The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, October 26

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, October 26

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Tallahassee residential real estate transactions are down nearly 20 percent. In comparison, state transactions are down 12.4 percent. For the year-over-year January through September stats, the median sales price in the Tallahassee MSA is up 4.3 percent to $323,463.

As of yesterday, attorneys in the Dan Markel murder trial agreed on 10 potential jurors, but the judge called another 21 people for questioning. The defense attorney’s questions Wednesday morning covered a lot of emotional ground, including asking potential jurors about divorces, custody battles and relationships gone bad. Attorneys are looking for 12 jurors and 3 alternates.

The Leon County Commission has voted unanimously to spend $25,000 to sponsor an event called the “50 Years of Hip Hop Celebration Concert.” One of the event’s main attractions is T-Pain, who grew up on the south side of Tallahassee and became an enormous star.


Top ranked FSU soccer hits the pitch for Senior Night, tonight at 7:00 p.m. on the ACCN Extra. The Noles host NC State. With the win, Florida State would clinch the outright ACC Regular Season Championship and complete its first undefeated regular season in program history. Senior Night ceremonies begin at 6:45 p.m.


After Florida State Rep. Randy Fine flipped his presidential endorsement from DeSantis to Trump, Florida House Speaker Paul Renner defended DeSantis’ record on Israel. “There’s never been a more staunch, pro-Israel Governor than Ron DeSantis, and his record proves it,” Renner said. DeSantis also responded saying Fine’s behavior is “totally ridiculous.”

The number of customers of the state’s Citizens Property Insurance Corp. dropped this month after private carriers took nearly 100,000 policies. Citizens had 1.325 million policies as of Friday, down from 1.412 million policies two weeks earlier, according to Citizens data.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody announced a lawsuit against Meta with the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida in Tampa saying Facebook and Instagram schemes “to exploit young users for profit.” The lawsuit – along with 42 other states filing suit – is the result of an investigation led by a bipartisan coalition of attorneys general from California, Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, Tennessee and Vermont.


6 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, October 26"

  1. $25,000 public dollars to honor a rap thug. He is a wonderful role model for our youth, if you want our youth to end up dead early or in prison. Find a black veteran, or teacher, or police officer, or EMT, or business man, someone who really contributed something to our community. They are the ones we should be honoring.

  2. Just what Tallahassee youth need to idolize – constant drug use/sale references, women talked about and used like whores, “consequence-free” sex glorified, gun violence, anarchy, hatred of law enforcement, abuse of women and neglect of children, lack of parental responsibility, narcissistic adoration, immediate gratification, and sociopathic all-that-matters-is-what-I-want and everything-wrong-in-my-life-is-someone-else’s-fault.

    Y’all throw away all of this money trying to “figure out” why gangs, violence, murder, assault, rape, robbery, and drugs are so prevalent in Tallahassee and the surrounding county, and then you throw away money to showcase and celebrate those who target these same youths with music which promotes, idolizes, and “normalizes” every bit of it.

    Shame on everyone involved in this “transaction.” Your hands are stained with the tears and the blood of these children.

    Talk about sending mixed messages. Sheer idiocy.

  3. Why isn’t a private entity sponsoring T-Pain and why is this being paid by taxpayer dollars? This shows the mismanagement and fiscal irresponsibility, also, the lack of due diligence on the commissioners and county not being able to engage a private entity to sponsor an event. Amazon, Premier, Chamber of Commerce, etc?

  4. Go back to 1973 and see there wasn’t any hip-hop. Unless you count Jungle Boogie by Kool and the Gang.

    Of course it doesn’t matter. Any reason to throw money at the black community. Progressives know no limit to tax and spend policies. The community would be better off taking the $25K and preparing for the damage all the terrorist Joe Biden let walk into our Country are waiting for Hamas to give the go-ahead to do.

    Yes, our Country has Terrorist living here, getting free money and cellphones all compliments of Biden and his fellow progressive politicians.

  5. 25k for T-pain but no money for a Veterans Day Parade. And people scratch their heads trying to finger out what is wrong with Tallahassee. I gotta get out of here…

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