The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, November 10

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, November 10

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City Commission meeting news briefs: City attorney resigns, John Marks recognized, T-Pain supported, & NE development moves forward in 3-2 vote.

Leon County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a suspicious death at Carr Lake after a man’s body was found. The incident unfolded around 9:30 a.m. in the 400 block of Cedar Hill Road in northern Leon County, according to the sheriff’s office. Access to Cedar Hill Landing is blocked while the investigation is underway.

The U.S. Department of Justice Office Inspector General announced an inspection at the women’s prison in Tallahassee, along with the adjacent male detention center. The inspection found serious operational deficiencies that included aspects like healthcare treatment, safety and security, housing units, and even food services.


In college football, FSU faces the University of Miami on Saturday in Tallahassee. Get a preview and a prediction.

No. 18 FSU women’s basketball got a slim victory last night over the No. 11 Tennessee Volunteers 92-91. After having a 14-point lead after the 1st quarter, the Noles let the Volunteers get back in the game over the next two quarters. However, the defense did just enough to keep Tennessee from completing the comeback.


Florida Agriculture Commissioner Wilton Simpson celebrated the state legislature’s passing of a Hurricane Idalia relief bill this week. He said that the state’s farmers, ranchers and growers have a “long road to recovery,” but that the agricultural industry remains “strong and resilient.”

Senator Rick Scott said this week that the Republican primary is over. “Donald Trump’s going to clearly win the Primary and then I think he’s going to win the General Election and then there’ll be a lot of work,” Scott told host Drew Steele on 92.5 Right All Along.


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  1. If I Should Die

    Hey brother, you know how we took that vow, to fight side by side or die but, somehow, we always thought we’d get back, if weathered, lifelong friends growing old together.

    Remember what we knew inside, when push came to shove and it was ride or die, and everything faded out of sight except the ones fore and aft, and the ones left and right.

    And man, I may’ve never told you then, how much it meant to call you my friend, or thank you for the countless times you saved my hide; I didn’t want you to see me cry.

    I think of the plans we made back then, of trips we’d take, of time we’d spend, and how we’d burn that candle down from each sunup to each sundown. Ah, brother, but for the hands of fate, it would’ve been great, it would’ve been great.

    You may not want to believe it, but in your heart, you know it’s true, if I could do it over, I’d still rather die than you…and you know you’d say the same thing to me, if it had been you.

    But, man, life is for living, and you’re barely breathing, and one of us gone, well that’s one too many. And it pains me to feel the pain that you’re in, as if by surviving you’ve committed some sin. You think that I’m gone, but I’m right by your side. I laugh when you ? up, I ache when you cry.

    And I’d rather we went fishing or mudding or rafting, or had those big cookouts, drank beer and died laughing. I’d rather we cranked up the bass and got loud and rambunctious, the right amount of obnoxious til dudes wanted to punch us. I’d rather we’d take the wheels for a ride, watch t.v. or movies or, God, just feel alive.

    I wish I’d come home with you, I do. And I don’t know why I died and not you. But I did and you didn’t, and life IS a gift. What time that you have there is meant to be lived. And, brother, I’m still with you, you see, I’m fighting with you, just like you fought with me.

    Your time will come, but it isn’t today. Let go of the guilt, make time to play, enjoy your moments, cherish your days – for they, too, will someday end – just know when they do, I’ll be waiting, my friend. And until that day comes, I’m a whisper away, I’ll never leave you – some bonds never break.


    We know you’re there. Generic soldier.
    A blur against the angry skyline,
    choking on dust and choking back tears.

    Disciplined amid the violent chaos – nameless mostly
    unless you get blown up –
    but don’t…
    we know you’re there.

    One minute six on the nightly news
    squeezed in between Idol and the weather.

    But your faces – evidencing your faith and fear
    your nightmare, your resolve – they linger
    to touch our waking thoughts, to invade our dreams…
    we know you’re there.

    Inspired by your courage, you give us strength. Awed by your sacrifice, your pain sears our souls. We laugh with you. We cry with you – and for you. We respect you. We salute you. We miss you.

    Even when it must not seem like it…
    we know you’re there.


    Perhaps a stooped shoulder,
    A cane, a worn knee,
    We honor your sacrifice
    In keeping us free.

    To age, a privilege
    You know, too well –
    Walking that fine line
    Between Heaven and Hell.

    No matter the arena
    Or in which job you served,
    Recognition of each of you
    Forever deserved.


    On this day, on every day –
    Veterans, we thank you for your service!

  2. For all of our veterans, from every conflict and every capacity, THANK YOU!

    Your service to our great nation is forever an unpayable debt and, yet, is forever appreciated.

    We are grateful that you made it home. If you haven’t yet heard it, and because it can never be said enough: Welcome Home!

    On this day commemorating Veterans’ Day tomorrow, please take great care of yourselves and one another. CELEBRATE your service and allow those sponsors, businesses, and individuals to treat you as their way of offering up their thanks and appreciation to each of you. It is well deserved!

  3. John Marks recognized??? For what?? He was a paid board member of the company (and voted for the company) who provided 600 free computers to incoming Nims middle school. Did some checking and never could get a straight answer on what happens to the computers after the incoming students move on.

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