City Commissioners Comment on City Attorney Resignation

City Commissioners Comment on City Attorney Resignation

On November 8th, the Tallahassee City Commission addressed the resignation of Tallahassee City Attorney Casandra Jackson. Ms. Jackson will continue to serve as a consultant/employee through June 1, 2024.

During the meeting, Ms. Jackson thanked the City’s hard-working employees and legal staff. She stated, “I have enjoyed every minute, though many minutes were challenging. I have great respect for the employees who work very hard day in and day out delivering the best public service. And I have worked with many of the very best here, and I’m thankful for that opportunity…. I’m thankful also for the opportunity to work with an outstanding legal staff.”

The Commissioners shared kind words about Ms. Jackson. Commissioner Curtis Richardson stated, “We certainly appreciate all that you have done. We know that you still have a bright future ahead of you.”

However, Commissioner Jeremey Matlow claimed the reason for Ms. Jackson’s retirement was because of mistreatment from City staff. He stated, “Forgive me in advance I’m not going to go along with this little charade that’s being played out here.” He continued stating, “The truth is, over the course of the last year, we’ve seen the work environment for the City Attorney become so hostile, so overbearing, that we’re at a point today where we have premature recognition.”

Matlow continued to condemn elected officials for the alleged mistreatment of Ms. Jackson stating, “When the attorney came to me and said ‘staff is negotiating with opposing counsel and have shut me out of conversations, elected officials knew that was happening. They did nothing. When the City Manager locked out a member of the Treasurer-Clerk’s Office from accessing public records, we had a legal opinion that said he didn’t have the charter authority to do that.” He continued, “To this day, the elected officials on this body will not comment, will not apologize to our City Attorney… I personally want to apologize to Ms. Cassandra Jackson for the way this government has treated you because it is not right.”

Lastly, Commissioner Jack Porter pointed out the alleged mistreatment of Ms. Jackson stating, “I’m disappointed in the way I’ve seen personally our City Manager treat you in your office, I’ll leave it at that. But I’m grateful for your service, it’s going to be big shoes to fill.”

2 Responses to "City Commissioners Comment on City Attorney Resignation"

  1. Despite the attempt to make Curtis Richardson look like he is not a perpetrator in the mistreatment of Ms Jackson, he most certainly is falling in line with his corrupt cohorts so that the special interests campaign contributions that reflect all their bad decisions can remain in the pipeline… (which by the way is ironically spewing sewage all over the county).

    Voters should remember this and vote Curtis out.

  2. This distills Tallahassee’s issues down to the fact that all of our problems in this town stem from the reprobates that have managed to get elected. I still can’t figure out who the good guys and bad guys are in this whole fracas.

    I’m just gonna assume they are all awful…it’s the safest bet.

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