Local Progressives Target School Board Member Laurie Cox

Local Progressives Target School Board Member Laurie Cox

Local elections are over a year away, however local progressives have signaled they will target Leon County School Board member Laurie Cox during the 2024 cycle.

Max Herrle, a campaign consultant who has been allied with the local progressive movement – which is led by City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow and City Commissioner Jack Porter – tweeted on Wednesday that “we are looking for a Democrat to run for Schoolboard against Moms for Liberty Laurie Lawson Cox….”

Cox – a former school teacher – was elected in the 2022 cycle to the unexpired term of Dee Dee Rasmussen who resigned.  Cox beat Alex Stemle with 54.16% of the vote. The seat is on the ballot in 2024.

Herrle stated in the tweet that Cox “has been a danger to our kids here in Leon County with her extreme anti-gay agenda.” He added, “If you live in this region, Please reach out! This is a 10%+ Democratic advantage seat.”

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  1. In this thread Laurie Cox is both:

    …a closet liberal pushing the LGBTQ agenda


    …promoting the right-wing hate machine and the DeSantis agenda

    That’s how you know she’s a common sense leader doing her best to make decisions that are best for children and families that she’s served for nearly 4 decades.

    Don’t believe any of this nonsense. Laurie is a sensible leader who will protect the rights of parents to raise their children and promote quality education for all students – including the less fortunate who are struggling with their own personal questions.

    If you don’t know anything about the elected official you’re commenting about, please refrain from the highly personalized attacks. It says far more about you than about the person you’re attacking.

  2. Why are these perverted and progressively-Marxist Democrats so obsessed with having sex with children?

    The lgbtqPedo people target children because moral and rational adults with fully developed minds cannot be swayed to join their mentally disturbed cult of Epstein’esque pedo pervs… so in order to build their twisted cult membership and feed their immoral and unconscionable lusts, they must target the young impressionable and undeveloped minds of children.

    These are evil people and evil times… and neither history nor God will look kindly upon a society that allows this to happen to the most vulnerable among them; their children.

    May God bless us and help us protect our children from the evil intent of the lqbtqPedo monsters.

  3. Now that’s rich! Way too many students graduate without a competent knowledge of Math, English and basic Science. Instead of taking time to ensure students get a proper education, Herrle, Porter and Matlow want to exasperate the FAILED school day teaching Gender Pretender Fiction 101.

  4. The biggest elephant in this blog is the fact that Rocky and Cox are connected. You cant be for one and not the other. Look at the contributions, the hosts for campaign kickoffs, the retaliatory politics and political favors used to stifle both sides of the isle. Sussie Gym Socks and Rocky Horror show both gotta go imo.

  5. @LEM — you have it quite backwards. It’s the alphabet community that is promoting their own self interest above everybody else.

  6. Laurie in a very difficult position politically. She will almost certainly lose regardless of what anyone listed in this story does

  7. “Beat a young moderate conservative in the last election”

    The Leon County School Board avoided an undesirable more than you know. Count your blessings.

  8. Cox pledged on the campaign trail to vote against the LBGTQ guide if elected- Steve was the one who asked her. When that time came and it was up for a vote she supported and voted to keep the guide. No thank you. Keep your Cox away from our kids.

  9. Our local elections are rigged. Took the closet democrat Cox 400k in PAC dollars, a bully campaign flyer full of lies, and a fake Desantis endorsement to beat a young moderate conservative in the last election. She is and was supported by the same progressives supporting Rocky Hanna. Wake up Leon County you are being played again! I wouldn’t vote for her or the candidate Herrle is searching for. We need school leaders who are not corrupted by the Tallahassee good ole boy system and in it for more than health care during retirement. We can do better Tallahassee. Don’t re-elect a parrot candidate again.

  10. Hmm…Democratic advantage? Yet, Ms Cox easily sailed to victory and will again.

    Will her opponent have decapitated Barbie heads for earrings or be wearing a unicorn costume? Let’s just go ahead and congratulate Laurie on her win now.

  11. Obviously Progressives are Atheists. The Bible is very clear what God will do to those that harm Children. Did Jacqueline Porter copy that? How about Pizza Boy? Eternity is a very long time.

  12. Since Mrs. Cox is the only one on the school board that isn’t bat sheet crazy, Herrle has made it his mission to get rid of her. We can’t have any voices of reason, everyone has to be nuts or they have to go.

    Tallahassee has turned into a corrupt little feast of snakes.

  13. Sadly, Moms for Liberty neglects the compassion for all our children and perpetuates the myths that kids and parents of the LGBTQ+ community are not a part of the school community. Laurie was a great teacher but has gotten swept up in the hate agenda. LCS could help families navigate the social emotional components of children’s lives without fearmongering and spreading prejudice. What happened to schools being safe spaces?

  14. I would rather step barefoot in a pile of dog crap than to believe or read about anything Max Herrle has to say. He did Nothing when he lobbied for Summerbrook or Killearn in front of Blueprint IA. His efforts were counterproductive. His collegiality with blueprint staff and Pingree should disturb EVERYONE.

  15. Max is looking for a candidate to go after your kiddies genetals.
    Uhhhh No Max Just No.
    You wouldent try that in a small town Max.

  16. Max–Anything for a buck, huh? What are you being paid to advance this agenda?Return to your hole and leave rational people alone.

  17. So this guy Max is saying you NEED a pro-gay voice for children? Does sexuality have
    any place for school children? Isn’t that opening some weird kind of box? Just
    asking for the kids.

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