The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Monday, September 25

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Monday, September 25

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Developing Story: At approximately 2:30 a.m., officers responded to a residential burglary in progress, however, due to the nature of this incident, TPD’s Tactical Apprehension and Control Team (TAC) has responded to the scene. At this time, and out of an abundance of caution, residents in the Sandpiper Street, Meriadoc Road, and Tharpe Street areas are urged to stay inside of their homes as law enforcement works to apprehend the suspects.

In letter to the Blueprint IA, Florida A&M University President Larry Robinson has requested $15 million to help with renovations to Bragg Memorial Stadium. The request was made public at the Thursday meeting of the Blueprint IA.


A Leon County man was arrested last week and was accused of aggravated assault and false imprisonment. The man allegedly zip-tied the a victim after a fight and the victim was held against his will for hours in a car. The victim was eventually left at a business near the 2600 block of Apalachee Parkway.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said he is being attacked by the Right and the Left during an interview with Mark Levin last week. He said that “they want to keep the status quo.” “Everything I said I would do as governor, I have delivered, and these are big wins on illegal immigration, on education, on the economy, on reducing our debt, on and on down the line, things that really, really matter to Floridians and to conservatives nationally,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis, in another interview with Glenn Beck, said he does not think Republicans are courageous enough to stand up to CRT for fear of being labeled racist. “And what I said is, ‘You know what I have the confidence to be able to let people know what I actually did, let them know what we’re trying to fight against and let the chips fall where they may’ and you know what, people sided with me,” DeSantis said.

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Wilton Simpson and the Florida Department of Agriculture recently announced the seizure of 1,700 illegal hemp, THC-O and mushroom products. FDACS also brought criminal charges following an investigation that uncovered the products at a store in North Miami Beach. The crackdown comes as a result of new legislation passed by Florida lawmakers earlier this year allowing for additional crackdowns on illegal hemp sales.


After Florida State football survived an overtime win on the road at Clemson for the first time since 2014, FAMU football also won their game with a 23-10 win over Alabama State.

Florida State soccer technically remains undefeated after a buzzer-beater goal from Mimi Van Zanten caused FSU to tie the North Carolina Tar Heels on Sunday afternoon. Florida State will return home after three straight road matches for a Friday evening battle with Miami. First kick is set for 7 p.m. and is available to stream on ACC Network Extra.


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11 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Monday, September 25"

  1. The crime rate will only get worse until Law Enforcement is allowed to take the gloves off and do their job! Plus, the State Attorney’s office need to prosecute crime to the fullest and quit the sweet plea deals, putting criminals back in the streets.

  2. Until the “powers to be” are compelled to fight crime, nothing is going to get better.
    Until fathers are forced to provide support for their children, many more youth are going to grow up on the streets living a life of crime.
    Until working for a living provides a better life than Welfare, more children will be born into fatherless homes leaving the streets to raise another generation of criminals.
    Until criminal convictions come with a enough penalty to deter recidivism, criminals will continue with their life of crime.
    Look at the recent horrific crimes: shootings at Time Saver convenience store. All the laws on the books didn’t deter a Convicted Felon from getting a AR pistol and shooting a person. The only thing that convict knows is prison and being held at gunpoint by a cop. All the vocational training in the world will not save a dis-functional person like him.
    And how about the two Las Vegas youth that filmed themselves running over a man on a bike then posted the film on social media? They were 18 and 16 years old. No remorse when they boasted they would be back on the streets in 48 hours.
    But what do the “powers to be” do…,throw money at the problem, tell the criminals it isn’t their fault and use words like systemic racism to shift the blame away from the very group responsible.
    Democrats will never take a tough stance on criminals. Today, a small Havana convenience store was damage with a “smash and grab” robbery. If they catch the criminal, he will be released within 48 hours and a couple years from now he’ll get probation. This is our future.
    You Voted For This!

  3. TR – I see some readers are grumbling against the sports segments. I would like to see a “This day in history” segment. That’s my unsolicited opinion.

    On another note, I don’t want a city lockdown. I want a violent criminal lockdown. I want Tallahassee to be a city where law abiding citizens have complete freedom of movement and the violent criminals are restricted.

  4. The hell with this Blueprint feeding trough. We gave FSU $25 million last year and 2 weeks ago FSU said they were about to invest $125 million in more stadium renovations and upgrades.


  5. What about a city lock down due to crime? I am from Minneapolis and the City does that when violence gets too high. Solves the problem fast.

  6. @Snidely — “soccer”? You misspelled “basketball”! 😉

    @David — The “days off” are something of a red herring. Schools have the same number of “teaching” days, they just shorten the summer vacation period to extend the school year. On one hand, I agree that taking a day off 3 weeks after school started is asinine. But it doesn’t really impact the number of school hours that the kids will have. We need a better understanding of why the kids aren’t performing at grade level and address that!

  7. @ NE Moderate = I have been thinking for several Years now that, maybe we should have an Elected Police Chief like we have an Elected Sheriff.

    ” due to the nature of this incident, TPD’s Tactical Apprehension and Control Team (TAC) has responded to the scene” …………… Why not Train all Officers to handle all situations and have 6 to 8 specially Trained Officers for SWAT.

  8. Education is one of the things that really, really matter to Floridians. with the Kids unable to Read at Grade Level, do Math at Grade Level and many other things at Grade Level, WHY did Leon County close the Schools today, Just because it’s the First Day of FALL? REALLY? You need to stop with the Special Days off and the Half Days until the Grades get UP to where they need to be. I am also starting to believe in ending all Sports and other School Contests until the Grades are up as well.

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