City Commissioners Address Hip Hop, T-Pain, Althea Gibson, & Text Messages

City Commissioners Address Hip Hop, T-Pain, Althea Gibson, & Text Messages

Below are summaries of the “Sharing Ideas” segment of the Tallahassee City Commission meeting on October 25.

The Commissioners discussed several topics, including waiving fees for the 50 Years of Hip Hop Celebration Concert. Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox made a motion to provide services including sanitation services before and after the event, road closures and barricades, marketing assistance and to waive fees for the use of the Anita Favors Plaza at Lake Anita. Additionally, Williams-Cox noted that she knew Rapper T-Pain when he was a child and made a motion to honor T-Pain by putting an honorary marker in the location where he grew up in Tallahassee. The Commission unanimously passed the motion.

Commissioner Williams-Cox explained that FAMU is looking to change the name of their portion of the road “Wahnish Way” to “Althea Gibson Way”. Williams-Cox explained this action will honor former FAMU student Althea Neale Gibson, who was the first black athlete to cross the color line of international tennis and the first African American to win a Grand Slam title. The Commission unanimously passed a motion to provide the necessary support for the re-naming of Wahnish Way.

During the meeting, Commissioner Jeremey Matlow stated he has, “A lot of concerns with the way our City government operates.” He noted that the City Charter prohibits the Commission from dictating any appointment for any officials outside of the City Manager. He expressed he had “very strong feelings” about the removal of HR Director Ellen Blair, and explained that it seemed like she was removed based on “what she put into text”. Matlow made a motion for staff to bring back an information item by the City Manager to explain to the Commission the corrective action that he has taken due to the derogatory messages the Commission witnessed.

Mayor John Daily noted his hesitation to recognize the motion explaining the motion would need to go through the HR process. Commissioner Williams-Cox chimed in on the issue noting there is a process to go through stating, “Our Community expects us to come here and focus on them and not on us… I would rather deal with something of this nature one on one with the individual. Additionally, Commissioner Richardson noted he agreed with Williams-Cox on the matter stating, “We have a process for addressing issues that we have concern with, and I think that the process that’s been in place for years is one we should continue to with.” However, Matlow said that a part of the process was the public meeting and noted he only wanted to exercise the Charter authority. The motion was taken up and failed 3-2.

10 Responses to "City Commissioners Address Hip Hop, T-Pain, Althea Gibson, & Text Messages"

  1. T-Pain Lyrics
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    Boots with the fur (with the fur)
    The whole club was lookin’ at her
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    Why not multiple monuments for this amazing artist??

  2. Surely the city discussed more important things than hip hop, namings, and Matlow. What about the 175k claim settlement against the city? The frat ordinance? The midtown action plan?

  3. You never own your home. Even if you paid off your mortgage, insurance and property taxes will demand monthly payments the rest of your life. If you live in progressive democrat run areas, your monthly payments for taxes and insurance always increases. What would you choose? Keep your tax money or pay for a T-Pain monument? Democrats never shy away from tax increases and democrat supporting Slip and Fall attorneys cause your insurance rates to increase. Plus crime just get worse. This is the burden that comes with voting Democrat.

  4. The chances of gun fire at the T-Pain event are very high, yet DWC doesn’t just invite it into our neighborhood, she funds it too. You cannot make this stuff up. The commission has totally lost touch with what the people want.

  5. The county, and possibly the city, financially contribute to sponsor the Rapper T-Pain event. For certain a large, often unruly, crowd will gather. As usual, disagreements and personal vendettas will surface resulting in possible escalation. Something like a late-night gathering at a Circle-K. Remember those?

    What do you think could/will possibly go wrong at this event?

  6. Really, cannot get through a homecoming parade without a shooting. This is going to go really, really well.

    How about instead of this that our local law enforcement address the most fundamental of laws? Traffic enforcement, aggressive driving, etc. How many people would be caught with outstanding warrants? No insurance? DWLSR? Weapons? DUI? For god’s sake. Let’s encourage more violence. Pathetic.

  7. It would appear that these things that were being addressed, tells me that we don’t need a City Commission, if these are the ‘matters of importance that take up their time.

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