Leon County School Board Agenda Review Meeting Addresses Life Coaches, Lending Libraries

Leon County School Board Agenda Review Meeting Addresses Life Coaches, Lending Libraries

On October 23, the Leon County School Board held their agenda review meeting. During the meeting, Royle King, Executive Director and the School Base Navigator of the Council on the Status of Men and Boys (CSMB) gave the Board some updates.

King informed the Board that CSMB has begun working with the Ghazvini Learning Center located in Tallahassee. He explained they initially worked with 33 students, and out of the 33 students, 30 finished the CSMB program.

CSMB provides life coaches to students through their program. These coaches meet up with students weekly to hold them accountable, which includes, checking in with teachers, administration and the discipline staff at school in ensure they’re improving based on the plans the life coaches create with the students.

When asked about their long-term goals, King noted in the future the CSMB would like to implement life coaches at all Leon County middle schools.

Additionally, staff explained to the Board that Leon County School lending libraries – put in place by Eagle Scouts – are now being considered liabilities by the State.

There are around 20 libraries total, all located on school properties. Staff noted that the libraries could be turned into food pantries as a solution. However, Chair Alva Smith noted there are several pending libraries that have not yet been put in place, and there might be a way to have the future libraries located adjacent to school properties.

The Board then asked staff to bring back clarification on the situation from the Department of Education. Lending libraries are community-based; and therefore, the school does not contribute any books to the libraries. The Board was concerned that there might be a conflict because of the new laws surrounding school books and schools not being able to scan every book that enter the libraries.

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  1. I had several “life coaches” throughout my school years… except in the real world they were called “mom, dad, older brothers and sisters”.

    My how times have changed.

  2. Half of Leon County public school students are functionally illiterate according to the department of education. No one on that school board is a serious person.

    Just how is Royal King holding anyone accountable? Does he get to mete out beatings? The kids he’s supposed to be mentoring aren’t afraid of anyone and they have no fear of retribution because they know it’s never coming. Oh heck no… they know if they act up enough, they’ll get a “life coach” that’ll whine at them to do better.

  3. “Still no update on the Classical School’s (alleged) libel lawsuit.”

    I am able to relate as still no update on the sewage spills.

  4. Still no update on the Classical School’s (alleged) libel lawsuit.

    I’ve asked five times.

    At this point, I assume it was just pompous puffery.

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