Local Political Briefs: City Districts, Law Enforcement, Teacher Pay Raises, District 4

Local Political Briefs: City Districts, Law Enforcement, Teacher Pay Raises, District 4

As the local political campaign season gets underway, ahead of the 2024 primary & general elections, TR will periodically provide information on candidates and races. If you are a candidate with newsworthy information – a position on a relevant issue or a response to a news item – please contact me directly at 850-766-6208 or at steve8973@gmail.com.

Rudy Ferguson

Candidate Rudy Ferguson, who is challenging Seat 1 City Commissioner Jack Porter, distanced himself from a message that was reposted on social media by the Leon County Democrat Executive Committee which stated “The U.S. is a fascist police state..” Ferguson – who is a Democrat – wrote in an email, ” To address the growing crime issue, we must adopt a proactive strategy by investing in our youth and educational programs, while increasing collaboration with our law enforcement agencies. This divisive rhetoric is not productive.”

On February 6th, Joe Burgess, principal of Chiles High School and candidate for Leon County School Superintendent released a statement in support of teacher pay raises, stating, “It’s time to pay teachers a livable wage.”

This announcement was released as negotiations between the Leon Classroom Teacher Association (LCTA) and the Leon County School District remain ongoing. The bargaining began in April of 2023, with the LCTA Association proposing $6.7 million for salary raises and the District offering them $4 million.

Burgess’ announcement stated, “Our educators are the backbone of the Leon County School District, and they give back each and every day they are in the classroom shaping the minds of tomorrow. It is time we make teachers a priority.”

Dot Inman-Johnson

On February 1, former Tallahassee Mayor Dorothy Inman-Johnson and candidate for the city commission seat currently held by Curtis Richardson, told the Tallahassee Charter Review Committee that she opposed a charter change that would elect city commissioners by districts. Currently, city commissioners are at-large. 

The race for the Leon County Commission District 4 is flush with cash. Combined, the two candidates have raised over $175,000. The incumbent, Leon County Commissioner Brian Welch has raised $114,110 while the challenger – Isaac Montilla – has raised $65,589. Also, this is the only local race where two candidates have each raised over $50,000.

9 Responses to "Local Political Briefs: City Districts, Law Enforcement, Teacher Pay Raises, District 4"

  1. When the COT changed their billing system, I was being overcharged. I tried resolving with supervisors but to no avail. I wrote to all five elected officials requesting their help. Jack Porter and her aide were the only ones to respond – and with phone calls! Yes – she helped me! Never heard a word from the others. Thank you, Jack Porter!

  2. David

    Even though the races are non-partisan for the most part, are you saying you are a Republican? You should be proud to be a Republican and come out and say it. And where is the local Republican Party? MIA as usual.

  3. I don’t believe Rudy Ferguson will replace Jack Porter and Dot Inman-Johnson has a good chance of replacing Curtis Richardson.

    In the last election cycle, the local Republican and Democratic Parties made critical errors.

    It appears the local Republican Party is again dropping the ball as there are no Republican candidates in the City Commission / School Superintendent / County Commission races (yet).

  4. If Rudy Ferguson replaces Jackie Porter and Dorothy Inman-Johnson replaces Curtis Richardson the usual commission vote outcome of 3 to 2 will switch to 4 to 1.

    Be very careful who you vote for in 2024.

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