Leon CSC Funds Programs, Amends Bylaws

Leon CSC Funds Programs, Amends Bylaws

On December 21st, the Children Services Council (CSC) of Leon County held their Governing Council Meeting. Listed below are the issues the Council addressed.

The Council approved a resolution regarding the engagement of Florida Cooperative Liquid Assets Securities System (FLCLASS) for investment of the CSC Leon funds until such funds are needed for expenditure. It was also noted that the action can provide the CSC a return on their funds they might not be able to achieve if put elsewhere.

The Council approved funding for 10 different children and family services programs in the amount of $143,555. Some of the programs chosen include, Youth Entrepreneur Program of Florida, Inc., Domestic Violence Coordinating Council, Inclusion Café and more. Additionally, the programs chosen for funding were aligned with the CSC priorities which include, youth development, school-age supports, physical health, and youth mental health.

The Council awarded the Family Resource Center Contract to Children’s Home Society of Florida. The contract will be divided into distinct phases to allow a scaled approach for the creation of a Family Resource Center(s) with significant oversight from CSC Leon. The Contract terms will not exceed nine months from date of execution, and all allocated funds for the program ($4 million) will remain encumbered.

The Council approved the proposed Summer Youth Internship program. The program is designed to provide opportunities for older youth to develop workforce-ready skills through a paid summer internship program that pairs real-world work experiences with life-skill development training and workshops. The program will recruit private businesses, leveraging ‘World of Work” participants to serve as host sites for summer youth interns.

The Council approved the revised CSC Bylaws. Some of the changes include allowing Council Members to attend meetings virtually, and scheduling a meeting at least once per quarter.

The next CSC Leon meeting is scheduled for January 18, 2024.

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  1. Boo Boo
    Inclusion Cafe is not a restaurant just yet. Probably will not open until late 2024. We will be starting a job training academy for the intellectually disabled, hopefully, in early 2024, and that is what this grant will be used for. Please feel free to visit http://www.inclusioncafe.net to learn more about us. Feel free to reach out to me, the founder and President, to learn more as well, and yes our address is my house. Thank you.

  2. The CSC needs to use data and metric studies to actually measure progress. As long as they are doing these kind of giveaways, they will never move the needle for our communities children.

  3. The CSC and every other non-profit that attended the meet and greet at the mayor’s home prior to the election are compromised.

    They are nothing but non-profits used as PR firms to cater to certain voting blocks and special interests. This is called election interference using taxpayer dollars.

    It is illegal and shame on the Republican GOP leadership for not calling them out and filing a complaint with the elections commission.


  4. Don’t think it’s that simple Victor, there are some on the board that want to do more, there is only so much you can do when members like Mark O Bryant don’t ever show up to a meeting. Some on the board are trying and need backup against the usual suspect’s two step.

  5. Not sure it,s a CSC issue but there are 5 different COT Community Centers where the winter holiday camps are at no charge to the parents of the kids attending. And at other community centers…there is a charge.

  6. @ Observer = The CSC doesn’t have to show if anything is working. They answer to NO ONE. They have NO Accountability on their Spending (Already gave themselves a Pay Raise) and can do what ever they want. If they run out of Money, they just raise our Property Taxes like they want to do now. See if you can find the article that Commissioner Bryan Desloge wrote back in 2016 about how bad it will be to have the CSC in Leon County.

  7. Seriously missing context to this article… Cecka Green, the executive director of the CSC was the immediate former director of the Children’s Home Society, and she took the entire executive staff of CHS with her when she installed her regime in the CSC. She now gives them a $4,000,000 contract…


    I thought we had some Republican state government folks who were responsible for watching over the CSC watching over this but I guess I was wrong.

  8. Further to Mr. West, what are the CSC’s criteria for who gets the money? What proof do they have to show that they are working or not working, and why? What proof do they have to show that they cannot get better jobs to earn more money to support themselves? Even people on unemployment have to produce proof of honest job searches and their unemployment compensation is geared to what they had been earning.

  9. “The Council approved funding for 10 different children and family services programs” .

    Do those 10 different children and family services programs ALSO receive Tax Dollars from the County and City? I hope not but, if so, WHY do we need the CSC? Of course, I still ask myself, WHY do we need the CSC when the Commissions used to dish out the Money a LOT cheaper.

  10. So, the CSC is now an investment opportunity for the staff at CSC. Maybe they could make up the 100k the firefighters are about to strike over?

    The CSC is a grift set up by grifters to separate Leon county tax payers from their tax contributions. What a crock! They should be distributing the money to the needy! Not investing it for CSC staff!

    This is despicable. Whose relative at CSC is running the Childrens Home Society of Florida?

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