The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Wednesday, September 27

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Wednesday, September 27

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On September 27, the Tallahassee City Commission will consider a staff report related to the City-owned portion of the Welaunee Toe-East property. The report provides information about conservation easements and open spaces on the property.


A Tallahassee man was charged with attempted murder after stabbing his neighbor Sunday during an argument. Michael Kane admitted to officers that he stabbed his neighbor, but he said it was in self defense and “to save his life.” It all stemmed from an argument just before 2 p.m. Sunday at a residence in the northwest end of the capital city near San Luis Mission Park.

A jury found 45-year-old Bryon Massey guilty of murder Friday, more than six years after a woman was found stabbed to death in the Ochlockonee River Wildlife Management Area. Massey was convicted of second-degree murder in the January 2017 death of Tiffany Nance.


Hurricane Idalia caused more than $34 million in damages for shellfish processors and other in the aquaculture industry. Simpson said in a statement that aquaculture is the “most diverse agribusiness” and that it suffered a “hard hit.”

A two-week federal trial over Florida’s congressional redistricting effort from last year began on Tuesday. The DeSantis administration is facing a lawsuit from groups like Black Voters Matter and the League of Women voters who have asserted that black voters are being discriminated against.


Florida State women’s basketball released its full 2023-24 schedule, which includes an 18-game conference slate that begins on Friday, Dec. 29, at 2 p.m. vs. Georgia Tech at the Donald L. Tucker Center. The Seminoles, ranked 15th in ESPNW’s most updated way-too-early-poll, host nine home games in conference play.


8 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Wednesday, September 27"

  1. Mike is one of the most honorable and peaceful folks I’ve ever known. She must have really threatened him because this is totally out of character for him. I’m praying this gets figured out by the State of Florida and time served.

  2. We already have a law against murder, felons having a firearm, robbery, and selling drugs. In fact, I think there are about 275,000 laws that govern the conduct of citizens. What we have is a black community that provides for the vast majority of crime. Not just in our community, but across the Country.

    Every day, in just Leon County alone, dozens of black people are arrested for well know violations of the law. They don’t care. It is a way of life. Democrats want you to believe is only the community swimming pool was left open longer or if every inmate had a laptop or maybe if we only built a $600,000.00 bus stop in a predominate black part of town, crime would decrease.

    What you can take to the bank is our local politicians will invest more money in those that do not pay taxes than those that do. Our local politicians will invest in more in those that commit crimes than those who are victims. What you can take to the bank is our local politicians will invest in The Green New Deal to include millions on electric buses.

    It is time to take back control of our community. Now there are plenty of white criminals. But if you want to stomp out the biggest problem, deal with the black community. Do you really want to shop or visit the southside (NOMO SOMO Wall)?

    Statistically speaking, what race fills our prisons? What race consumes most of the welfare benefits, what race has the most children out of wedlock dependent on welfare, what race is filling illegal gangs? Stop sugar coating the problem and calling it “systemic racism”. The problems in the black community are a chosen way of life.

    The reality of the problem is your 2023 property taxes will increase so local politicians can throw more money at a problem they have no intention of solving. When you want to defund the police, have community policing, take every police action to a grand jury you are promoting more crime.

    What told a 25-year-old black felon that he could commit armed robbery then shoot a cop while trying to escape?

    What told a 21-year-old black felon, in Quincy, that he could enter a home and try and shoot the owner?

    What told two black gang members they could kill two people at a convenance store?

    Someone told them it was okay to commit a crime in our local area.

    The demise of our Country will be from Democrat rule.

  3. I have the best neighbors anyone could ever ask for. I’m fairly certain I don’t have to worry about getting stabbed by one of them.

    Tallahassee has become a dangerous place thanks to the people running it. They need to be replaced the first chance we get, I’m tired of being fully strapped every place I go.

    I never needed to before, nor do I now have the desire to be fully armed whenever I leave my house. Having said that, only a fool would stop at a Circle K in this town without an assault rifle. It sucks, it’s a pain in the you know where and it needs to come to a screeching halt. There are five people at fault starting with the mayor, and they all have to go.

    Throw the bums out! All of them, I wouldn’t kick a hog in the backside for any of them.

  4. I knew Mike for a couple of years. Peaceful Veteran. She did something to instigate this. 7 years of aggravating. Disabled. It probably took all he could to do it. As an ex combat Vet. He could’ve ended her, but he didn’t.

  5. Welaunee… and the winner is the development with the most fines for environmental infractions. This should be a new category at the Chamber Bots yearly nonsense convention.

  6. Gun control is working. Notice….fewer locals being shot this week.
    But wait, cutting people up is on the rise — a new modus operandi ? Works for me.

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