TPD Reports Indicate Drop in Crime Incidents

TPD Reports Indicate Drop in Crime Incidents

Six weeks into 2024, the number of crime incidents reported by the Tallahassee Police Department is down by double digits when compared to 2023.

TPD Incidents

The daily TPD incident reports indicate that the total number of incidents during the first six weeks of 2024 is down 11.7% when compared to the same period in 2023.

The numbers show that property crime is down 11.1% and violent crime is down 13.2%.

Property crimes encompass burglaries, thefts, incidents of vandalism, and violent offenses, including aggravated assaults, armed robberies, and physical altercations.

The decrease in property crimes is being driven by the decline in the number of Auto Burglaries and Thefts. During the first six weeks of 2023, there were 222 of these type incidents compared to 153 in 2024.

Assault & Battery and Robbery incidents have both declines in 2024, driving down the violent crime numbers.

Fatal Shootings

This decrease comes despite an increase in fatal shootings in 2024. Six weeks into 2023 there were two fatal shooting compared to eight in 2024.

Officials have indicated that most fatal shooting are related to domestic violence situations or drug related activities.

Despite the cause, the overall drop in crime incidents is overshadowed by the headlines related to fatal shootings.

TR will provide an update to the crime incident report at the end of February.

2 Responses to "TPD Reports Indicate Drop in Crime Incidents"

  1. INCREASE IN FATAL SHOOTINGS should be the headline. Is Bidenomics causing a stress which is causing an increase?

    Special Interests, junkets on the taxpayers dimes, political vendettas misusing law enforcement agencies, cough, cough … (Mayor Dailey, Curtis Richardson, and Dianne Williams-Cox) is not the leadership that citizens need.

    Mayor Dailey has never had crime on his radar screen. The only crime on his radar screen is misusing law enforcement to investigate a silly incident regarding a political nemesis. His sidekick Dianne Williams-Cox does a good job of stirring the pot. This has to stop.

    How many crimes got put on the back burner to investigate a political vendetta?

  2. Does not seem so. Maybe it is just a reduction in reported crime. Or maybe reclassification of events to non-crimes.

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