Single-Family Construction Permits Start Year Up

Single-Family Construction Permits Start Year Up

According to filings with Leon County and the City of Tallahassee, the number of single-family new construction permits was up 91.2% in January 2024 when compared to January, 2023.

There were 65 permits issued in January, 2024, up from the 34 issued one year ago. The value of the January, 2024 permits was $18.5 million, up 203.3%, from the $6.1 million reported in January 2023.

The 3-Mnth Avg. data – which smooths out the month to month volatility – shows a 63.9% increase in the number of permits from one year ago. The 3-Mnth Avg. data show a 159.6% increase in total permit value, from $13.5 million in January, 2024 to $14.8 million January, 2023.

The chart below shows the number of permits issued each month for the last 25-month period. A 3-Mnth Avg. line is also included.

4 Responses to "Single-Family Construction Permits Start Year Up"

  1. TR, Say what you will, but, since May, there’s a downward spiral in the graph not mentioned certainly indicating Bidenomics’ effects on the tremendous increase in mortgage rates.

  2. Our local builders are wisely pulling permits now and that will continue as we approach the POTUS election. They must have the homesites partially cleared and ready to move forward on when the Trump economey takes effect.
    These savy builders will clean up when the Trump economey takes effect and our Nation comes out from under the jack-boot on the kneck economey AKA Bidennomics.
    Kudos to all local builders for scooping up permits on all the choice locations in order to fast track the build outs after the election.
    Hey its not political at all. Its just business.

  3. What is the percentage of those Permits for Pre-Sold Homes -vs- Homes built by the Builders in hopes to have them sold by the time they are finished?

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