Leon County Commission Considers Legislative Priorities for 2024

Leon County Commission Considers Legislative Priorities for 2024

On October 24 2023, the Leon County Commission held a workshop to discuss the 2024 State and Federal Legislative priorities. Provided below are comments by elected officials.

Commissioner Proctor noted his concern for the 8-year term limit intended for County Commissioners and asked one lobbyist why the Legislature would target County Commissioners to an 8-year limit. The lobbyist explained that this action taken by the Legislature is a preemptive measure among other reasons, noting the Legislature also adopted an 8-year term limit for school boards.

Chair Nick Maddox claimed an 8-year term policy would infringe on their Home Rule rights as a County stating, “Our citizens have felt comfortable with the way things are. Until they feel differently, I don’t think the State (no matter how they feel) should be able to come down and tell our citizens what should be done in Leon County.” Additionally, Proctor noted he would like the County to file a lawsuit against the State over this issue.

Commissioner Rick Minor also expressed concern for the Legislature trying to preempt Home Rule and asked what action might be taken next. The lobbyist explained that it can be hard to tell what preemptive action the Legislature might take next (if at all). However, he did note that voting rights continue to be eroded away. Additionally, Minor claimed the State continuing to undermine local citizens to keep their government accountable is a big issue he anticipates to see more of in the upcoming year.

Commissioner David O’Keefe explained that mobile homes are being bought out by outside investors who raise the rent too high for the tenants to stay in their homes. O’Keefe proposed policies that make it easier for mobile home park residents to purchase their own park before outside investors. This proposal was turned into an agenda item for more information on the issue and to consider adding the item on the Legislative agenda.

Commissioner Christian Caban stated he would not support the proposed Public Safety on College and University Campuses issue. This issue would prohibit concealed carrying of firearms on college or university facilities. When asked by Proctor if he was for guns being on campus, Caban stated, “Good guys with guns are more powerful than bad guys with guns… I’m not going to support a policy that disarms people and their second amendment right to protect themselves in a situation where they’re a sitting duck.”

Staff recommendation on the Legislative priorities passed unanimously; however, the issue of prohibiting guns on campuses passed 6-1, with Caban voting against.

6 Responses to "Leon County Commission Considers Legislative Priorities for 2024"

  1. With a salary of over $350,000 annually I’d like to see Vincent Long termed out. It’s offensive that Mr. Long is the 5th highest paid County Administrator in the country! Fifth highest in the COUNTRY! Highest in Florida.

    That’s outrageous for such a small county as Leon. We are not Beverly Hills or Hollywood. Why is Mr. Long paid this offensive salary as 16% out the County lives below the poverty line?

    Please call your Commissioner and express your outrage!

  2. I agree with Mr. Lyle although I was not aware that we have already voted for “8 is Enough”. Let’s vote again and see what the citizens want. I see term limits being important – but we also need to support people who are willing to primary sitting commissioners. A little competition – prevents complacency.

    As to guns on campus – anyone who legally carries must meet all licensure requirements. However, criminals never do! After the incident at the library several years ago – I believe it would have ended sooner if a faculty/staff member or student who legally carried was present.

  3. “Our citizens have felt comfortable with the way things are…” Really? What rock have you been hiding under????

  4. The people in those trailer parks can’t buy eggs and O’Keefe wants to sell them the park!

    Someone needs to extract Mr. O’keefe’s head from the warm dark place it seems to be stuck in.

  5. I say, no more than 12 Years, BUT, that should also be for ALL Elected Officials, City, County, State and US. ALL of them.

    Commissioner David O’Keefe really should take a drive around Leon County and check out the Mobile Home Parks. Does he really think the people living in them have enough money or Credit Scores to buy the Park? The Liability Insurance alone would Bankrupt them. I must admit though, with all the talk for YEARS about Affordable Housing for Low Income Families, why haven’t they talked about creating several Mobile Home Parks?

    I would have to say that Students should not be allowed to have Guns on College and University Campuses. Properly trained Staff Members I’m good with but not Students.

  6. As I’ve asked before… does Leon County have a true Home Rule or Limited Home Rule. There is an important distinction.

    The voters of Florida already voted for “8 is Enough” decades ago. But several County Commissions sent their attorneys to fight it by claiming they were “Constitutional Officers” like the Sheriff, Clerk of the Courts, SOEs… which they are not. Look it up.

    They’ve been ignoring the will of the voters for decades. Maddox is full of BS… these swamp rats rely on voter apathy and gerrymandered districts to continue to live off the taxpayers dime.

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