County Commissioner David O’Keefe: Blueprint Attorney Absolutely Awful

County Commissioner David O’Keefe: Blueprint Attorney Absolutely Awful

Text messages obtained by Tallahassee Reports show that a discussion between a campaign contributor and Leon County Commissioner David O’Keefe during a September 21, 2023 Blueprint meeting concluded that the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency attorney – Susan Dawson – was “absolutely awful.”

Dawson began serving as the Blueprint Attorney on November 7, 2019. She received her Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Florida and was admitted to The Florida Bar in 1996.

The exchange came after a discussion at the Blueprint meeting – led by O’Keefe – related to the Northeast Gateway project.

The Northeast Gateway is a road project designed to address traffic issues and accommodate growth around the Welaunee property.

O’Keefe was concerned about a “massive increase” in the budget and moved to cut the recommended funding for the project.

However, during the debate Dawson noted the project was much further along than other Blueprint projects, with contracts in place, bids out and right-of-way negotiations under way.

“So I want you to be aware of the obligations that are out there contractually and legally. There are huge implications for this. I want make sure the directors are aware of these implications”, said Dawson.

The board voted 7-3 in favor of fully funding the gateway, with O’Keefe and City Commissioners Jeremy Matlow and Jack Porter voting no.

After the vote O’Keefe messaged Bill Peebles, an O’Keefe campaign supporter who donated $1,000 during the last campaign cycle.



O’Keefe: “I’m gonna move to establish board attorney position who reports directly to the board and represents the board….Just like the county.”

Peebles responded: “It’s a start. That lawyer is absolutely awful.”

O’Keefe responded: “Agreed!”

Commissioner O’Keefe provided the following statement to TR:

“I’ve made it clear that I believe the IA Board needs an attorney who reports directly to the twelve IA Board members. That’s precisely why I made the motion to hire an attorney to represent and report directly to the twelve IA Board members and not management. Because Attorney Dawson reports to management, she often represents management’s perspective. I do not think that represents the IA Board members’ perspective.”

14 Responses to "County Commissioner David O’Keefe: Blueprint Attorney Absolutely Awful"

  1. @ truth teller = I think Mr. Sims is taking over for Dr. Erwin Jackson. I just hope he can survive it since Dailey, Richardson and Williams-Cox have been attacking him.

  2. Dawson’s performance last night was corruption at its best – blocking every motion that would eliminate her under the guise of ” roberts rules of order” She should be reported to the Florida bar for ethics violations and immediately terminated – she is little more than puppet scum

    ERWIN JACKSON where are you ??!!

  3. Municipal and County Attorneys are hired/appointed to represent and protect the elected officials, the institution, intrenched swamp bureaucrats, and the agendas of said. They ARE NOT hired to protect the citizens and taxpayers… full stop.

    Just ask them, they’ll tell you the same.

  4. While the children are fighting in the Downtown Sandbox, my property tax bill just hit my mailbox. Holy brown stuff!
    Went WAY up!
    A pox on all these clowns!

  5. Get rid of Blueprint, whenever you have a slush fund created by politicians for politicians, they end up fighting over it. It’s not enough that they waste our tax money, it must be wasted on the right people…

  6. Yet another instance of those immature progressives here in Tallahassee. Jeremy caused quite a commotion over the assistant city manager, and now his closest buddy is openly badmouthing the Blueprint attorney, alongside a campaign donor and a lobbyist.

    Perhaps NE Moderate can assist Jeremy in creating another video, where he retracts his previous statements about respecting one another in work environment.

  7. “The Northeast Gateway is a road project designed to address traffic issues and accommodate growth around the Welaunee property.” Not so. That’s why we were all against it, Killearn HOA etc. It will cause, not solve traffic issues.

  8. Blueprint has an Attorney to navigate the Legal Mumbo-Jumbo, so does the City and the County. If Dawson is the Blueprint Attorney, why isn’t she reporting directly to the Blueprint Board before anyone else? If she is not and is supposed to, then replace her.

    From what I have seen so far, the Northeast Gateway road project, designed to address traffic issues and accommodate growth around the Welaunee property is making it worse.

  9. Problems at Blueprint? Get in line for the incompetence tally…

    Mayor Dailey
    Nick Maddox
    Mayor Gillum
    Scott Maddox
    Curtis Richardson
    Dianne Williams-Cox
    Mary Ann Lindley
    Gil Ziffer
    Nancy Miller

  10. Commissioner O’Keefe is completely right and I’m glad TR is finally getting the truth out there shedding light about how bad things are at Blueprint and their staff. I was beginning to get worried Steve had gone soft on Blueprint.

    Blueprint attorneys are the ones defending illegal embezzlement of tax dollars and violating Floridas sunshine law. Thank you Steve and Commissioner O’Keefe.

  11. Don’t see what the big deal is here, a taxpayer criticized a blueprint attorney and the Commissioner agreed with the constituent.

  12. Dawson definitely suspect. Doesn’t even pretend to work for the board or the taxpayers, clearly moving an inside agenda using undue staff power. Good for those catching on!

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