Amazon Hosts Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Amazon Hosts Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

On September 14, the Amazon Tallahassee Robotics Fulfillment Center held its grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony. This facility is just the sixth Amazon Fulfillment Center to launch in Florida, is almost the size of 11 football fields and took more than 20,000 tons of steel to build.

There are more than 1,000 Amazon employees who work alongside hundreds of robots who pick, pack and ship customer orders every day. The average hourly pay at Amazon is $19 an hour. Amazon also offers benefits to support employees including, 20-week paid parental leave and Amazon’s Career Choice program which funds tuition for courses in high-demand fields. In addition, full-time employees receive a full benefits package that includes, health, vision and dental insurance along with a retirement savings plan. 

General manager of the Fulfillment Center Kimberly Price noted Amazon’s commitment to investment in the community, stating, “With the creation of over 1,000 new jobs for Leon County, we’re striving to empower individuals, fortify families and enrich our local fabric. This deep connection to our community is also a part of our culture here at TLH2 (Amazon Fulfullment Center).”

Vice Chair of the County Commission Carolyn Cummings expressed her delight to take part of the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Fulfillment Center and the satisfaction of the positive role Amazon has played within the Leon County Community. She stated, “As we cut this ribbon today, we do so with immense pride and a sense of responsibility. We understand that Amazon’s presence in our community comes with expectations, expectations of excellence, expectations of sustainability, and expectations of giving back to the community. Together, we will shape the future of e-commerce and technology, together we will create new opportunities, and together we will build a stronger, more vibrant, Leon County.”

Mayor John Daily followed suit stating, “Together we’re shaping a brighter future for Tallahassee and I’m excited to witness this positive transformation and everything that lies ahead for Tallahassee/Leon County.”

Lastly, Amazon’s Global Director of Career Choice Tammy Thieman explained that through Amazon’s Career Choice Program, eligible employees are offered pre-paid education and skills training opportunities. Employees may earn certificates and industry skills whether or not those skills relate to Amazon. She stated, “The opportunities range from earning a high school diploma, a GED, taking English proficiency classes, earning industry certifications or a four-year degree.” She then announced that FSU, FAMU and TCC have all joined as Amazon’s newest Career Choice partners.

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  1. I’m with matt.
    Who? Where? When? What? Why? How?
    Ahh, director of meaningless gobbledygoop without obligations to produce value.
    2635 Vineland Dr, Tallahassee, Fl, 32308 = 30.488149N, 84.168145W

    $19/h (which would be $38K/y in full-time long-term career work, but about $10K-$19K/y in contingent coolie gig-world) is better than the county financials said they were paying for mid-career computer wranglers back in 1990s while shouting “shortage!”… a lot of geometrically worsening Clinton, Shrub, Obummer, BiteMe, Boehner, Pelosi price inflation ago.

  2. “An investigation from the New York Times found that, among hourly employees, Amazon’s turnover was approximately 150 percent annually, while work from the Wall Street Journal and National Employment Law Project have both found turnover to be around 100 percent in warehouses — double the industry average.Oct 21, 2022”

  3. With average pay less than $40,000.00/year, Amazon offers great after school, going to college, jobs or retirement no-brainer jobs. Unless, the liberal government can steal from the rich and give to the poor to provide “affordable housing”.

  4. Now, watch all the People living in those Subdivisions by the Interstate Exchange start complaining about the Traffic and the Noise.

    Starting at $19 and Hour is awesome, it is much needed.

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