Porter on Amazon: I Would Vote No Again

Porter on Amazon: I Would Vote No Again

Just weeks after the grand opening of the Tallahassee Amazon fulfillment center, City Commissioner Jack Porter – who was the only no vote on the project – stated in a social media post that she would vote no again.

Porter’s statement was posted as a comment on a social media post that was critical of her original no vote on the project. Porter’s comment stated, “And I’d do it again.”

Porter recently commented that her concerns about Amazon’s negative impacts to local small businesses, issues with wages and labor practices, and flaws with the local economic development remain.

The $200 million facility, which is located off Mahan Drive and I-10, is slated to have a total economic impact of more than $451 million. Amazon reported that the company used 16 local firms to complete the project, totaling more than $27 million in awarded contracts.

At the time of the recent grand opening – which Porter did not attend – more than 1,000 employees had been hired to be part of the initial workforce wave. More will be hired for the holiday season making Amazon the single largest private sector job creator in Tallahassee’s history.

Several people responded to Porter’s “And I’d do it again” comment.

One commenter wrote, “Hi! Just curious why you voted against this and still feel the same way?”

Another posted, in part, “People want to work and it’s creating a lot of jobs who would not want to create jobs for people you got a job….”

And Whitfield Leland, a former candidate for local office, addressing Porter’s no vote on the project, wrote “now that you see the residents of the city benefits from it and you say you would proudly do it again! Explain that!”

On May 27th, 2021, the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency (IA) met to consider the Amazon project and voted 11-1 to move forward with offering a $2.6 million incentive package.

“Amazon’s project is a once-in-a-generation economic development opportunity for the entire community,” said Leon County Commission Chairman Rick Minor. “Amazon’s investment in Florida’s Capital County will be transformative.”

16 Responses to "Porter on Amazon: I Would Vote No Again"

  1. Some people are so dumb eh Nick? Like the city new a pipe 20 feet in the ground was about to rupture. How would they know that. Liberals always show their lack of education sooner or later. Porter has shown her lack of education on day one. Ok, she went to college; what do they learn these days besides liberal policies? Hawkins has it right. A warehouse is not hurting local small business. That just shows the Porter is not only not educated but she hasn’t a lick of common sense. You voters of Tallahasse that keep putting idiots in office deserve what you get!

  2. Have we no imagination about creating a responsible, sustainable 21st century economy? And, besides destroying 11 football fields worth of our forests and precious ecology, we had to pay a bribe of $2.6 million to the atrocious pandemic monopoly, which made $250 billion dollars in profit last year, an 18% increase in profit over the previous year. Was there even a discussion about Amazon’s union-busting and what rights are demanded for workers in this community?

  3. People can’t see the forest through the trees… The trees that will be damaged by the sewage spills because of the mismanagement by the city manager and mayor and their two sidekicks Curtis and DWC.

    Picking on Porter without recognizing the mismanagement by the city manager and mayor is irresponsible and quite frankly embarrassing that people say nothing and fooled by this publicity bias; look at the ad on this publication paid for by the City of Tallahassee.

    Hopefully Porter and Matlow will call for an investigation because the mismanagement is at the corruption level and does our governor need to step in to remove the mayor and city manager?

    Still waiting on that million gallon sewage spill report by the city manager…

  4. @August West…people like her will just get re-elected again by the people of Tallahassee until someone even worse runs against her. This city just keeps sliding downhill as far as its top officials go. This place is like a small version of Chicago or New York and just seeing how far left it can go.

  5. Jackie Porter doesn’t care one wit about small businesses, as evidenced by our out-of-control violent crime problem she refuses to address.

    That little twit is gonna be kicking a pop can down south Monroe muttering to herself; “why’d I lose my job…” over and over.

  6. The problem with this 27 year old is she doesn’t know what she doesn’t know. Her education and job history unfortunately lead her down the path to liberalism. She never stood a chance.

  7. That $451M will find its self in the SOGANOFLA (South Georiga North Florida) local economies enriching local business each year in “The Ecomomic Multiplier Effect” adding up to more than Bobby Bowden Football enriched local business back in the 1980’s.
    As punishment for being on the wrong side of history, common sense, basic math, and generally for annoying 96% of Tally/Leon’s good, honest, hard-working, voting citizens:
    Porter should be sentanced to put on her AMAZON Cheerleader Uniform and do Go Amazon cheers in front of Florida’s Capital each weekday between 10:00am – 3:00pm each weekday for 3 weeks.
    Unless it gets too cold then she can cheer inside the main enterance to The Leon County Court House.

  8. I would think reporting the city manager and other top city staff’s inappropriate behavior in making fun of citizens with disabilities during public speaking would be just as newsworthy and important to report.

    Also, that the mayor, Curtis, and DWC voted “against” treating citizens with disabilities with respect and dignity.

  9. Amazon eats up local small biz for international corporate profit. The Project Mango blueprint ‘Economic development’ deal was questionable good for her

  10. ” her concerns about Amazon’s negative impacts to local small businesses” ……………. I am not sure that having the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Tallahassee will change that since I don’t think you can go inside to Shop like Walmart. It fills Orders for people shopping On-Line. I don’t think having the AFC in Tallahassee is a big game changer for Shopping.

    “is slated to have a total economic impact of more than $451 million” ……………. Is that for Leon County? If so, then stop talking about raising Taxes.

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