The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, November 3

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, November 3

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The City Attorney for Tallahassee, Cassandra Jackson, has given notice of her intent to resign from her position, according to an agenda item posted Thursday to the city’s website. However, she will continue to be employed by the City as an employee and consultant through June 1, 2024, to “ensure a smooth transition.”

Charlie Adelson told jurors the night of Dan Markel’s murder, his girlfriend Katherine Magbanua came to his house and told him she knew who killed Dan Markel.


Saturday at 3:30 on ESPN the ‘Noles will be on the road to take on the Pittsburgh Panthers. Get a preview & a score prediction.

Florida State Women’s Basketball sophomore guard Ta’Niya Latson is one of 16 players named to the 2023-24 Preseason Wade Watch List, announced on Thursday by the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association.

Florida State volleyball plays host to No. 6 Pitt tonight at 6:30 p.m. before they welcome the Virginia Cavaliers on Sunday for Senior Day. A win tonight would snap a nine-match losing streak to Pitt dating back to 2016.


Florida Sen. Rick Scott has endorsed former President Donald Trump for president. Scott publicly announced his endorsement in an opinion piece for Newsweek. Announced Thursday morning, Scott’s endorsement comes just before the Republican Party of Florida’s Freedom Summit taking place over the weekend.

In response to the FBI director’s warning of potential terrorist activity, Attorney General Ashley Moody and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement are urging Floridians to be vigilant. A leaked internal memo from the San Diego Field Office Intelligence Division of Customs and Border Protection that fighting aged males from the Middle East might be inspired by the Hamas attacks on Israel as they travel to the U.S.

U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson’s first major fundraiser will be hosted in Florida by U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan. The Nov. 27 event is expected to raise at least seven figures. It comes as questions surround the new House leader about whether he can raise the resources necessary for Republicans to retain control of the House next year.


10 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, November 3"

  1. Mr. Weed, I was wondering the same thing.

    I guess TR is no fan of Matlow and won’t give him a voice on this publication.

    What ever happened to free speech and listening to both sides of an issue? Apparently not at TR.

  2. TR

    Why did you remove the YouTube information video by the commenter Commonsense? It was perfectly truthful and a nice quality video by Commissioner Matlow laying out the situation regarding the assistant city manager, the developer’s attorney, and what they are doing to the city attorney.

    I did not find it objectionable and only informative. Perhaps you should review your policy for removing truthful information.

  3. UPDATE:


    It was recently that the city attorney called out Dianne William-Cox for her pathetic public toddler tirade trying to get out of a vote where the city attorney corrected her and told her she did not have a valid reason to not vote. Another perfect example of the three trifecta commissioners holding Tallahassee back putting special interests ahead of the best interests of citizens. Perhaps a Bar complaint can be made against the developer’s attorney, Gary Hunter, to wake up attorneys and public officials who step on the souls of citizens and public servants striving to serve in the best interest of citizens and not special interests. Gary Hunter and assistant city manager Wayne Tedder owe Cassandra Jackson and the city of Tallahassee a public apology.

  4. NE Moderate: Gillum made the statement when Jackson was up for nomination, that he was trying to ‘wrap his head around’ what qualifications did Cassandra Jackson lack to not be appointed as city attorney. The City Commission wanted to interview other folks as well and stack them up one against the other to get the best candidate. They were not allowed to do this and we got stuck. Now she’s leaving and we have to do this mess all over again.

  5. Come to Tallahassee where the Mayor and City Manager…

    – mock disabled citizens
    – mock their own city attorney
    – forgo engineering requirements for their special interests
    – use non-profits as their own marketing firms for mayor’s next campaign
    – fiscally irresponsible with taxpayer dollars
    – raise taxes to cover the deficits due to their fiscal irresponsibility
    – fails to address the high crime rate
    – most misogynistic mayor’s office in America
    – water quality and sewage spill issues are not addressed
    – misuse WCOT for re-election campaigns
    – misuse the CSC to funnel taxpayer funds into re-election campaigns

    Just to name a few of the inept, incompetent, corrupt business as usual at Kickback Enterprise AKA City Hall.

    A nationwide search is overdue to find a reliable, credible, and experienced city manager and to vote Curtis out. Curtis is a holdout in allowing a search for a new city manager which could make positive changes for citizens yet for self-serving reasons Curtis fails to do the right thing.

  6. Frank

    Scott Maddox installed Reese Goad, with Gillum’s vote. Difference is Maddox bragged in FBI records about his influence with Reese not so with Jackson. Clearly she was butting heads with the System so had to go

  7. Cassandra Jackson never should have been appointed as city attorney. The Commissioners at that time, wanted to interview more candidates but were ‘brow beaten’ by gillum, when he was Mayor, to vote to appoint Jackson.

  8. Newest COT cover-up as the city manager’ mayor and assistant city manager don’t like the pushback the city attorney gives to their development deals specifically Welaunee Heel.

    This should be in the article about the city attorney leaving and she is doing her job. Is the city attorney the first person to stand up and take a stand for citizens rather than going along with a maniacal mayor and city manager?

    Finally, citizens have someone who is standing up for them and not special interests. Thank you, Cassandra!

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