Local Campaign Reports Show Six Candidates Surpass $50K

Local Campaign Reports Show Six Candidates Surpass $50K

The latest campaign finance reports filed with the Leon County Supervisor of Elections show six candidates have surpassed $50,000 with more than six months until the first vote will be cast.

You can review candidate donors here.

The six candidates with over $50,000 in contributions include:

-Superintendent Rocky Hanna

-Leon County Commission At-Large candidate, Commissioner Carolyn Cummings

-Leon County Commission District 4 candidates – Commissioner Brian Welch and challenger Issac Montilla.

-City Commission Seat 1 candidate, Commissioner Jack Porter.

-City Commission Seat 2 candidate, Commissioner Curtis Richardson.

The next campaign finance report is due on February 10, 2024.

6 Responses to "Local Campaign Reports Show Six Candidates Surpass $50K"

  1. The progressively Marxist Democrats will spend and say whatever it takes to keep common sense and integrity out of Tallahassee elected offices. They’re on a fast track to turning Tally into a Chicago of the South… and will stop at nothing to keep on pace.

  2. I side with Mr. Weed.
    We should NOT be shut out of a taxpayer-funded office.

    Never used to be the case until the Faucivirus.

    Time for a NEW Tax Collector.

  3. The Tax Collector’s office requires I make an appointment to see someone-really? And, the front door monitor asking if we have an appointment is usually rude when asked why an appointment.

  4. Mr. Weed’s experience with Tax Collector Maloy is the exact opposite of mine. Having experience with Leon County tax collectors going back 50 years, I think I qualify in commenting how her office treats the elderly. She has the best public service of any government agency I have dealt with.

  5. I do not plan to raise over $10,000 because anything over that is not needed. I am running for County Commissioner At Large and I feel I can do it for less than $10,000. Part of my Platform is Reeling in Wasteful Spending and that will include my Campaign, why waste the Money? I want to work on Lowering the Crime, help the Local Economy, help the Homeless and REEL IN WASTEFUL SPENDING.

  6. Very disappointed in the service in Doris Maloy’s office. I believe it is time for a change. The condition of the office, the rudeness of the employees, the mistreatment of the elderly customers… The Governor needs to know she is running her office as if under Covid rules.She needs to go!

    Cummins is do nothing go along as is Curtis. Time for a change.

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