwide. The resolution, although not imposing any direct mandates, is a fantastic step in the right direction to ensure that Tallahassee, and ALL of Leon County, remains a safe and livable place for everyone as we deal with the impacts of a changing climate.

    To those on here that deny the validity to any of this, I invite you to consider the positives of what this resolution can bring to your children, your students, and/or your families. What kind of future would you like to leave behind you? One where your kids can grow up safely and have families of their own? Or one where struggle against the damaging effects of a heating climate is the norm?

    Major congratulations are in order for the Tallahassee youth taking charge! Tally genCLEO, WE ARE SO HAPPY AND EXCITED FOR YOU ! This is only the beginning<3

  22. So glad to hear it. It’s about time government heard what the people what wanted and needed!! Love it hope the same can happen to Miami!! ????

  23. This is an amazing initiative and i admire that it was written by youth. It is very telling that the genCLEO members are worried enough about the world they are inheriting to get involved in local government. We should be uplifting our youth’s voices and supporting them, because climate change is a big, worldwide issue, that grows more concerning every day.

  24. How incredibly stoopid. They have lied very well to the Zoomers. They believe all that gwobal waming nonsense. its a huge scam.

  25. The Climate Change resolution is the latest Democratic Party meeting agenda topic whereas they are instructing their lemmings to project this as their “platform” as the race card, gender nonsense, and the economy are no longer working for them — and they have nothing. Shame on the feckless elected officials who follow this ridiculousness and it starts by the silly resolutions. To the few on here who seem to be falling for this, here is a suggestion…WAKE-UP!!

  26. “The United States of America has disproportionately contributed to the climate and ecological emergencies and thus bears an extraordinary responsibility to rapidly solve these crises.”

    In doing so, the U.S. also raised economies and standards of living around the world. So let’s take this to its logical conclusion and ask when all of these other countries are going to repay us for their gains.

  27. So just to clarify:
    Some of you are angry that local teens and young adults want a county level entity to formally recognize that climate change is a real problem. This declaration does not promise funding, it does not directly change anything you do, and it is the result of citizens expressing concern about the future of this community. What are you so upset about?!
    As far as county level things go it is meaningful while still putting no demands on you. You’re desire to create controversy and fight something as common sense as this does not represent Leon county. The devastating impact of climate change shouldn’t be a partisan issue. It is our reality. No one rich enough to gain from climate change denial is reading this article. Which means everyone who feels fighting this declaration is somehow of benefit to them is really not grasping the situation. Or reality.
    Can we please act like the community we are are capable of being? Can we please listen to and respect the efforts of GenCLEO students? Because they have a lot to teach us. Not just about the environment but about working together towards a better future.

  28. Every one of these resolutions will have benefits in addition to climate. I want more sidewalks and public transit, cheaper cleaner electricity, and protection from heat waves.
    Climate change is real and these youth activists are the ones who will be feeling it long after we’re gone, it’s time we start listening to them.

  29. This is AMAZING. About time the county finally did something and stopped hiding behind the city’s clean energy plan. It only took devastating hurricanes, rise of food insecurity, and deadly heat to make it happen.

  30. Watch for this. People at the county level are working on ways they personally can profit from this climate change nonsense just like the folks at the federal level have been doing for years.

    Always ask yourself, why are people even doing this or raising this as an issue or concern? Most of the time it’s about money.

    Unfortunately, it’s normally at the expense of the hard-working tax payers.

  31. (insert sarcasm here) I just want to thank the un-educated, low-information, mask wearing, nincompoop voter, that is completely dependent on taxpayer dollars, for voting for the Leon County Idiot Commissioners.

    This is what happens when you let stupid people vote. This is what happens when you let people that do not pay taxes vote.

    The National News Desk reported this morning, that there are more working age males not working today than when the Great Depression was occurring. They attributed this to the fact that Government pays more to not work than to work. In some states, a Family of 4 receives $100,000.00 in benefits each year. That is why they do not work and why they vote Democrat.

    Last week, I witnessed firsthand, a person buy Alaskan King Crab Legs at Harvey’s with an EBT Card. If you are struggling to make ends meet, maybe a couple pounds of hamburger would go further than $50 worth of King Crab.

    Democrats get elected/reelected by taking your hard-earned money and giving it to lazy, 5th generation, welfare dependent people and really stupid people that believe in being able to control the climate.

    The Book of Revelations is being fulfilled. Too bad Democrats/Progressives/Liberal are not Christ Followers. The Lake of Sulfur awaits them.

  32. How about if the elected officials self-report themselves to The Climate police as taking bribes from the bundled contributions contributors whereby they have foregone environmental regulations and rules and are self-reporting themselves and the bundlers as the largest group of environmental terrorists. Problem solved.

  33. What?!? Are they taking the advice of Greta Thunberg?

    We need new leadership, and not progressives. I am so disappointed in Matlow and Porter.

  34. It’s been awhile since I have read such blithering hogwash as this. Has anyone noticed that these ‘climate nazis’ have been going on and on about how things are with the weather…that’s right…weather and the taxes that have been extracted from you and I have not helped one bit. If you believe them, it’s gotten worse. Yes…worse since that started ramping up their ‘climate change’ solutions.

  35. Hog Wash, anyone who has traveled the world, knows that we are one of the cleanest nations on earth.
    China, India, Pakistan, all of South America, Central America are far dirtier than the US, been there, seen it with my own eyes.
    And wtf is the food justice movement, grow a garden in your yard, get some chickens.
    The climate has always changed, and will forever.
    If the county commission has any sense, they will kick this to the curb.

  36. @ Little Flower = Didn’t the US send most of our Manufacturing over to China a LONG Long time ago? Trump WAS getting them back but Biden sent them back to China and India and Mexico. SO, shouldn’t China pick up a larger portion of that Tab?

  37. First: WTH are you talking about?
    Second: How is it that you can make everything about RACE?

    “The United States of America has disproportionately contributed to the climate and ecological emergencies and thus bears an extraordinary responsibility to rapidly solve these crises.”

    Hmmmm, isn’t our Government is already spending $BILLIONS on Climate Change? The County (or City) doesn’t have the Money to spend on what YOU think they should spend it on.

    The resolution claims that, “Anthropogenic climate change, pollution, environmental destruction, and fossil fuel extraction”
    Hmmm, Pollution: Must be talking about Vehicles because there are not really any major Manufacturing Plants around here. Fuel Extraction: Not happening any where around here that I know of. Environmental Destruction: OK, we have Development’s BUT, we have MORE Trees NOW then we did 30, 40 Years ago and they are working on Central Sewer but, not as fast as I would like.

  38. “Additionally, the resolution states, “The United States of America has disproportionately contributed to the climate and ecological emergencies and thus bears an extraordinary responsibility to rapidly solve these crises.””

    Have you ever heard of the country of China? You may want to look into their contributions to this “climate emergency”. You may also want to look into how they may benefit from the solutions to this “crisis”.

    Tallahassee/Leon County must have a reputation with GenCLOE of being either gullible or self-loathing or both. We will soon find out if they are right.

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