City Votes to Rename City Building to Honor Former Mayor John Marks

City Votes to Rename City Building to Honor Former Mayor John Marks

On November 8, the Tallahassee City Commission voted unanimously to rename the Gemini Building in honor of former Tallahassee Mayor John R. Marks, III. Marks was first elected as mayor in 2003 and later re-elected in 2006 and 2010.

The honor was requested by former Congressman Al Lawson in a letter to the City Manager. The letter is provided below.

Lawson stated that “Mayor Mark’s legacy is deeply rooted in our community” and that “Marks was an exemplary representative, leader and ambassador for our city.”

However, Dr. Erwin Jackson provided comment at the meeting via telephone and asked elected officials not to support the request.

Jackson sparred with Marks while he was mayor on several issues including a southside biomass project, the investigation into a non-profit that employed Marks, Marks’ relationship with Honeywell and the infamous “kill switch.”

The item presented to the Commission noted that “Mayor Marks championed many community initiatives, including the Gaines Street Revitalization Project; the development of College Town; the transformation of Cascades Park and FAMU Way; the recruitment of Danfoss Turbocor; and the creation of the Summit on Race, Culture, and Human Relations, among others. “

Without comment, the city commission voted 5-0 to support the request.

9 Responses to "City Votes to Rename City Building to Honor Former Mayor John Marks"

  1. I have decided to start a community petition asking every Leon county resident who believes Mark$ a self serving crook to sign it. Look for it!

  2. When you think the City could not hit new lows. What an insult to the good people of Tallahassee. Al Lawson’s letter must have been written by ChatGpT because no one in their right mind could have written this knowing the record of this corrupt former mayor.

  3. The section of S. Adams St. should be renamed Dr. Erwin Jackson Way between College and Jefferson. City Hall is there so every time they have to Write or tell someone the Address, they will have to Write or say his name.

  4. Disgraced ex-mayor John Marks was only exemplary at using his political position to scam the public and stuff his pockets from city contractors. One of many examples, was Alliance for Digital Equality that was to offer internet access to children on the Southside. The truth was that John Marks plan was illegal and a conflict of interest. In the end, John Marks collected $86,000 for himself and $0 money and services went to the children on the Southside. This is one reason I have call Marks a ” Thug in a suit!” I have more respect for a teenager who robs a gas station with a gun.

  5. I think the more appropriate names to name a building after would be after true heroes…such as Erwin Jackson and Harry Brown.

    Naming a building after a self-serving scandal plagued corrupt mayor is inappropriate and shows the mindset of the leadership. This explains the downward spiral that Tallahassee is in that began with Mark$, continued with Gillum, and remains with DAILEY.

  6. John Marks was the most corrupt Mayor we have ever had, so it is fitting that a corrupt city commission would want to name a building after him. They should name a sewage treatment station after him, they could call it the John Marks memorial “Honeywell”.

    What a crock…

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