The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, September 22

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, September 22

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Members of Tallahassee’s Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency voted Thursday to allocate nearly $1.8 million to the SOMO Walls southside project.

Recent public comments at local government meetings shed light on a number of local issues. Get the details.


What could be the deciding factors in the FSU-Clemson game? Get a preview of the and a prediction on the outcome.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis appointed Chad Mizelle to serve on the Florida Elections Commission. Mizelle served numerous federal roles under former President Donald Trump. Mizelle is the chief legal officer of Affinity Partners, a Miami-headquartered global investment firm founded by Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, whom Trump placed in charge of brokering peace in the Middle East.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis likens southern border enforcement to the war against Al-Qaeda. He recalled that when in the Middle East, it was nearly impossible to determine if a fighting-aged male was a friend or foe. “So, you had to make a determination. Can you positively identify somebody as hostile through either hostile action or hostile intent? And then you do it the same way anyone would do that, even in the United States,” DeSantis added. “So, you will do that. We’ll be collecting intelligence.”

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Wilton Simpson announced that $750,000 in green-infrastructure grant money is now available to local governments, nonprofits, schools and Native American tribes. The grants include funding for planting trees, swapping invasive trees for native species and current tree preservation.

What is likely to become Tropical Storm Ophelia is sitting just off the coast of South Florida Thursday afternoon. It is currently a non-tropical area of low pressure but over the next twenty-four hours as it moves north, it is forecast to become Tropical Storm Ophelia. The track of the storm is moving north toward the Carolinas but may allow drier air to move into South Florida.


The 6-6 Florida State Volleyball team begins ACC play with two road matches this weekend, facing Virginia Tech on Friday at 6 p.m. and Wake Forest on Sunday at 1 p.m. Both contests will air on ACC Network Extra.

Florida State football travels to take on the Clemson Tigers tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. on ABC. The game can also be heard on 94.9 TNT.


4 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, September 22"

  1. The business man’s bank deemed him a bad risk and denied his loan. Yet the commission will give him all he wants of taxpayer money. Just another good F’n for the taxpayers. If it was a sure bet, the commission would have invested some of their own money.

  2. $1.8 million to SOMO a source of significant campaign contributions to the Mayor, Richardson, and DWC… similar to the million dollars to the restaurant owner / former mayor’s lover… another day different characters but the same result. Perfect example of Enterprise Kickback AKA City Hall. This is why Tallahassee is an embarrassment riddled with crime. FBI, please, please save us from this. THESE ARE TAXPAYERS DOLLARS!! And Reese Goad, the city manager, says nothing….

    Hopefully, FDLE will give this a proper investigation regarding the possible sunshine violation between Mayor DAILEY and Commissioner Curtis Richardson. Have Faith… FDLE is under the leadership of the Best Governor in America. There is Hope.

  3. Looks terrible for Curtis. He probably dipped out to minimize risk because he’s the one up for election next year. On a plane during the meeting, avoiding the Sunshine conversation and shows up to vote? Odd.

  4. So, Matlow calls Curtis a criminal, and Richardson doesn’t have the stones to show up and shut the old boy up? Maybe he is a criminal… either way its bad.

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