Leon County School Board Meeting Briefs: November 14, 2023

Leon County School Board Meeting Briefs: November 14, 2023

Below are the meeting briefs that took place during the Leon County School Board Reorganization/Business meeting on November 14, 2023.

The Board unanimously elected Board Member Roseanne Wood as the new Chair effectively replacing the previous Chair Alva Smith. Additionally, the Board unanimously elected Board Member Lori Cox as Vice Chair.

The Board unanimously approved amendments to the Student Supervision and Welfare policy. Some of these changes include having an administrator notify the parent of a student if there is a change in the students monitoring related to the students mental, physical, emotional health or well-being.

The Board unanimously approved amendments to the Selection of and Adoption of Instructional Materials. Part of the amendment states, “Each principal shall communicate to parents the manner in which instructional materials are used to implement the curricular objectives of the school and the procedures for contesting the adoption and use of instructional materials.”

The Board unanimously approved amendments to the Bullying and Harassment policy. The amendment clarifies the language regarding bullying and harassment through the use of data or computer software. The amendment explains that bullying is not tolerated regardless of the ownership of any computer, computer system or computer network that is physically located on school property or at a school program or event.

The Board unanimously approved amendments to the School Safety and Security policy. These amendments include the Board implementing a student crime watch to improve responsibility and school safety.

The Board unanimously approved amendments to the Relations with Educational Institutions and Organizations. These amendments include allowing the Superintendent to award up to $250,000 a year to a non-profit.

The Board approved a new policy regarding objections to material used in classrooms. The new policy includes a process for a parent/resident to object to the appropriateness of a specific material used in a classroom. The policy explains that upon receiving the objection, the Superintendent will appoint a review committee who will review the material and make a recommendation to the Superintendent. The Board will receive all information and make a final decision. The policy passed 4-1 with Chair Roseanne Wood in dissent.

Chair Wood made a motion to include the language “gender identity” in the Board’s “over arching” non-discrimination statement. Wood recommended adding the term to the non-discrimination statement currently used in the Leon County Schools inclusive guide . However, Ms. Smith noted the added language could increase liability and bring lawsuits by the state. Board Member Darryl Jones noted he is on board with the language changes and wants to communicate with the public that Leon County is an enlightened school district. The motion passed 4-1 with Alva Smith in dissent.

4 Responses to "Leon County School Board Meeting Briefs: November 14, 2023"

  1. A carefull and contimplative read of the above compilation of the School Board Meeting could make many of our local Democratic Voters sigh with joy thinking ROCKY AND THE GROOMERS are no longer a thing.
    No talk of anything “gender related” except that one little “oh by the way we shut that gender attempt down” item near the end of the meeting.
    So either Rocky And The Groomers shut down – Or they are going forward “on the down-low” until after the next election.

  2. Not one “motion” to raise the Reading/Comprehension or Basic Math skills of County Graduates. Apparently the Board isn’t concerned the schools are failing their most basic responsibilities. Illegal firearm possession on campus does seem to warrant any attention either. Guns on school campuses happens more often than the media reports. Just the liberal agenda.

  3. “These amendments include allowing the Superintendent to award up to $250,000 a year to a non-profit.” WTH, Your talking about raising our Property Taxes to hire more Teachers and your wanting to just give away $250,000 a YEAR? NO

    Well Mr. Jones, when you say that Leon County is an enlightened school district, that you mean that we “see the Light” on where you are wanting to go with this. There are only TWO Sexes, Male and Female, all others are Make Believe, being Transgender is a State Of Mind..

  4. So, they voted to let Rocky give away a quarter of a million dollars a year to the crony of his choosing…those people are not on your side.
    Not one of the items they voted for has anything to do with reading and writing. Maybe that’s why most of the students are deficient in both subjects?
    I’m mad, but if I had a kid in an LCS school I would be apoplectic and probably the subject of a double secret investigation like so many other hacked off parents in this country.

    Stupidity breeds stupidity, we are rapidly approaching the tipping point where there won’t be enough critical thinkers to keep us from another dark age. It’s already here, they are putting feminine hygiene dispensers in boys bathrooms in Pennsyltucky! Not so they can give them to their girlfriends, it’s because they think boys have a menstrual cycle!

    There are currently three members of the Leon County School Board that would have no problem with doing that here and one of them is now the chair. Chew on that.

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