Violent Crime Incidents Up 13.6% in 2023

Violent Crime Incidents Up 13.6% in 2023

According to daily TPD incident reports tabulated by Tallahassee Reports, 2023 violent crime incidents (1,295) were up 13.6% when compared to 2022 violent crime incidents (1,140). Property crime in 2023 was down 1.6%.

The total number of property and violent crime incidents were up 3.0% in 2023 when compared to the same types of crimes in 2022.

The increase in violent crime incidents was driven by a 9.1% increase in assaults and batteries and a 19.8% increase in robberies. The assault and battery category includes sexual battery and battery on a law enforcement officers.

The robbery category includes armed robbery, strong armed robbery and snatching.

The decrease in property crimes was driven by a 18.5% decline in commercial burglaries. Auto burglary and auto theft were up 3.2%

3 Responses to "Violent Crime Incidents Up 13.6% in 2023"

  1. And don’t forget, we have the local rag, named after their criminal party, to promote this behavior!

    “How can I cancel my subscription? You can cancel at any time by calling Customer Service at 1-800-999-2271.”

  2. Democrats tolerate and protect criminals because they represent a significant portion of their voting bloc. And crime will get worse in 2024.

    Recently, a convicted murderer in Tallahassee, with the aggravating factors, was sentenced to 10 years in prison. In Florida, you almost get the same prison time for shooting a bear. Using the disguise of Critical Race Theory, Restorative Justice, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, African Americans are not being held accountable for their criminal actions, their lack of education and work experience all at the expense of the Taxpayer and community safety. And that is just the beginning. All those disguises are being used to make living on Welfare an acceptable way of life. This morning’s new reported that Florida taxpayers are paying the utility bills for some Florida families earning $76,000.00.

    I understand, when you consider Americans are subject to 242 Volumes of Federal Regulations and another 49 Volumes of Florida Law, it’s understandable a citizen may unintentionally violate the obscure Law prohibiting using the likeness of Smokey the Bear or Woodsy the Owl. But not realizing steeling, assault, murder, selling drugs, robbery or trespassing is illegal is ludicrous. Yet Liberal Democrat have devoted their lives to making excuses for the failures of the Black Community

    Restoring the voting rights of Convicted Felons was, in my opinion, was a mistake. Democrats knew most ex-cons would vote Democrat. But note, Democrats are not pushing to restore convicted Felon’s second amendment rights. Losing your freedom and rights is a consequence of committing a felony crime. So, understand, being in political office is one of the most lucrative careers. Politicians pander like they invented it. Democrat pandering has grown the welfare state, lessen penalties for committing violent crime, removed prerequisites for employment, and provided excuses for failure all in the name of reelecting democrats.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of white folks in prison. However, the majority of prison and jail inmates are black.

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