Jack Porter Signs Israel-Palestine Cease-Fire Resolution Sponsored by Progressive Group

Jack Porter Signs Israel-Palestine Cease-Fire Resolution Sponsored by Progressive Group

Tallahassee Reports has learned that Tallahassee City Commissioner Jack Porter is one of over 300 members of the progressive group, Local Progress, that recently signed a resolution related to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Local Progress describes their organization as “a community of powerful progressive leaders.” A number of media outlets have reported that progressive politicians have generally been more sympathetic to Palestinians than their Democratic colleagues.

The resolution – dated January 9, 2024 – was addressed to President Biden and was posted on the Local Progress website on January 5 and subsequently posted on the group’s X account.

A review by TR found no reference to any resolution or statement by Local Progress condemning or expressing outrage over the October 7 attacks by Hamas on Israel citizens.

On January 5, Local Progress posted on their website that “At the urging of member leaders across the network, Local Progress released an open letter with local electeds calling on the White House and Congress to take immediate action for a durable ceasefire in Israel and Palestine.”

The resolution does not denote any distinction between the October 7 attacks by the terrorist group Hamas and the response by Israel. The resolution notes, “we are heartbroken by the violence and bloodshed of the October 7 attacks by Hamas on Israel and by the Israel Defense Forces ensuing assault on Gaza.”

In addition, the resolution singles out the treatment of individuals in the U.S. that speak out on behalf of Palestinians while ignoring the treatment of those who speak out on behalf of Israel.

The resolution states, “As local leaders, we remain steadfast in our defense of the right to free speech and non-violent protest, and we reject attempts to erode these rights. That includes the doxxing and weaponized charges of antisemitism directed at local elected officials who speak out or take nonviolent action on behalf of Palestinians.

Local Progress states it is “a network of more than 1400 and growing across 673 localities and 48 states…”

Porter is listed as a member of the state organizing committee – “a group of LP (Local Progressive) Florida members that meet regularly to weigh in on policy priorities, propose statewide campaigns, and drive the strategic vision for our work.”

City Commissioner Porter Silent on Support for the Resolution

Commissioner Porter, who is included on the signatory list of the resolution as “Jacqueline ‘Jack’ Porter, Commissioner, City of Tallahassee, FL” has been silent on her support for the resolution.

TR reviewed Porter’s social media accounts and her affiliated websites and could not find any reference to the her support for the resolution.

Why the silence?

One reason may be related to the growing rift between young progressives and the Democratic party over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Axios has recently reported that progressive politicians have generally been more sympathetic to the Palestinians than their more moderate Democrats. As an example, Axios cited the decision by Rep. Lois Frankel (D-Fla.) to leave the Congressional Progressive Caucus due to stark disagreements with other members of the group on the Israel-Hamas war.

TR has submitted the following questions to Tallahassee City Commissioner Jack Porter:

Why have you not informed your constituents about your support of the Local Progress resolution related to the Israel-Palestinian conflict?

Did you sign any resolutions or statements expressing concern over the October 7, 2023 attacks by Hamas?

18 Responses to "Jack Porter Signs Israel-Palestine Cease-Fire Resolution Sponsored by Progressive Group"

  1. “slaughtering innocents wholesale”

    That’s what happened on Oct. 7th. The backlash by the Israeli government was not unexpected. Palestinians voted themselves into this predicament.

  2. All this discussion and concern over Jack Porter simply signing a resolution?

    A resolution is nothing more than an opinion or idea that a whole bunch of people agree with and sigh on to.

    Has there ever been a resolution that changed anything or had any kind of significant influence? Do you really think Jack Porter’s signature on this resolution is actually going to result in a cease fire?

    Once again this is another one of those “feel good” actions that some people take to fill a void in their life.

    Nothing significant to see here. Move along

  3. I, for one, am glad Jack supports a ceasefire. Thousands of innocent people are being killed with weapons we paid for.

    Obviously, the Hamas attack was horrible in every respect, but slaughtering innocents wholesale is not an appropriate response.

  4. I haven’t figured out that algorithm of what is reported and what is not reported as it goes from girls volleyball to targeting certain political candidates and (promoting certain other political candidates favorably who buy ads at this publication).

    Had the commander in chief not committed, treason and started several wars, botched the Afghanistan withdrawal, weaponized certain entities to target political opponents, tanking the economy for citizens having to take out a loan to go to the grocery store, and so on and so forth is the real reason behind this article? Take it up with Biden.

    Had to suffer through a similar article last week over at the Tallahassee Democrat where they were targeting Matlow where they fail to write a disclaimer that they were being paid by a party who had just received a grant from the city of over a million dollars for a project and special interest. So taxpayer dollars are paying for publications to write silly biased articles and failing to report they are being paid and being paid by taxpayer dollars. That should be the article!

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this publication receives advertising money from the City of Tallahassee so they are targeting the mayor’s and city manager’s nemesises.

    I think that was a bad decision to delete comments by Mr. Matlow as that doesn’t seem very fair and balanced. I think you would get more clicks if you did not delete comments for reasons that amount to a political bias.

  5. Jack Porter has the same rights as any other citizen to be concerned about the ever expanding war in Gaza. The fact that the resolution doesn’t include the moral justification of the Israelis response to Hamas is irrelevant. When WWIII starts, the “Israeli response of, well they started it.” won’t mean much.

    I’ll vote for Ms. Porter ( again). She more than worth $30,000 a year.

  6. How come the City or County Commissions haven’t created any Resolutions to CLOSE the Border and to Deport ALL of those that have Crossed illegally? How about a Resolution to put the US FIRST? Or a Resolution to help our Veterans FIRST.

  7. Jeremy is crying about comments getting deleted. How would you know they got deleted if they weren’t yours? Cry about it.

  8. You know what really ticks me off? Taxpayers paid a ridiculous $200,000 in just 4 years for Jack Porter’s salary, another $400,000 for Jeremy Matlow’s salary, and an infuriating $640,000 for that anti-police Ryan Ray’s salary (the guy running Leon County Democrats and serving as an aide to Jeremy Matlow) over 8 long years. And don’t get me started on how their offices are dipping into city funds to back these progressive organizations. It’s a downright disgrace—way too much money going down the drain! ??

  9. Steve: I hate these progressives that want everything to be national politics!

    Also Steve: Progressives aren’t posting enough about foreign policy!


    Why are comments deleted from this article?

    Isn’t this story paid for by taxpayers?

  10. *Rotten*
    And dont worry spell checkers I’ve already given myself some finger wagging and a stern warning about not making spelling errors in the future. Thank You

  11. Jack Porter and Pizza Boy only represent a tiny fraction of local citizens but by voting together they hold enormous sway over any close votes. Otherwise they are annoying but pretty much irrelevant.
    Hopefully neither will be re-elected.
    But for now Tallahassee is stuck with these 2 most rotton of the apples in the rotton apple bag AKA the City Commission.

  12. She is categorically insane. A cease fire allows Hamas the time to resupply, rearm, and continue their terrorist attacks. Israel did not start this mess and Hamas will do it again. Porter simply needs to understand, if Hamas stops the attacks, it’s all over.

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