Dustin Rivest Talks Hiring Strategies, Tallahassee, and Schools.

Dustin Rivest Talks Hiring Strategies, Tallahassee, and Schools.

Dustin Rivest, a Tallahassee native who attended Lincoln High School, a former scholarship athlete at Florida International University, and a local entrepreneur, recently appeared on The Steve Stewart Show on Real Talk 93.3.

Rivest attended Chairs, Swift Creek and Lincoln High School before heading south to FIU after earning a kicking scholarship. In 2010 – after graduating with a business degree – he returned to Tallahassee and now owns a number of businesses including, 223 Agency, Event Owl, Foodies Takeout and Delivery and WhoaCRM.com.

When asked about his return to Tallahassee, Rivest listed several reasons for heading back to the capital city. These reasons included family, an attractive business environment and relationships he had previously developed. Rivest said, “There’s great opportunities everywhere you look.”

When asked about hiring employees, Rivest said, “What I look for is people who openly admit they don’t know everything but they have a drive and determination to figure it out. I think technology changes so fast today. It’s not about how much you know–it’s about how much you can research and apply the things you just learned.”

Additionally, Rivest noted he doesn’t necessarily look at people’s college degrees while reviewing someone’s resume. He stated, “I care about their work experience, their internships, any previous projects that they were a part of.”

However, Rivest explained one of the most challenging issues is keeping new hires in Tallahassee. “A lot of times what I see is they’ll find jobs out of college here to build up their resume to then catch that dream job back where they’re from.”

When asked how he addresses the issue, Rivest explained, “One of the big things is getting them actively involved in the community.” He said it is more likely for someone to stay in Tallahassee if they have roots.  “‘Roots’ being friends and being a part of another organization. Whether that’s a church or finding that significant other.” He continued, “You have to expect them to leave in the first two years if you don’t make some changes. You got to spend the first 6-to-8 months trying to get them engaged.”

Rivest also that noted an important issue that needs to be addressed is Tallahassee’s public school system and “making sure we have top quality teachers and getting them paid to deal with the kids of today.” He noted, “If parents wanted to send their kids to these schools, there wouldn’t be a need for all these charter schools … you have to get to the root of why they’re leaving.”

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Like Dustin, there are others in the community that understand the value of economic development, support for our technology ecosystem and other industries (healthcare, manufacturing, education, research, govtech, etc) that are key to improving the quality of life for the families. Unfortunately, there are others that don’t agree.

    Look forward to continuing the conversation and learning more about the members of our community that disagree with the above.

  2. What is missing to keep graduates in Tallahassee is that it is a liberal Democrat town with an increasing Progressive bend; yet, its actions are sometimes weird!

    The grads we want to stay don’t like that and move away. They understand the need for Charter schools but, also, see the liberal bend in teachers and don’t want to fight for more conservative teaching…that is, why bother, just move somewhere else.

    They want to enjoy the local environment but shocked how city and county mistreat recreational waters, lack of transparency, sewage spills occurring regularly and are fearful of the unhealthful effects to they and their families. The strange part is, again, Tallahassee is a very liberal city; yet, it’s ok to have these things occur. So, why “fight city hall”? Just leave town.

    At the same time, local news organizations don’t stand up and complain on behalf of their readers as they see back home or in other cities.

    The cost of living is skyrocketing, yet, good paying jobs are not really sought after and those here are not recognised and appreciated.

    It’s known that long running companies are closing due to retiring owners and they cant be sold locally so out of town companies take over. Then great high paid employees leave town. So, newly opened low paying salary restaurants are announced and companies with high paying jobs and their acvomplishments ignored.

    It’s all a vicious circle with a small number of liberal private investors and land owners making windfalls.

  3. Dustin is Right, you have to give them a reason to want to stay in Tallahassee, not just a Job. This August, I will have lived here in Tallahassee for 57 Years. Did you know we had a huge Super Slide on West Tennessee just East of Ocala Rd.? Did you know we had a huge Water Slide Park at the Corner of N. Monroe and Monticello Dr. where the Car Wash & Oil Change Place are now? When we had the Civic Center (before it was given to FSU) we had a LOT of Concerts, ZZ Top, MJ, Airowsmith, Rolling Stones, 38 Special, Kansas, Hall & Oats, many others, The Doors and Creed got their start here. We need more Fun things to do here that are Family Oriented, which I plan to work on if I am Elected.

  4. You should have interviewed me instead. Griffin Middle School, then Godby for 1 year until re-zoned to Leon High. Attended Lively Aircraft Mechanic School at night. Graduated high school 1 year early and joined the Marine Corps. Gone 33 years. Retired here in 2010. The secret to success is staying out of trouble, settings goals and finding a career that actually pays well.

    And it helped that I grew up around bullies and the absence of Participation Ribbons.

    Not to boast, but if I can retire with a fat 401(k), a six figure annuity, health, dental, vision care insurance for life with a survivor’s annuity for my wife all on a High School diploma then your kids can too.

  5. Dustin gives us hope for the next generation. Thank you for sharing and looking forward to following all his accomplishments as he has carved out a path that I know will be successful. Great job, Dustin!

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