The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Monday, October 2

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Monday, October 2

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Two southbound lanes of Capital Circle NE near Mahan Rd. are closed after a sewage force main break, according to city officials.

Late last week investigators determined that one man is the suspect for two home invasions in west Tallahassee. They both took place last Monday morning. A young man was shot at a home in the 4600 block of Cypress Point Road, and then a TPD officer was shot while responding to a separate home invasion on the 2300 block of Sandpiper Street. LCSO has charged the suspect with two counts of Attempted Murder, one count of Burglary of a Residence with Battery, and one count of Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon. Those are in addition to the charges he faces for the officer shooting.


Tallahassee Community College is holding three town halls related to renaming the college.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis used his time at a California GOP convention to take shots at former President Donald Trump. DeSantis referred to Trump as “one of my residents” saying that he wished that “if he was the one that turned Florida red, that he wouldn’t have turned Georgia and Arizona blue.”

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office concluded an investigation that lead to the arrest of three Disney employees and two illegal aliens. It was a weeks-long undercover human trafficking investigation that involved 21 victims. Eighteen suspects were from other states.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announces the appointment of nine people to the Space Florida Board of Directors including Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nunez as board chair. The appointments are subject to confirmation by the Florida Senate, which will likely be a measure considered in the new Florida legislative session.

Former DeSantis press secretary and now DeSantis campaign official Christian Pushaw took to Twitter where she called out former President Trump for “going back to his roots as a Democrat.” Pushaw said DeSantis needed a “good performance this quarter that is better than the other candidates in the race.”


Florida State soccer continues their undefeated season with a 2-0 win over the Miami Hurricanes Friday night. This is the Seminoles’ fourth straight win over the Hurricanes and their 13th win over a team from the state of Florida.

FAMU football defeated Mississippi Valley State Saturday night 31-7. FAMU held a halftime 10-7 lead but pulled away I the second half to only have their lone loss to the USF Bulls earlier this year. The Rattlers are still in 1st place in their division of the SWAC.


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  1. If you need more proof that Tallahassee is full of crap, I don’t know what to tell ya… and why stop at three town halls? Let’s go for six and get a really good name like Placemaker U.

    The more I look around, the more convinced I am that there is one omnipotent being in charge of everything and they just keep Tallahassee around for their personal amusement when things get slow in the universe. “Hey Maude, come look what those idiots in T-town are doing – less than half the students can spell TCC, so they’re going to change the name…”

  2. Lol. The city cut into the major sewage lines when they were building the retention pond on Richardson, causing toilet blowouts. They had no idea where the sewer lines were located. Come to find out, the sewer lines hadn’t been inspected in almost two decades. If I m not mistaken, when I looked into it, the money budgeted to do this kind of thing were continually deferred or cut.

  3. @David — I was looking for the closest “visible” retention pond in the area and it appeared to be the pond I mentioned.

    The treetops in that area you’ve pointed out suggest mostly Oak and/or Magnolia. Those trees don’t typically like having the trunk base submerged so if this is the area they’re talking about, all bets are off. It looks to be significantly larger than the other retention pond but appears to be no more than a low spot that’s prone to flooding.

    I’d blame the reporter for the confusion, but Steve’s been under the weather so we should cut him some slack. 🙂

    Oh. And my reference to Megginnis Arm earlier obviously should have stated that it was part of Lake Jackson. Rereading my post it looked like it implied that it was part of Lake Munson.

  4. Sewage
    Waste Pro Rates
    All rising because of three commissioners,
    Dailey, Williams-Cox and Richardson

    We have to stop voting for people that don’t put the constituents of Tallahassee first.

  5. @ Skeptic = I now see where it was, looks like we both might be wrong on the Pond location. The blow out is in front of the old Pizza Hut & Porter Paints. Using Google Maps, I think there might be a Tree Filled Pond behind the Desloge Home Oxygen Building. That would be a LOT closer and the are a lot of Houses right there too. Either way, if either of those 3 Ponds were filled from an underground Spill, look for a lot of Ground Collapsing coming soo in the area.

  6. The closest retention pond to the FSU credit union is across the street, behind the Publix. It’s about 50’x100′, so the surface area is about 5,000 sq ft. Raising that 2 feet requires more than 10,000 cubic feet. More than 80,000 gallons when you consider the shoreline tapering.

    And we have no idea how many gallons were really lost or how much of it flowed into that pond and stayed there. Basic math “proves” it to be at least a 6-figure number.

    This should be “interesting”. Tallahassee has a history of sewage spills that disappear from the news in a day. We know that Lake Munson is a mess and that at least 1 significant sewage spill is responsible. I wonder how many people realize that the Megginnis Arm portion of the lake is some of the deepest water in the lake and that it’s due to the dredging/digging that was done after a major sewage spill some decades ago?

  7. Soon.. A sewage spill coming near you!

    One vote holdout for a new city manager… do voters keep Curtis and continue to keep the present city manager and more sewage spills or do voters vote out Curtis so we can have a new city manager who can manage the sewer system?

  8. ANOTHER Sewage Spill…..
    “he noticed the retaining pond had risen two feet and smelled like sewage.”
    That is a BIG Retaining Pond, two feet is probably over a Million Gallons.

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