Leon County Meeting Briefs: October 10, 2023

Leon County Meeting Briefs: October 10, 2023

Below are the briefs from the Leon County Commission meeting that took place October 10, 2023.

The Commission approved a number of items in the consent agenda. One of the items accepted two Florida Department of Health Emergency Medical Services matching grants in the amount of $64,313, for a citizen CPR training Program and for the purchase of automated external defibrillators.

The Commission accepted a Florida Department of Environmental Protection Resilient Florida Program grant for a Leon County vulnerability assessment in the amount of $600,000. Resilient Florida Program grant funding is allocated for projects that prepare communities for the impact of sea level rise, intensified storms and flooding.

The Commission approved a voluntary annexation request from RMDC, Inc. The property consists of approximately 77 acres for the development of Fallschase Residential Phases 4-6. This item has a Fiscal Impact as the voluntary annexation will result in a loss of $318.75 in Stormwater Non-ad Valorem Assessment revenue to the County.

The Commission approved a voluntary annexation request from Azalea Land Group, LLC, for a 10.31-acre parcel located on the northeast corner of Centerville Road and Pemberton Road. The item passed 5-2, with Commissioners Bill Proctor and David O’Keefe voting against. Additionally, during discussion Commissioner Proctor claimed the annexation was racially motivated. The Commission directed staff to bring information about annexation, both voluntary and involuntary, to the next meeting.

The Commission unanimously approved an item that provides an overview of the proposed FY 2024 Annual Retreat scheduled for January 24, 2024.

The Commission unanimously authorized the Housing Finance Authority of Leon County to issue multifamily housing revenue bonds in the amount of $35 million for the Lake Bradford Apartments Affordable Housing Project located on Kissimmee Street. The project will construct 156 affordable rental units exclusively for low-income and extremely low-income households.

The Commission unanimously authorized the County Administrator to submit an application for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Pathways to Removing Obstacles to Housing Grant. This item will leverage a portion of the County’s State Housing Initiatives Partnership allocations, Emergency Rental Assistance funding and relevant personnel costs for the next six years in the amount of $5.88 million to secure a $10 million federal grant.

The Commission unanimously approved to host the upcoming 2023 Florida High School Athlete Association (FHSAA) Football Championship Games at FAMU’s Bragg Memorial Stadium, as part of Leon County’s ongoing strategy to enhance local tourism and community engagement through sporting events. It is expected the FHSAA event partnership will bring more than $11 million in local economic impact and enhance local tourism. Additionally, the projected budget for this item is estimated to be $350,000.

The Commission accepted the status update related to a sports market feasibility study to enhance the community competitiveness in the area of sports tourism. Additionally, one of the Bold Goals for the County’s Strategic Plan includes growing the five-year tourism economy to $5 billion.

The Commission appointed a number of citizens to the Council on Culture and Arts including, Beth Keating, Kimberly Bryant, Neil Mooney, Hadley Peterson, Joshua Brock and Matt Thompson.

4 Responses to "Leon County Meeting Briefs: October 10, 2023"

  1. What is upstream from the recent million gallon sewage spill on Capital Circle?

    Answer: Welaunee / Ghazvinni / Bundled Contributions Contributor

    The special interest development that received environmental fines from two environmental agencies. The elected officials in turn received campaign contributions (also known as kickbacks) for – looking the other way – at enforcing engineering and environmental standards.

  2. “during discussion Commissioner Proctor claimed the annexation was racially motivated” …………… PLEASE, some body explain this to me, HOW is it racially motivated?

    What’s the overview of the proposed FY 2024 Annual Retreat?

    What are the Obstacles to Housing Grant, maybe they were put there for a reason?

    You want to enhance the community competitiveness in the area of sports tourism?
    Build a one to two Acre BMX Bike Track with Hills, Jumps, Banked Curves, Woop-T-Doo’s, Mud Pits, etc. where the one lap measures at least a Half Mile and hold Races for Kids to Young Adults. Get with the High Schools to have the Football Teams sign up to play Basketball Game in full Football Uniforms, including all Pads, but wearing Sneakers instead of Cleats. I would pay to see both of these.

  3. How do you prepare communities for the impact of sea level rise, intensified storms and flooding, supply Sand Bags? You already allow ZERO Lot Lines and Ground Level Building in Flood Zones. You should do Elevation Surveys so you know how high the water can get around Leon County, add a couple Feet and that is high high you House has to be. I know this will never happen, what else is there beside Sand Bags, you can only did so many Holding Ponds.

  4. Here is the report card of how well Leon County is performing:

    Drive down any thoroughfare so let’s pick one… Apalachee Parkway.
    A national chain restaurant closed up, Hardee’s. Hotel closed up with broken windows. Other businesses boarded up. Medians on roads grass 3 ft high unkempt, unedged, and unmanaged. Add into that the horrendous Boulos development that apparently wasn’t held accountable to any environmental / aesthetic rules.

    Now let’s take a drive down Capital Circle where commuters are met with a million gallon sewage spill.

    So going to the grocery store to pay sky high prices due to the fiscal irresponsibility and incompetence we are met with tax increases thanks to our local elected officials who place special interests before fiscal responsibility. Worst elected officials ever.

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