TPD Hires 15 New Officers

TPD Hires 15 New Officers

On Monday, Jan. 22, Chief Lawrence E. Revell and the Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) celebrated its inaugural class of 2024, welcoming 15 new officers.

“It is with immense pride and honor that we welcome the diverse group of men and women who have taken the oath to join the ranks of TPD,” said Police Chief Lawrence Revell. “In choosing a career dedicated to public safety, these recruits have demonstrated a sense of duty and selflessness. They embody the core values that define the Tallahassee Police Department, and I have full confidence that their dedication will leave a lasting and positive impact on this City.”

According to the press release, “Among the recruits, eight bring with them prior law enforcement experience signifying a remarkable achievement for both the agency and the community. The inclusion of trained individuals ensures that officers join the force equipped with a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and a keen understanding for the complexities of this career.”

The challenges related to the violent crime rate was discussed at length during the recent City of Tallahassee annual retreat.

The Tallahassee Police Department is one of the oldest and most accredited police departments in the nation, serving the citizens of Tallahassee since 1826. TPD is comprised of nearly 500 members.

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