The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, November 9

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, November 9

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The Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency voted on Tuesday to address governance issues highlighted by several elected officials and voted 9-3 to explore the of Blueprint sales tax funds for affordable housing. Mayor Dailey, City Commissioner Richardson, and Leon County Commissioner Caban voted against the item. Get the details.

Two elderly kayakers were rescued Tuesday night after being lost on the Ochlockonee River. Around 7:14 p.m. on Tuesday, a search and rescue was initiated for the kayakers, according to Bradfordville Fire and Rescue (BVFRD). The entire operation took place until about 2 a.m. Initial info suggested that the two kayakers were stranded just north of Iron Bridge Landing.

A single vehicle crash occurred Tuesday morning near the Tallahassee National Cemetery, according to Leon County Sheriff’s office. Around 12:20 p.m., LCSO said the roads in the area were still impacted as they worked to clear the scene of a fatality involving a motorcycle and a deer.

Republican Party of Florida Vice Chairman and Leon County GOP Chairman Evan Power announced his run for Florida’s national committeeman seat on the Republican National Committee. Power is looking to take the momentum of the Florida GOP from the 2022 elections to a national position.


Chiles High School quest for a volleyball state title came to end yesterday with a 4-set lost (15-25, 25-21, 26-24, 25-22) to Viera (Melbourne) in the 6A FHSAA State semi-finals in Winter Haven, Florida. The Timberwolves (25-6) finish the season as 6A District 2 and North Florida Regional champions.

Florida State basketball has signed 3-star Maryland Small Forward AJ Swinton. The 6’5”, 180 pound two-way player is the first member of Leonard Hamilton’s 2024 class. Swinton has a 247Sports composite rating of .92 which comes in, in the top 150 players in the country.


According to a new report, Florida’s ACT scores are among the lowest in the nation. Florida’s average composite ACT score, an average of the scores for the English, math, reading and science sections, was 18.9 out of 36, a big drop from 19.6 in 2014.

Florida Senate Democrat Leader Lauren Book filed a measure (SB 348) that would give low-income residents older than 65 10% back on the homeowners’ insurance premiums they pay for their primary residence. The proposed program titled “Insurance Rebate Program for Low-Income Seniors” would be available to those with an income less than 200% of the federal poverty level.


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  1. “Florida’s ACT scores are among the lowest in the nation.” Everyone, please give Rocky Hannah a big round of applause. You would be better off getting your kid a subscription for stupid than sending them to a Leon County Skrewel.

  2. @ Joe = I must be looking at this from a different angle. If they can say “an average of the scores for the English, math, reading and science sections, was 18.9 out of 36, a big drop from 19.6 in 2014” then enough Students had to of taken the Test and did poorly on it for them to have those Numbers. That tells me that the Schools are not doing their Jobs in teaching the Kids before they Graduate, which is why I asked “how is it we have so many Students moving up to the next Grade and Graduating?” and why I also said “Maybe it’s time to raise the Bar?”

  3. Federal Poverty Level (FPL)
    Family size 2022 income numbers 2023 income numbers
    For individuals …….. $13,590 …………….. $14,580
    For a family of 2 ….. $18,310 …………….. $19,720
    For a family of 3 ….. $23,030 …………….. $24,860
    For a family of 4 ….. $27,750 …………….. $30,000

    With these Numbers you really have to ask, can these people really afford a Mortgage? If their Home is paid off, can they really afford the Insurance?

  4. @David – Trying to figure out the correlation between ACT scores and graduating. If the ACT is a college entrance exam(taken mainly by those interested in maybe going to college), then those that are taking the ACT are probably in no danger of not graduating. So the next question is how many people are taking the ACT compared to previous years

  5. Blueprint is a government slush fund designed to bring in more and more property taxes. As much as I don’t like it, the projects paid by it would still be paid without it…through higher property taxes and higher utility costs. At least with a sales tax, EVERYBODY who spends $$$ on a retail basis pays for it.

  6. @David — “average” is a poor indicator of what’s really happening. If the bottom 20% of the kids score worse then their precedessor(s) the average drops and the real story isn’t seen by just looking at the average.

    We need better data/statistics on this.

  7. The plunging of the Florida ACT scores is directly tied to the quality of the public education system.

    Granted, teaching has its challenges, especially when kids today have so many distractions and so few rules.

    But teachers need to teach and if we need to put bulldozers in front of them to clear the way, well, let’s do it. It’s a better use of taxpayer funds than a lot of things our politicians propose.

  8. If the Florida’s ACT scores are among the lowest in the nation, then how is it we have so many Students moving up up to the next Grade and Graduating? Maybe it’s time to raise the Bar?

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