LCS Board Member Rosanne Wood: Social Media Apps Cause Chaos in Schools

LCS Board Member Rosanne Wood: Social Media Apps Cause Chaos in Schools

During the discussion at the Leon County School Board meeting on January 10 about joining the lawsuit against social media companies, Board member Rosanne Wood voiced her concern about the impact of social media on students.

Wood said that some social apps cause chaos in schools everyday and noted the impact on a student’s self image, depression, bullying and suicide rates.

The Board voted 4-0 to join the lawsuit.

7 Responses to "LCS Board Member Rosanne Wood: Social Media Apps Cause Chaos in Schools"

  1. So the all-powerful, omnipotent Leon County Skrewel Bored is suing a bunch of multi-billion dollar social media companies located in either Kalifornia or China?
    How much of our taxpayer dollars will this foolishness cost us?

  2. The superintendent, the school principals, the teachers, with the support of the school board, should act like adult leaders and stop the disruptive use of cell phones on school property. PERIOD.
    Grow up as act as if you are responsible for the job you are elected and/or hired for. Teach our children in a safe stable environment. School systems worked when the adults were in charge. They would work again if those responsible would again expect students to follow rules and actually reach set levels of knowledge before advancing to the next level.

  3. The problem is neither the apps nor the cell phones. It’s akin to blaming the gun instead of the user. The problem is both irresponsible parent(s) and a leftist Board and its Stupidintendent.

    Irresponsible parent(s) are allowing cell phones and apps to educate and raise their children, and the leftist School Board and it’s Sadministration are completely incapable of establishing and enforcing logical and reasonable rules and standards.

    Ban the possession and/or use of cell phone in the classroom and immediately suspend (indefinitely) those kids who refuse to follow the rules. Then call the parent(s) and require them to leave work (or welfare) and come get their suspended kid. Require a parent(s), student, and administration conference (in person) to reiterate, confirm, and commit to following the rules before the kid is allowed to return to school.

    As always; You can never solve a problem you willingly refuse to recognize.

  4. I’ll bet the phones stay in Leon County Schools. Can’t imagine the kids giving up their phones. The Hawk is right– parents and students can just use the school’s landline. That system worked for decades. Carnac predicts: The Board will skirt around the no phone solution with a “Policy” that will allow the phones to remain. The Policy will be convoluted with a “rule” that will be unenforceable. There for… business as usual. Can you really imagine our students with restrictions ..on self expression? How cruel ! If you think ( contrived ) book banning an issue ?

  5. NO, It’s the Cell Phones that cause Chaos. Social Media Apps are a Side Effect from Cell Phones. Just Ban Cell Phone Use in Schools. Make them turn them off and keep them in their Lockers. If Parents need to get up with their Kid, they can do so by contacting the School. If the Kid needs to get up with a Parent, they can ask Permission to go to the Office to make the Call.

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