Local Democrat Party – Led by Matlow Aide – Describes Republican Values as “Rural Redneck”

Local Democrat Party – Led by Matlow Aide – Describes Republican Values as “Rural Redneck”

The local Democrat party recently proclaimed Tallahassee a “progressive City” and trashed Republican voters and the Mom’s for Liberty group.

The X account for the Leon County Democrats posted “Tallahassee is a progressive City. Rural Redneck ‘Moms for Liberty’ Republican values should not decide our local affairs.”

The post received pushback from Kyle Frost, the administrative aide for Leon County Commissioner Brain Welch, who is a Democrat.

Frost replied to the September 27th tweet on October 5th stating,

“Lumping all “rural rednecks” in one group isn’t a welcomed look to this local Democrat, frankly, @leondems. I know plenty of folks that live plenty rural and redneck lives on both sides of politics. Working class folks. Folks Ds used to do better with. Maybe this is why we can’t?”

The head of the local Democrat party, Ryan Ray, is also the administrative aide for Tallahassee City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow and is close to Tallahassee City Commissioner Jack Porter.

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  1. Moms for Liberty Values
    We Stand for Truth
    We Build Relationships
    We Empower Others

    Leon Dems party doesnt support truth, relationships or empowerment? Do their members know this?

  2. Since when is it “extreme” to not want kids to read graphic, sexual materials in school? If it’s “rural redneck” to defend parents’ right to raise their children as they see fit, then by golly we’ll take it.

  3. I don’t buy in but according to Thomas Sowell it started when the wild Celtic rabble were pushed out of hills of Scotland and Wales, it translated into the low productivity culture of brittle southern pride and now ironically this backward redneck sociology has been adapted by beleaguered black communities.


  4. Doug

    Make America Great Again. It is perplexing to think that there are people actually out there – like you – who believe that is a bad thing. The ones going off like you spouting that maga is a cult are those who are reading the Democratic Party talking points because they don’t have a plan, thought, platform, or a successful record of their own.

    The MAGA talking point replaced the race card which didn’t work either so come back with a platform because your lack of knowledge and humanity is on full display.

    In the meantime, Make America Great Again!

  5. @ Dan = REPUBLIC is what America IS, Republican is a Party. DEMOCRATIC is a PROCESS, Democrat is a Party.
    In case you didn’t know.

  6. Must be a slow news week 😉

    Growing up working class myself with a police officer father (30 years+ Hillsborough Sheriff’s dept), I share frustrations with gov power becoming further removed from the concerns of workers and instead catering only to folks with deep pockets.

    I invite anyone reading this who would like to — email me, and let’s get together for coffee. I bet we would agree on more than you think. ryanrayryanray@gmail.com.

    Looking forward to some productive conversations.

  7. @Dan — The values of the “mainstream Republican party” do not reflect the local area. They represent very few areas where the local economy is driven by government employment. With city, county, and state government here, along with 2 major universities, too many are paid by these governments while depending on those that aren’t for most of their daily services. The national landscape is changing, too. The working class is shifting away from the Democrats. The real employment numbers and wage gains seen during the last administration woke up a lot of once loyal Democrat voters. The current administration has overplayed its hand and shown its support for UNION labor, a corrupt system that diverts a significant portion of its salaries back into the Democrat coffers, while showing disdain for common labor that has no such ties.

    The middle class in this country was built on work. Get the government out of the system and it would be again.

  8. The values of the mainstream Republic party (since Republicans can’t seem to say Democratic) do not reflect those of the city, state or nation. I don’t care what you label it, and name calling really doesn’t help (someone should tell Donald Trump), but the values are false and meant to divide and conquer. Give up the rhetoric and work in a democratic manner.

  9. Doug has issues. A classic example of the many progressively-Marxist Democrats who have been programmed to hate without rhyme or reason. A sad lot to be sure.

  10. Not one comment from either side about doing something positive. Building our infrastructure. Getting back to business. THIS is the problem with today’s politicians… on BOTH sides. Get back to focusing on the peoples’ business!
    Steve S

  11. It’s a badge of honor. I would just as soon stomp a mudhole in Ray’s backside, I don’t think he really knows what a redneck is…

  12. If this publication would expend their energy on the city manager, mayor, DWC, and Curtis and all their bad decisions, fiscal, irresponsibility, kickbacks, sewage spills and the inmates running the insane asylum mentality instead of focusing on nonsense and sophomoric attempts at trying to start a narrative it would give this publication some credibility. Congratulations! You successfully re-elected buffoons. To remain silent about the mismanagement of the mayor, the city manager and their two accomplices is irresponsible.

  13. Exactly A Skeptic…

    These “Rural Rednecks” are also going to be the ones all you libs are running to when the s%$t hits the fan and you have no power, no gas, no food, and no guns, etc. Hopefully your Democratic party will be able to take care you cause I’ll be taking care of myself and my family.


  14. “Rural Redneck”. I’ll take it.

    They’re the kind of folks that build your house, grow your food, tune your car, fix your air conditioner, and perform 1,000 other tasks that you depend on.

    Instead of throwing them a compliment, disguised as a slur, perhaps you show rethink your opinion?

  15. You think that’s offensive? How bout rural fascist,or rural book burners,or rural cult followers,or climate denial morons. I think that a more accurate description.Republicans? The Republican Party died when the MAGA fascist cult followers took it over. It’s high time we had a Democrat tell it like it is…

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