Superintendent Hanna Discusses Financial Challenges, Decreasing Enrollment

Superintendent Hanna Discusses Financial Challenges, Decreasing Enrollment

At the most recent Leon County School Board meeting, Superintendent discussed the financial challenges related to addressing teacher salary increases. Hanna was responding to the a query regarding the timing of teacher salary negotiations.

Hanna noted that commitments cannot be made without recurring dollars and those dollars are dependent on the Florida legislature and enrollment.

Hanna told the Board that LCS is still being impacted by the expansion of charter programs and that student enrollment is not growing.

Hanna said it would be financially irresponsible to commit to teacher salary increases before understanding the revenue side of the equation.

6 Responses to "Superintendent Hanna Discusses Financial Challenges, Decreasing Enrollment"

  1. Hanna is a narcissistic, self absorbed, leftist politician. He has no interest in the students or parents, all he cares about is himself and what garbage he can spew to get reelected.

    He has no business in public office or anywhere around our kids.

  2. The school district can’t get more than half of its students to read at their own grade level. They are fighting with parents about how to address their children. They have been engaged in leftist indoctrination for years. Now they wonder why normal people don’t want to send their kids to a Leon County School.

    No one on the Leon County School Board is physically or mentally fit to oversee your child’s education. They are all ideological cretins without the needed skills to know right from wrong.

  3. Teachers: Respectfully, you were aware of what getting into when you entered the public school system. It is not a high-paying vocation, and you knew that. However, it is only a nine-month work year and you have ample time for a second job during the Summer. Further, you receive retirement and other benefits that many other kinds of workers long for. Counting on a union or the public to improve your financial or work conditions is folly. Look to your own ability, or move to the private system, where it is more likely that your skills will be rewarded. But please, don’t whine both about your devotion to the public system and its deficits.

  4. Rumplestiltskin Says

    LCS needs to do what any business faced with declining revenue would do – CUT COSTS, ESPECIALLY OVERHEAD.

  5. You need to really think about WHY Students are moving to Charter Schools and Home Schooling. We Voted a while back to make Elementary School Classrooms smaller = It hasn’t happened YET. Look back to 1975-1980 and teach THOSE subjects only. Make P.E. optional. STOP worrying about Kids Sexual Genders and if the subject comes up by a Student younger than 9th Grade, tell them to talk to their Parents about it. Hold a Parent Teacher Open House every 3 Months. Have ZERO Tolerance for Bullying. Make coming to School FUN again.

  6. Maybe if LCS had a decent school system parents would want to send their kids there. Thank you DeSantis and state lawmakers for giving students options in their education.

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