Tallahassee Gas Prices Headed Back Up

Tallahassee Gas Prices Headed Back Up

Tallahassee gas prices are headed back up after a five month decline.

Since early January gas prices have increased from $2.95 a gallon to approximately $3.25 – a 10% increase.

Before the increase, prices dropped from $3.75 a gallon to $2.90 over a period of five moths, from August, 2023 to December, 2023.

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  1. So, Single Member Districts are being considered by the City’s constitution committee. About time! Republicans constitute a large portion now of the city but there is no representation on the City or even the County Commissions.

    I’m betting that if there was more Republican representation, we would see more state funding for numerous environmental, school, infrastructure, roads, and other concerns. But, as it has been for decades, we have to have BluePrint taxation for these projects, PLUS, we pay state taxes that go elsewhere!!! Look at the history as to why BluePrint was formed for local projects.

  2. Reading the chart, we should see near $3.75/gal come August timeframe.

    Voters, Republican, Democrat and Independent should remember the entire gas price effects on inflation across the entire economy, come election day in November

  3. High fuel prices are the fault of those that voted for Joe Biden. And how is the new minimum wage that John Morgan managed to push through as a Florida Constitutional Amendment working out? Not so good. High cost of living is the direct result of electing liberal democrats along with increases in crime and high interest rates.

  4. It jumped over 20 Cents to $3.399 in just 3 Days at some Stations. I stopped in at McDonalds the other day just for a McDouble and Medium Fry (no drink) and it was just over $9…..WTH? But not to worry, Biden says the Economy is doing GREAT.

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