The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Wednesday, November 15

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Wednesday, November 15

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Ahead of the 2024 elections, precinct and polling locations have changed in Leon County. That’s according to Leon County Supervisor of Elections, Mark Earley. Beginning with the March 19 Presidential Preference Primary Election, according to Earley, around 32,000 voters in Leon County will have a new Election Day polling place.

LCS agenda review addresses book Scans, KCCI project & curriculum challenges. Get the details.

Recently filed court documents provided new details in the alleged involvement of Donna Adelson in the murder-for-hire lot of her former son-in-law Dan Markel. The documents contained details that Donna discussed plans for a suicide but also plans to flee to a non-extradition country. Adelson was arrested Monday night by the FBI at Miami International Airport after purchasing a one-way ticket to Vietnam with her husband.

new housing plan is in the works for FAMU. The new facility will have 350-double occupancy bedrooms. The Florida Board of Governors approved the plan for FAMU to seek nearly $103 million from the U.S. Department of Education’s HBCU Capital Financing Program.

A new speed limit went into effect Monday on a stretch of Thomasville Road near Chiles High School. Commissioner Brian Welch said he jumpstarted this process by reaching out to Florida Rep. Alison Tant, who reached out to the Florida Department of Transportation. Welch said FDOT looked at the area and agreed it should be designated a school zone. During pick-up and drop-off times, the speed limit drops from 45 to 35 miles per hour.


The Chiles High School girls soccer team (2-0-1) defeated Leon (0-3) 6-0 on Tuesday night. Kyra Swart led the T-Wolves with 4 goals. The Chiles boys team (3-0) hosted Leon (1-2) and won 3-0.

For Florida State football, quarterback Jordan Travis has been named a Davey O’Brien Award semifinalist which goes to the best QB in college football. Similarly, FSU punter Alex Mastromanno was named to the Ray Guy Award semifinalist list. That award goes to the best punter in the country.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis picked up 18 new endorsement in New Hampshire. DeSantis now has the backing of 65 state legislators and a total of 100 state and local endorsements in the early voting state.

In other comments, DeSantis said Nikki Haley is controlled by the “liberal Republican donor class.” DeSantis said that she was the premier governor for “bringing in China” to her home state of South Carolina when she was governor. He noted that the state of South Carolina gave away land to the CCP around five miles away from a military base.

New polling from the Granite State isn’t just the worst there for Ron DeSantis. It’s one of his worst polls anywhere. The new Emerson College Polling/WHDH poll of New Hampshire voters finds the Florida Governor having slumped to 7%, putting him in a very distant fourth place.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is requesting U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson to fast track new legislation that would allow states more power over immigration enforcement. Moody was joined by 25 other state attorneys general calling out the Biden administration for refusing to work on securing the border.


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  1. The “RON” spoke aggressively and belligerently about proposing to flatten the Bahamas, if a hypothetical , parallel Hamas-like situation presented itself. .The little bully was careful to not propose a similar thread to the equally poor neighbor 90 miles from Key West, that is Russia -backed. It’s easy to posture and bully as the “Power “in the face of an already flattened state..

  2. Hey Steve, may I make a suggestion to help you combat gaslighting and concern trolling in the TR comment sections? The next time things get a little slow around the office, please have someone on staff mine your WordPress database over the past two or three years, looking for comments posted from the same IP address but from different accounts. This isn’t a foolproof method, but I’m wagering that the actor behind several of the sock accounts appearing in the comment sections has not used a VPN exclusively (or even at all) during that period of time, and so there should be some interesting IP address matches between different commenters, especially when said actor posts from different accounts in a relatively short period of time.

    In light of the upcoming political season, new readers coming to TR won’t have the benefit of a history of reading these comments and learning to identify the sock accounts. A possible safeguard for this use case would be to display an irreversible one-way hash of the originating IP address next to each comment to help readers correlate such sock accounts (I’ve seen such a feature used in other CMSs, so I’m guessing it’s possible in WordPress, too). This could help in the VPN case, as well, because it would identify which accounts are consistently posting from behind a VPN; from there, such accounts can be further scrutinized for similarities in writing style, etc. to help new readers recognize when they are possibly being gaslit.

  3. It appears that For A Better Future was one of those classic “drive-bys.” He cruises past Tallahassee Reports, drops an unsubstantiated claim and you never see him again.

  4. @len green this outlet tends to harbor far-right opinions and it is just hilarious to watch the echo-chamber in full motion. I, however, am NOT a conservative, yet I read news from all outlets… including this one.

    This online community tends to be older folk who have no interest in finding common ground or providing those unlike them with humanity… just spitting out the same crap they have spewed since Reagan was president.

    From a 26 year old working class man to this audience.. get off the internet and talk to people who aren’t reading Tallahassee Reports.

    1. Can you please cite one or two far right opinions published on Tallahassee Reports? I am really interested in what you view as far-right. Thanks, Steve Stewart

  5. Tallahassee Reports is fearful of offending our autocratic governor, regarding the one sided and unbalanced content of comments regarding his primary.

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